The Bailout Legislation Begins Before The System Collapses – Episode 1424

The Bailout Legislation Begins Before The System Collapses

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Corporations are now reporting that they have a revenue and a pension problem and they might need to be bailed out. Legislation will be submitted to congress to bailout private pension systems. The bailouts are needed because the pension plans are underfunded and when the system implodes the people will not be getting their retirement check. The central banks finally hit its target inflation rate. Now currency is flowing out to the people which means inflation is about to hit.  The Clinton Foundation is not receiving funds from donors like they use to be, the donors are scaling back. Al Franken wants the government to control what can be put on social media because the companies cannot handle it. Spain warns Russia is cyber attacking and spreading disinformation to push the independence movement. Three aircraft carriers are off the coast of NK having drills with South Korea. The US could be brought up on war crimes in Yemen. Propaganda is being pushed to show that the US, Russia and Syria came to agreement to keep Iran out of Syria, Syria is a sovereign country and they can have who ever they want in their country. First it was power grid drill, now its a biological drill, what’s next the event.

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Current News – 11.13.2017


GE Is Crashing 

  • Everything was fine until CEO Flannery started speaking…



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Pension Ponzi Bailout: Democrats Sponsor US Treasury Bailout Scheme 

  1. Most defined benefit pension plans are nothing but Ponzi schemes. Plans are now unraveling because of demographics. An increasing number of retirees, needing untenable returns, are supported by fewer and fewer people putting money in the system. Democrats sponsored a bailout scheme. Will it pass?

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, plans to introduce legislation that would allow struggling multiemployer pension funds to borrow from the U.S. Treasury to remain solvent. 

The bill would also fund a program at the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. to finance any remaining needs of pension plans borrowing from the new program. “Any money needed for the PBGC would be a tiny fraction of what it would otherwise be on the hook for if Congress fails to act,” said an analysis by Mr. Brown’s office.

Mr. Brown told a group of retired Teamsters in Ohio on Monday that the bill will be out shortly. 

  • Private Union Bailout
  • It’s important to note that the bill addresses private pensions covered by the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, not public pensions.  
  • There are over 200,000 retirees backed by 60,000 or so employees contributing to the plan. Moreover, the plan assumes 6% returns at a time when 10-year treasuries 2.4%.
  • This is a Ponzi scheme about to go bust. 
  • Just because two financial illiterates or Ponzi scheme backers propose a bill, does not mean the bill will ever see the light of day.  


Central Banks Finally Hit Their Targets… Just In Time For Another Crisis 

  • They finally did it.
  • Since 2008, Central Banks have been desperately trying to generate inflation.
  • They know they cannot produce growth (hence why both the Fed and the ECB abandoned this as a goal in their statements back in 2013)… so they have chosen to “target” inflation.
  • To that end, Central Banks have maintained Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) as well as Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP) for the better part of eight years. They’ve also printed over $14 TRILLION in new capital and funneled it into the financial system.
  • These two policies failed to create inflation for the simple reason that the money never made it into the economy. Banks simply were not lending. So all this cheap money just sat on bank balance sheets (earning interest for the banks) and the velocity of money continued to drop in a deflationary spiral.
  • This all changed in August 2016.
  • That’s when the Bank of Japan began a policy of targeting a 0% yield on the 10-Year Japanese Government Bond or JGB.
  • Put simply, the Bank of Japan began a campaign of abject intervention in the bond markets. And it has unleashed a tsunami of liquidity into the system.
  • Indeed, between this, and the ECB’s decision to maintain “emergency” levels of QE despite the fact that the EU’s economy is not only well out of crisis-mode but is in fact now in danger of heating up too rapidly, inflation has finally arrived in the financial system.
  • Why does this matter?
  • Because the Bond Bubble trades based on inflation.
  • When inflation rises, so do bond yields to compensate.
  • When bond yields rise, bond prices FALL..
  • And when bond prices fall, the Everything Bubble bursts.
  • With that in mind, take a look at global bond yields and you will see them breaking out to the upside across the board. Indeed, Japan’s 10-year JGBs (bottom box in the chart) are the only bonds to remain below their long-term downward trendlines and that’s because of the aforementioned ABJECT intervention! 



