The Crack Down Continues, These Individuals Need To Be Investigated – Episode 1333

The Crack Down Continues, These Individuals Need To Be Investigated

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Many of the EU countries are at the point where more and more people are falling into poverty. The stats don’t add up, unemployment decreases and retail sales decreases and the restaurant industry declines rapidly. Visa is offering restaurants $500,000 not accept cash. Illinois pension system was created by manipulating the numbers. Ron Paul says when the central banks make the statement that everything is Ok, this is when the economy collapses. Rand Paul is introducing a pro-gun amendment to health care to counter Obamacare.  Using the same logic as the corporate media certain individuals need to be investigated. Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a speech in Russia. Another person ended up dead who was looking into the Clinton foundation. New de-classified report shows billions were spent on weapons for Iraq and Syria and they were delivered to al-Qaeda, Wikileaks reports that emails show Clinton was supplying weapons to ISIS and al-Qaeda. China is prepared and ready to make a deal with Syria to run the Silk Road through Syria.

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Current News – 07.16.2017


Poverty in Italy triples over decade as economy slows

  • The number of Italians living in absolute poverty reached its highest level for more than ten years in 2016, according to a report from the Italian National Institute of Statistics ISTAT.
  • According to the agency, the number of absolute poor in Italy rose to 4.7 million last year against almost 1.7 million in 2006. The figure represents 7.9 percent of the country’s population with most of them living in southern regions. 


US Restaurant Industry Stuck In Worst Collapse Since 2009 

  •  same-store sales and traffic growth were still negative in June and the second quarter of 2017; and year-over-year, same-store sales have been declining for the last six consecutive quarters.”
  • According to Joel Naroff, chief economist at TDn2K, while employment continues to grow at a robust pace, a disconnect has emerged as “consumption, meanwhile, has slowed and vehicle sales have faltered.” This is also evident in the latest retail sales data which has been on a steady decline for the past two years.

  • a fact corroborated by Bank of America’s internal spending data:

  • Meanwhile, as the restaurant industry is stuck in its longest slump since the “second great depression”, US consumer spending continues to decline, with declines not just across the chain restaurant space, but also at food and beverage stores…


Visa offers $500K for eateries to stop accepting cash

  •  Visa is challenging small restaurants, cafés and food trucks to stop accepting cash.
  • The credit card company announced in a news release this week it is offering $500,000 to 50 eligible U.S.-based eateries to go 100 percent cashless.
  • Restaurants signing up can get a $10,000 gift from Visa to help pay for technology upgrades, the San Francisco-based company said. The businesses are asked to describe what cashless means for them, their employees and customers..


Illinois “Budget Deal” Is Likely The Death Knell For The State’s $130 Billion Underfunded Pensions 

  •  one of the ways that Illinois managed to “fix” its budget crisis, was by simply “kicking the can down the road” on their future pension funding requirementspensions which are already only ~35% funded as it is.
  • So, how did they do it?  Well, they simply decided to continue modeling future returns at a much higher rate than they’ll ever be able to reasonably achieve.  By leaving their discount rate at 7% they manage to reduce the present value of future liabilities and thus reduce current funding requirements.  In short, tweak one simple number and, like magic, your whole funding crisis “disappears.”   
  • * * *
  • Chicago’s pension funds, along with several other large public pensions around the country, are in serious trouble


Ron Paul Warns “Central Bankers Are Always Wrong…Especially Before A Bust”

  • The global dollar-based monetary system is in serious jeopardy, according to former Texas Congressman Ron Paul.
  • Paul started by saying Yellen’s attitude scares him because “central bankers are always wrong – especially before a bust.”

 we’re dealing with too much debt, too much bad investment and it will come to an end. Something that’s too good to believe usually is and it usually ends.



