The Walls Are Closing In On The Cabal, They Are Now Covering Their Tracks – Episode 1416

The Walls Are Closing In On The Cabal, They Are Now Covering Their Tracks

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Venezuela might be on a verge of a default, we will see what happens when they try to restructure the debt.  Employment numbers were revised and the employment rate dropped to 4.1. Waiters and waitresses were the big gains after falling off a cliff last month, makes you wonder. Retailers cut 8 thousand right before the holiday season. US mortgage activity plummets. The Swiss National Bank buys billions worth of stocks. CNN fakes the news once again by using a split screen. US launches strike against the IS in Somalia. Iraqi troops take control of their borders, the IS are doomed. The Syrian armed forces liberate Deir-Ezor and we are weeks away before the paid mercenaries are eradicated from the country. The cabal are now covering their tracks and using distractions, they have released Bin-Laden documents trying to convince the world that Iran created and worked with al-Qaeda.

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Current News – 11.03.2017


“Tomorrow Will Be Ugly”: Venezuela To Restructure All Debt As Creditors Panic Over Imminent Default

  •   if the time has finally come for Venezuela, which was facing a “no grace period” $842 million principal payment for bonds issued by state-run energy company PDVSA, to default on its billions of unrepayable obligations. 
  •   Venezuela did make the first payment, however it was not clear if Caracas would also make today’s payment,

  • “I decree a refinancing and restructuring of all foreign debt and all Venezuelan payments,” Maduro said. “We’re going to a complete reformatting. To find an equilibrium, and to cover the necessities of the country, the investments of the country.”
  • “We have had to face a real global financial persecution,” 
  • If Venezuela wants to refinance one of its bonds, it is prohibited by the global financial dictatorship,”  from there on out, the nation will renegotiate its debt with banks and investors, he said in a national address.
  • Now this is a problem for Venezuela’s creditors because, well, they are owed a lot of money.  In total, Venezuela has $143 billion in foreign debt owed by the government and state entities, with about $52 billion in bonds, according to Torino Capital, even as Venezuela’s international reserves – including the nation’s gold – have sunk to just $10 billion, a 15 year low.   
  • “Clearly they’re saying they won’t pay as scheduled. Then they’ll say we can’t restructure because of sanctions. They’ll play this big time for their domestic audience.”

October Payrolls, Average Hourly Earnings Miss Big Despite Strong Upward Revisions

  • Well, with virtually everyone expecting a 300K+ payrolls number after last month’s negative hurricane-distorted print, and with whispers of a 400K print floating around, it only made sense that not only would payrolls disppoint, printing at 261K, one standard deviation below the 310K consensus estimate (and that even with a whopping 89,000 waiters and bartenders added)


  • ...  but also that the far more important average hourly earnings number, which was expected to rise at a 2.7% rate Y/Y, also missedprinting at 2.4% instead with September revised lower to 2.8%. Worse, on a monthly basis, there was no wage increase at all, printing at 0.0% 

  •  That said, the real action this time was found in previous months, where September was revised higher from -33.000 to +18,000 while August was revised up from +169,000 to +208,000, for a totel two month revision of +90,000. Additionally, the unemployment rate dropped to a new cycle low, declining from 4.2% to 4.1%, below the 4.2% expected, while the underemployment rate declined to 7.9%, the lowest since the start of the century.


Where The October Jobs Were: Record Waiters And Bartenders 

  • last month we pointed out that workers in “food service and drinking places” aka waiters and bartenders, suffered their biggest drop on record, plunging by a whopping 111K. Well, one month later it’s payback time, and according to the BLS, 88,500 waiters and bartenders found jobs  

  • Putting this number in context, the record increase in “food service and drinking places” jobs was a whopping third (34%) of all the 261K jobs added in October.
  • There was another amusing observation. As we said last month,we find it delightfully ironic that in the one month in which waiters/bartenders lost the most jobs on record is when average wages (allegedly) soared


Retailers Cut 8K Jobs Before Holidays as U.S. Rebounds From Hurricanes

  • Employment at specialty and department stores has continued its steady decline.


  •    U.S. mortgage applications slipped to their lowest since mid-February, as 30-year home borrowing costs rose to their highest in three months, the Mortgage Bankers Association said on Wednesday.
  • The Washington-based group’s seasonally adjusted weekly index of mortgage activity fell 2.6   This was the lowest since 371.5 in the Feb. 17 week.