Clinton Foundation On Brink Of Collapse As Huge Corporations Halt Donations

  • The Clinton Foundation is in its final death throes after several of the world’s largest corporations suddenly ended all contributions to the shady organization. 
  • According to a bombshell reportBoeingChevronDaimler Trucks North AmericaDellDuke EnergyGeneral ElectricHumanaLockheed Martin and UPS have all halted donations and severed ties to the corrupt Foundation.
  • Most of the companies that have previously donated to the Clinton Foundation didn’t contribute in the second quarter of 2017, according to the organization’s website,  

Geopolitical/Police State

TSA Plans to Use Facial Recognition to Track Americans in US Airports

  • The TSA is moving forward with plans to gradually implement facial recognition and other biometric data into screenings at the airport. The agency began testing out the methods, which also include iris scans and fingerprints, on enrollees in their PreCheck program at two airports this summer. On November 1, they announced plans to expand the program.
  • The Pre-Application program claims to improve “aviation security by permitting TSA to better focus its limited security resources on passengers who are more likely to pose a threat to civil aviation, while also facilitating and improving the commercial aviation travel experience for the public.
  • Applicants to the program submit biographic information (including their name, address, and date of birth) and biometric data to a TSA contractor, which forwards the information to the agency.  
  •  privacy advocates disagree with the attempted expansion. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the TSA’s push to expand its use of biometrics is part of a broader push by the Department of Homeland Security to nationalize these tactics.
  • As the organization wrote this week:

While this latest plan is limited to the more than 5-million Americans who have chosen to apply for PreCheck, it appears to be part of a broader push within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to expand its collection and use of biometrics throughout its sub-agencies.

  • They noted that as early as last year, “Customs and Border Protection (CBP) used face recognition to capture pictures of travelers boarding a flight out of the country and walking across a U.S. land border and compared those pictures to previous recorded photos from passports, visas, and “other DHS encounters.”
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Internet Crackdown Begins: Senator Al Franken Wants Google, Facebook, & Twitter Censor Political Speech 

  • Are the days of the free and open Internet numbered?    U.S. Senator Al Franken proposed that it is time for the U.S. government to step in because Google, Facebook and Twitter have failed to prevent the spread of propaganda, misinformation, and hate speech…
   In some instances, it seems that they’ve failed to take commonsense precautions to prevent the spread of propaganda, misinformation, and hate speech.
  • Those are very ominous words.
  • So precisely what would constitute “propaganda”, “misinformation” or “hate speech”?
  • When you start regulating speech, you cross a very dangerous line.  There is a reason why our founders guaranteed us freedom of speech in the Bill of Rights, because if we don’t have the freedom to say what we want then what do we really have left?
  • Any effort to institute some sort of “truth police” would take us significantly down the road to totalitarianism, but apparently that is what Franken wants.  In fact, he is openly suggesting that it is time for government regulators to step in… 
  •  And who decides what the “truth” actually is?
  • Of course the elite are scared of the free exchange of ideas, because that gives the people way too much control over their own destiny.   


RT complies with DC’s ultimatum, files for registration as foreign agent

  • RT has filed for registration as a ‘foreign agent’ in the US, as November 13 is the deadline, Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan has announced. The broadcaster has been threatened with legal action should it refuse to comply.Earlier, Simonyan said that the broadcaster would go to court to prove that Washington’s demands violate US law. “This demand is discriminative, it runs counter to the principles of democracy and the freedom of speech,” she said on November 9 
  • Spanish authorities have warned European Union members about an alleged large-scale cyber-meddling campaign affecting the country’s volatile region of Catalonia.
  • Officials claimed Monday that there has been an increasing number of cyber attacks from Russia with the aim of spreading disinformation about Catalonia’s push for independence.
  • Many of the actions come from Russian territory,” said Spanish Defense Minister Maria Dolores de Cospedal, adding that Madrid could not verify whether the Russian government was involved. She also alleged that some malicious actions are “repeated from Venezuelan territory.”



