Author Topic: How you know the Vegas shooting was a false flag...  (Read 3937 times)

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How you know the Vegas shooting was a false flag...
« on: October 05, 2017, 09:39:37 PM »
1) the shooter was found dead so he couldn't say what actually happened
2) the shooter had been on a new antidepressant since June (diazepam) which can "cause paranoid or suicidal ideation and impair memory, judgment, and coordination".
3) several videos show muzzle flash coming from the 20th floor in the middle of the building, no where near the 32nd floor where multiple windows were shattered out
4) several videos you can hear nearer shots and further away shots that are not echoes, indicating multiple shooters
5) early police response teams were told there were multiple shooters
6) a taxi cab drivers video clearly shows a gunman with a chest mounted gun shooting from around the roof of a 2nd floor area of the hotel (like an area where cars drive underneath and people take their bags out)
7) a Hispanic lady went through the crowd 45 minutes before the shooting started and tried to warn everyone that they were going to die. She upset some people in the front of the crowd so much that security was summoned to remove her.
8) multiple news agencies all interviewed the same guy over and over again when there were literally thousands of people they could have interviewed
9) this same interviewee claimed his friend was shot three times through the chest and they plugged the bullet holes with their fingers and waited with him under the stage for 15-20 minutes before taking him out the back side of the stage and over the fence on a cart that miraculously appeared before putting him on an ambulance that also miraculously appeared and got him to the hospital without him bleeding out.
10) Even with a 100 round drum of 5.56 or .308 the cyclic rate of a bump fire rifle would spit the ammo out in under 6 seconds. Multiple times you can hear guns firing full auto for over 12 seconds. This suggests a belt-fed machine gun.
11) this happened at the same time that Scalise was set to return and vote on two pro-2nd amendment laws (concealed carry reciprocity from state to state and easing suppressor purchases). Now both are postponed and instead we have the NRA and GOP handing over bumpfire/slidefire assemblies without even a fight.
12) this also fits the agenda of "isis is still a thing" which is supposed to justify troops staying in the Middle East which allows the CIA and other alphabet soup agencies to continue getting black ops money from the poppy fields some of the troops actually guard
13) this also fits the agenda of further dividing the left and the right in the country because now white, pre-dominantly Christian country music fans see themselves being targeted by a shooter who's girlfriend was associated closely with antifa
14) how many dead bodies or even wounded people did you actually see out of all the footage have you really seen? There may have been a few people actually killed and a few wounded but if there were really 500+ people wounded plus over 50 killed we should see horrific videos of people bleeding all over the place. Instead all we see are people bored, smoking, running away or laying down terrified. Only seen one picture of a girls legs with blood on them and she's facing away from the camera. This is supposed to make us believe upwards of 600 people were shot?
15) the hospital that supposedly took care of 200ish of the supposed 550 injured had a message up on their website saying media was not allowed on site. Interesting they don't want reporters there.
16) several videos I've seen show proof the shooters name and story came out a day before the attack meaning it was clearly pre-planned