Rand Paul Seeks to Remove Anti-Gun Aspects of GOP Health Care Bill

  • Sen. Rand Paul to Introduce Pro-gun Amendment
  •  Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is prepared to offer an amendment on the Senate floor which would take care of all of the following problem
  • 1) Insurers cannot ask about gun ownership, or feed that information into a federal database, or discriminate or deny insurance to gun owners;
  • 2) Federal mandates, that doctors keep digital records in a federal health database, cannot be used to force doctors to compile a federal health database; and,
  • 3) The ATF must not be allowed to troll the federal health database for names that it could submit to the NICS list.  


6 Americans who should be investigated for their Ukrainian ties

  • Incoming FBI Director Cristopher Wray has stated that he would be interested in investigating links between officials of the Ukrainian regime and the Hillary Clinton campaign.
  • With evidence mounting that high level officials in Kiev actively worked with the Clinton campaign to try and influence US voters, it is imperative that any future investigation isn’t whitewashed simply because Kiev’s tactics failed to win the election for Clinton.
  • One of the most fascinating aspects of the so-called Russiagate investigation is that seemingly anyone connected to Donald Trump who ever had a conversation with a Russian, irrespective of their lack of involvement in Russian politics, is a person of interest to investigators.
  • The same tactics could be accurately applied to an investigation into Clinton and the Democratic party’s links with Ukraine.
  • Here are the people that ought to be questioned.
  • 1. Hunter Biden 
  • Hunter Biden is the youngest son of Barack Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden. In April of 2014, just two months after the February coup in Kiev, Joe Biden visited Ukraine where he gave a tub-thumping speech about the need for the Ukrainian regime to rely less on Russian gas supplies.
  • Weeks later, Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of directors of Ukraine’s largest private sector gas company, 
  •   that the story never saw the light of day.
  • 2. Joe Biden
  • The timing of Joe Biden’s anti-Russian Ukrainian gas speech and his son’s appointment to the board of a major Ukrainian energy company necessarily means that the former American Vice President is a person of interest.
  • No one could reasonably believe that the proximate timing of the former VP’s speech and his son’s appointment to the board of Burisma was coincidental.
  • 3. Alexandra Chalupa
  • For over 10 years, Chalupa, a US citizen of Ukrainian origin worked for the Democratic party. It has been established that she had multiple meetings at the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington D.C. in order to dig up dirt on former Trump campaign worker Paul Manafort.
  •  4. John McCain 
  •  McCain has more political ties to Ukraine than anyone in the US Senate. His position as a former Presidential candidate and a strong critic of Donald Trump makes him a person of interest.
  • McCain is something of a fanatic when it comes to the Ukraine issue. Prior to the coup of February 2014, McCain was frequently pictured in Kiev with many extremist and fascist leaders who actively participated in the coup.


  • McCain recently visited Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko along with troops loyal to the regime during the 2016/2017 New Year’s holiday.
  • 5. Maxine Waters 
  • It is not clear if Waters has any direct connections with Ukrainian authorities, but an innocent prank call by the Russian comic callers Vovan and Lexus to Waters, reveals that she is highly susceptible to anti-Russian propaganda. The fact she engaged with the prank callers, seemingly believing that they were officials from Kiev, means that Waters ought to be questioned about any real calls she may have taken from actual Ukrainian regime officials.
  • 6. Lindsey Graham 
  • When it comes to being a US Senator with close ties to the Ukrainian regime, only John McCain has more than Graham. Graham indeed accompanied McCain to Ukraine on his infamous New Year’s excursion and has close personal contacts with many individuals in Kiev.
  •  Chartible foundations need to be investigated  


US Mainstream Media Totally Misses Clinton’s Collusion Link to Trump-Russia-Gate

  • In 2010, Bill Clinton went to Moscow for a question and answer session with Renaissance Capital. Renaissance is owned by Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. For his efforts, Clinton was compensated a cool $500,000 and received a personal thank you from Russian President Vladimir Putin. 
  • ​”[Veselnitskaya] did successfully lobby, it appears, Hillary Clinton to oppose the sanctions” listed in the Magnitsky Act, Kovalik confirmed. “And this was just around the time that Bill Clinton had received $500,000 for a speech that he gave in Moscow. So this is all very interesting in terms of possible connections this individual had with the Clintons.”


Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead

  • The mainstream media’s silence over Klaus Eberwein’s death is deafening. Eberwein was a former Haitian government official who was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice next week. He has been found dead in Miami at the age of 50.
  • The circumstances surrounding Eberwein’s death are also nothing less than unpalatable. According to Miami-Dade’s medical examiner records supervisor, the official cause of death is “gunshot to the head.“
  • Eberwein was only 50-years-old and reportedly told acquaintances he feared for his life because of his fierce criticism of the Clinton Foundation.   


Geopolitical/Police State

Italy Threatens EU With “Nuclear Option”: Give 200,000 Migrants EU Visas, Sending Them North

  • Two weeks after Italy reacted with anger to Austria’s deployment of troops and armored vehicles to the border between the two nations, while reactivating border controls at the Brenner Pass over concerns that Italy will be unable to handle the roughly 85,000 migrants and refugees who have entered the country so far in 2017, the Italian government has threatened to retaliate
  •   The move, which has been described as a ‘nuclear option,’ would allow the nearly 200,000 migrants currently stranded in Italy, to travel across Europe using a Brussels directive loophole. 


  • Meanwhile, hundreds of asylum seekers are packed into overcrowded centers – dubbed ‘human warehouses’ by locals  -scattered across small villages throughout the country. 



Breaking: Syrian Army captures large tunnel in east Damascus

Iranian troops will remain in Syria under government’s request: Ansari

  • Iranian troops will remain in Syria as long as the government in Damascus approves of their presence inside the country,
  • Iran will not adhere to any demands from the U.S. or Gulf nations regarding the deployment of the Iranian Army in Syria,  .


Russia says its military will stay in Syria for foreseeable future, following parliamentary agreement

  • Russia’s parliament gave the green light for the long-term deployment of a military force to Syria, following the signing of a protocol in Moscow on Friday.The agreement will see Russia’s Hmeimem airbase on Syria’s coast become a semi-permanent fixture, after the parliamentary body sanctioned an agreement between Moscow and Damascus. .Russia has a large military force at the airfield, including M-24 helicopter gunships and Su-35 fighter jets.


US Military Sent over $1 Billion Worth of Light Weapons To “Multiple Armed Groups” in Iraq, including ISIS and Al Qaeda

  • Report of Amnesty International
  • Management and Logistical Failure? Quoting a recently declassified US government audit, Amnesty International reports that the US Army “has failed to keep tabs on more than $1 billion worth of arms and other military equipment” channelled to Iraq under the Iraq Train and Equip Fund (ITEF).
  • In 2015, US Congress appropriated $1.6 billion for the ITEF program. The funds were earmarked to fight against the ISIS in response to Obama’s counter-terrorism campaign launched in Summer of 2014. In a bitter irony, a large number of these weapons landed up in the hands of terrorists including the ISIS. 
  • The 1.6 billion were spent on light weaponry. It’s all for a good cause: The shipments of weapons and ammunition were according to reports dispatched to Iraq (c/o the Iraqi Armed Forces) to be distributed to armed groups involved in fighting ISIS-Daesh.
  • Some of the shipments unfortunately went astray or landed in the wrong hands, according to Patrick Wilcken, an Amnesty researcher on International’s Arms Control and Human Rights. This was attributable to  “US Army’s flawed – and potentially dangerous – system for controlling millions of dollars’ worth of arms transfers to a hugely volatile region.”


Wikileaks Says They Have 1,700 Emails Proving Hillary Clinton Knew about U.S. Military Weapons Shipments to Al Qaeda and ISIS



The New Silk Road Will Go Through Syria 

  • China and Syria have already begun discussing post-war infrastructure investment; with a ‘Matchmaking Fair for Syria Reconstruction’ held in Beijing
  • the China-Arab Exchange Association, announced that Beijing plans to invest $2 billion in an industrial park in Syria for 150 Chinese companies.
  • Beijing, anyway, has made up its mind. It will work non-stop for the Iran-Iraq-Syria triumvirate to become a key hub in Obor. Any bets against a future, booming Shanghai-Latakia container route?


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