For The First Time In A Decade, US Puts On 3 Carrier “Show Of Force” Next To North Korea 

  • Three US nuclear-powered Nimitz-class aircraft carriers representing nearly $30 billion of advanced military hardware put on show of force in the Western Pacific Ocean over the weekend, the first time three of the 100,000-ton behemoths have sailed together in a decade. Amidst heightened tensions with North Korea the USS Ronald Reagan, USS Nimitz, and the USS Theodore Roosevelt are currently engaged in a four day war games exercise which will link up with allies Japan and South Korea, who are also participating.
  • The last time three US aircraft carrier strike groups worked together in the Western Pacific was off the US island of Guam in 2007, according to a Navy statement.
  • The USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz and their multi-ship strike groups are participating in the four days of exercises, which are expected to end Tuesday.


North Korea cyber attacks will get more destructive, says UK’s former top spy

  • North Korea will launch more cyber attacks on Britain next year, the UK’s former chief spook has warned.
  • The rogue state has already been blamed for the WannaCry ransomware incident that crippled the NHS in May. And Robert Hannigan, ex-director of GCHQ, is predicting further “collateral damage” from more aggressive “state-directed” attacks in 2018.
  • UK Security Minister Ben Wallace last month blamed Kim Jong-un for WannaCry, which saw hackers demand cash to unlock data.
  • And last week, Mr Hannigan told a cyber security summit in Mayfair, Central London: “WannaCry was really a reasonably sophisticated tool, used rather ineptly. They will learn from that. People always do.
  • “They will get better at using those tools, and there are far more sophisticated tools out there, and they will start to use them.
  • “The technical sophistication of the threats is going to get worse, without question.
  • “We’ll see more ransomware, we’ll see a greater scale of attacks.”
  • He said greater state involvement in cyber attacks means the hacks will be “more destructive” and result in “more of what I would call collateral damage”.


Art of the Deal: Behind Saudi-Lebanon Crisis is Trump’s Middle East ‘Peace Project’


The US-led war on Yemen: America is worried about legal blow-back for war crimes

  • The reporters, Warren Strobel and Jonathan Landay, revealed that legal experts at the US State Department had warned the White House that the United States could be charged with war crimes in connection with the Saudi Air Force bombing campaign in Yemen.So far, the bombing campaign has left tens of thousands dead and many more wounded, as well as over 10 percent of Yemen’s population homeless. Accompanied by naval and aerial blockades, the aggression has created near famine conditions for somewhere between 25 to 40 percent of the population and has contributed to a cholera outbreak affecting hundreds of thousands. 
  • Washington supplies the bombs which Saudi pilots drop on Yemen and that the United States Air Force refuels Saudi bombers in flight.In other words, the United States plays a role in facilitating the campaign of indiscriminate bombing.The lawyers pointed out that while the indiscriminate bombing is the work of Saudi pilots, blame for the war crime could also be pinned on the United States through a legal instrument Washington had helped to create; hence, the fear of legal blowback.


US, Russia Agree On “Iran-Free Zone” In Syria

  •  Multiple Israeli news outlets reported Saturday that the US, Russia, and Jordan have reached a ceasefire agreement over southern Syria which proposes to expel Iran-backed militias from the border with Israel in the Golan Heights.
  • Currently, there’s been no confirmation of whether or not the deal actually singles out “Iranian proxies” or if Israel had any influence within the negotiations.


False Flags

DHS Prepares Biological Attack Drill On Infrastructure In Oklahoma

  • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preparing to simulate ‘biological attacks’ on critical infrastructure near the border between Kansas and Oklahoma. The first round of drills will occur on January through February of next year, along with the second round in the summer.

  • For some time, we have been documenting the increased drills, the United States Government is actively preparing for or underway in a field training exercise. More recently, the Department of Defense just conducted a drill simulating a total grid collapse across the United States.
  • DHS’s strategical goal for the operation is to “detect and recover from biological attacks and inform and support biodefense planning, response, and restoration, particularly in consequence/risk assessment modeling of the indoor hazards posed by outdoor aerosols”. 

  • DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) explains the types of  “biological stimulant” that will be released during the exercises..
  • Part of the test is to determine how much protection occupants inside the residential structures will receive amid a biological agent attack. Test description as follows,
 In the event of an outdoor biological agent attack, it is currently unknown the extent to which hazardous material will penetrate buildings and homes in the vicinity of such attack. Current models use a Building Protection Factor (BPF) to describe the permeability of a building to particulates in an outdoor biological attack.


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