Author Topic: Shrinkflation has Begun to Disguise Global Food Price Rises (427)  (Read 1150 times)

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Published on 5 August 2017 by Adapt 2030

I recently found a Cherry Ripe at my local Coles Supermarket that was dated to expire in 2015. Have to wonder how that was even still in circulation. Both Cadbury and Nestle chocolates are down to 85c a few days a week, then up to 2 for $3 on other days. Prices on packaged goods are dropping rapidly. Not that I buy many, but items like biscuits (cookies) were 2 for $5 across many brands along the aisle when I was there yesterday (Sunday 6th August). Beef is at $13.00 per kilo. 0.542grams of offcuts for the dog cost $7.05. My dog pretty much lives on these offcuts, usually getting no less than 0.400grs daily, so it's starting to add up over the week. Red grapes from the U.S. were at $7.00 a kilo.