The Swiss National Bank Now Owns A Record $88 Billion In US Stocks  

  • In the third quarter of 2017, one in which the global economy was supposedly undergoing an unprecedented “coordinated growth spurt”, and in which central banks were preparing to unveil their QE tapering intentions, in the case of the ECB, or raising rates outright, at the Fed, what was really taking place was another central bank buying spree meant to boost confidence that things are now back to normal, using “money” freshly printed out of thin air, and spent to prop up risk assets around the world by recklessly buying stocks with no regard for price or cost.
  •   Swiss central bank had gone on another aggressive buying spree and following its record purchases in the first quarter, the central bank boosted its total holdings of US stocks to an all time high $87.8 billion, up 4.2% or $3.5 billion from the $84.3 billion at the end of the second first quarter.

  • As reported earlier this week, as of Sept.30, the Swiss central bank had accumulated foreign exchange worth 760 billion francs (roughly the same in USD) due to its relentless open market interventions to depress the Swiss franc, and has “invested” those funds created out of thin air in both stocks and bonds. At the end of the second quarter, it held 20% in equities, of which the bulk was in US stocks.
  • First, its top 20 holdings are as shown in the following chart. The central bank was clearly not shy in adding to its top positions.



CNN Isn’t Just Left Leaning – They Are Simply Fabricating The News 

  • The latest evidence that they are fabricating the news comes in the form of video evidence of two reporters standing side by side.
  • Take a look for yourself as CNN attempts to act as though they have two reporters at various locations when they are simply standing side by side.
  • This isn’t the first time CNN has tried to pull a fast one with this kind of reporting.  Does anyone remember the infamous Nancy Grace/ Ashleigh Banfield interview that was supposed to be conducted by “satellite” but was clearly in the same parking lot?



US Launches First Airstrike Against ISIS Fighters In Somalia 

  • The Pentagon’s gradually escalating combat mission in Somalia reached another important milestone Friday – one of many that have occurred since the inauguration of President Donald Trump – when the military revealed that it had carried out the first airstrikes against Islamic State-linked fighters in Somalia.

BREAKING: Iraqi troops take final Syrian border crossing from ISIS

  • ISIS is almost entirely destroyed in both Iraq and Syria.
  • The Iraqi Armed Forces along with Popular Mobilisation Forces have eliminated ISIS in the crucial border town of al Qaim in the western Anbar province.
  • With al-Qaim now back under Iraqi government control, virtually all of the Syria-Iraq border is out of the hands of terrorists. 


Islamic State Collapses As Syrian Army Fully Liberates Deir Ezzor City 

  • After two months of intense fighting, Syria’s last major ISIS stronghold of Deir Ezzor city has been fully liberated by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA),    


False Flags

Former Intelligence Official: CIA Is Using Bin Laden Files To Deceive The Public On Iran

  • Yesterday the CIA published to its public archives website 18,000 document files, about 79,000 audio and image files and over 10,000 video files taken from devices found in the deceased al-Qaeda leader’s compound six and a half years ago. Among the most significant items provided is what the CIA says is bin Laden’s personal hand-written journal. This is the fourth major release of bin Laden documents since the first trove of materials was published in May 2015.
  • An intelligence insider is warning the public about this latest CIA mass release of purported Osama Bin Laden files from devices found in the Abbottabad, Pakistan compound, saying that it has a specific political agenda with content that has been carefully and selectively published by the CIA in order to manipulate the public. This surprising insider testimony comes aIran hawks argue they’ve found “proof” of an Iran and al-Qaeda connection,
  •     e claim that Iran hatched a plan to train al-Qaeda operatives at Hezbollah camps in Lebanon is even more extraordinary.
  • The 19-page report itself has yet to be translated into English, with only very minimal English snippets made available by Long War Journal (LWJ) to the press, though LWJ admits that other files “show that al Qaeda kidnapped an Iranian diplomat to exchange for its men and women. Bin Laden himself considered plans to counter Iran’s influence throughout the Middle East, which he viewed as pernicious. So there are deeply contradictory viewpoints regarding Iran all in the same purported bin Laden documents.  


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