The Doomsday False Flag Event To Cover Up The Economic Collapse

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We all know the economic collapse is inevitable and the one thing that governments and the central bankers hate more is to be blamed for any type of monetary collapse.  They would rather shift the blame to another country than take responsibility. Today every western central bank government across the world is fighting against economic collapse. If we look at each country the unemployment rate is at an all time high. The unemployment rate in the eurozone as a whole is up to an all-time high of 12.2 percent and other countries are hitting levels of 25%-27%. America’s unemployment is 7.6% because the unemployment rate calculation has been changed in 1994 to not include those people who are no longer looking for work because they gave up or are underemployed. It doesn’t matter how the numbers are manipulated because the unemployment in America is around 23% if we use the calculation prior to 1994.

Every country has debt that is not sustainable, look at Greece who has had multiple bail-outs, Cyprus who has had bail-ins and bail-outs. In America the financial institutions have been bailed-out and now the government’s debt is over 17 trillion dollars.

The American government using fear tactics of terrorism have passed laws to remove each persons Inalienable rights some of these laws are the Patriot Act, NDAA, Miranda Exception etc. The main purpose is to make the people believe they have no rights and the government has the authority to take these rights away. The government describes rights as though the government is allowing each person to have them. For example on the governments website it states the following “The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms“.

The government has the gun bill, UN Arms Treaty and the CISPA bill pending in the senate. They will try to push these bills through with some type of false flag event. This is why these bills are just sitting in the senate at this time because they have no way of passing them. So what does the government need to do, they need to create an event that will allow the American people and Congress to beg for some type of law that would stop these events from happening, and as always the government has the bills just sitting there waiting to be pushed through the senate to help with the false flag event.

To cover up the economic collapse the government and central bankers are doing their best to start a war to cover up the collapse, just like they did at the end of the Great Depression with WWII.

If the central bankers/government cannot get the pending gun bills passed and get the guns limited or confiscated, get full control of the flow of information which means controlling the internet getting WWIII moving along to cover the economic collapse they will need the doomsday false flag event.

What is the doomsday false flag even?

It is the Cyber Attack. What has the central bankers/government been doing for the past year and half, preparing the world for this cyber attack.

How have they been preparing for the doomsday cyber attack false flag? The governments of the world have been using continuous new stories of how the cyber attack is equivalent to a country attacking the US and it is the same as the attack on Pearl Harbor. DHS reports that key infrastructure such as the power grid, water, waste system, medical devices and other systems plus financial institutions are susceptible to attacks and accounts could be wiped out in an instant. CNN even showed a video of a generator being attacked and destroyed.

  1. DHS Reporting Infrastructure Attacks Increased by 52%
  2. Critical Infrastructure Now The Target Of Most Attacks
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  4. Hackers Could Cripple The Infrastructure
  5. US warns of rising threat of cyber attacks to national and economic security
  6. U.S. Prepares Counterstrike Against Cyber-Attack
  7. US will be crushed by state sponsored cyber attack, warns security CEO
  8. Wells Fargo’s Website Hit by Another Cyber Attack
  9. Top general says U.S. under constant cyber attack threat
  10. U.S. Blames China’s Military Directly for Cyberattacks

The most destructive possibilities, Mr. Panetta said, involve “cyber-actors launching several attacks on our critical infrastructure at one time, in combination with a physical attack.” He described the collective result as a “cyber-Pearl Harbor that would cause physical destruction and the loss of life, an attack that would paralyze and shock the nation and create a profound new sense of vulnerability.”

Napolitano said a “cyber 9/11” could happen “imminently” and that critical infrastructure — including water, electricity and gas — was very vulnerable to such a strike.

During 2003 the Northeast experienced a blackout and the power stayed off for 2-4 days depending where you lived. This was a test to see if they could bring the entire grid down, well they have the ability to do it.

What will the doomsday Cyber Attack allow the government and central bankers to do?

1. Bring Down Key Infrastructure Sites (Power Grid and Water)

When the power grid and water systems are shutdown it will bring many parts of the world into darkness. In many reports if a cyber attack occurs it might take 2-4 weeks or longer to get the power restored. Those who are not prepared for this type of attack will have a very hard time surviving. When the power and water systems are brought down people will not have the ability to refrigerate food, flush the toilets, light, air condition and heat their homes, pump gas, businesses will not be able to operate, ports would shutdown, truck deliveries will stop.  This will cause major problems for those who are not prepared. During the first 1-2 days everyone will be out in streets talking to each other wondering when the power will be restored.  After 3-4 days people will start to panic and they will start to run out of food, some as early as 3 days. The supermarket shelves will be cleared because people who are not prepared will try to get everything they need at this time. DHS, FEMA and other local enforcement will be called in to control the situation. As we have seen with other emergency situations, they will not be able to handle the situations. What FEMA/DHS might suggest to the people is that they move into the emergency FEMA camps, at the camps they have backup generators and food supplies. Many people will go and move into these FEMA camps, others will stay by their homes. At night those who stayed behind will break into homes looking for food, batteries, medical supplies, weapons anything they believe that they will need to survive. Many people during this period will be killed by others and some will die from malnutrition or disease. The country will be in chaos.

2. Declare Martial Law

To help with the rioting, chaos the President will declare martial law.  He will enact Executive Orders that will give him control over all communications and the Executive Order National Resource Preparedness. He will be in full control of the country.

3. Confiscate Guns/Weapons

At this time he will order DHS/FEMA and local law enforcement to confiscate weapons, the reasoning for this is to keep everyone safe, that people do not need to have weapons because DHS/FEMA and local law enforcement will protect you. Gun confiscation is nothing new and has been done during Katrina.

4. Siphon Money Out Of The Banks

During this time money from banks will be siphoned off. Many peoples accounts will be emptied or left with a small amount of money. Safety deposit boxes will be searched through via the DHS looking for gold or any other hard asset.


Power will be restored to some parts of the country and word will get around that another country attacked the US. It could be China, North Korea, Iran, Syria or Russia, it doesn’t matter which one. People will learn that there money was stolen out of their bank accounts, friends and family members have died. People will be very angry and they will demand the government do something.  The government will report that this Cyber Attack is an attack on the US and is an act of war!! World War III begins.


Dave is the publisher of The X22 Report
**This article can be distributed freely, all I ask is a link back to the**


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One Response to The Doomsday False Flag Event To Cover Up The Economic Collapse

  1. Michael says:

    How would they confiscate so many guns? I don’t think they have the manpower to take everyone’s guns. I think they will let the chaos continue for awhile (with a small amount of effort to contain the chaos-for show)until people beg for the chaos to be stopped. All the while people will be eliminating each other resulting in less trouble for them when they do contain the chaos. What say you?