Brits “Appalled, Disgusted” At Brexit Postal Ballot ‘Fraud’ – 05.31.16

  • “I am appalled by it. It should be neutral,” exclaimed one angry Brit after seeing that Brexit voters are being sent postal ballots with a guide that strongly suggests they should vote for Britain to remain in the European Union.
  • The “How to vote by post” forms were sent out last week…
  • And, as The Telegraph reports, this has prompted furious complaints from anti-EU campaigners, as the step-by-step guide includes advice to “read the instructions carefully, then complete your ballot paper” above an image showing a pencil in a hand ticking a box to “remain a member of the European Union.”
  • “When i first saw these instructions I was disgusted… The Electoral Commission should never have allowed this to be sent.”
  • Experts say there is a risk that the forms could be challenged in court because they appear to guide the choice of voters.

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