Author Topic: Captive in California  (Read 17649 times)

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Captive in California
« on: August 26, 2017, 10:04:10 AM »
Hi Fellow Patriots, I write this from the Socialist Republic of California. Been listening to x22 for years. Been monitoring the coming NWO since 1972 after reading "None dare call it conspiracy."  That was a wake up call then, but I have been thu 2 coups in South America in my life so I am familiar with what happens when the bad guys take over.  Just wondered, is anyone else having problems hearing the daily reports? I know Dave said that he is having trouble getting the reports to Android phones or Ipads, I am definitely having trouble and now the downloads won't even work.  Is this part of the censoring or is this just a glitch that is annoying. I hope it gets fixed. Very convenient for the other side. As far as I'm concerned X22 is the best source of true info available. The Lame Stream Media has been propagandizing for quite some time, its just that people are finally realizing it now with them being in a panic with Trump.