Author Topic: Just when the Mexicans took back their towns, the Army moves in & kills them.  (Read 2094 times)

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Army Opened Fire on Unarmed Civilians, Shoot 11 Killing 4 Including 11 Y/O Girl

It is noted by autodefensas leaders today, that not 1 Caballero Templario has been killed, wounded or apprehended....
(Note: Caballero Templario - Knights Templar, the criminal organization that took over the towns.)

Moments before death.

 Estanislao Beltran, spokesman of the General Council and Community Self-Defense Forces of Michoacán, said the army opened fire on civilians, killing four people including a girl of eleven years.
According to Beltran, members of the Army gunned at least eleven people in the community Antunez in the municipality of Parácuaro.
Process envoy, Jose Gil Olmos confirmed the names of two dead: Rodrigo Benitez Perez Perez Mario 25 and 50, both laborers originating Antunez Parácuaro Township.
In an interview with journalist Carmen Aristegui, Estanislao Beltran rejected that the self-defense groups intend to lay down their arms, as requested by the federal government.

"What we are doing is defend our family, our people. The government has not cared for 12 years for our safety. Army arrives and disarms us our partners ... Following this, the people took to the roads to stop the Army and asked for the return of the arms to the community because they were defending their communities "refuted Beltran.
The spokesman of the General Council of Self-Defense and Community Michoacán said the population does not trust the authorities, because during the last twelve years have not seen for their safety, on the contrary, accused the state government of being fully collusion with the criminal group "The Knights Templar."

"The problem is the Caballeros Templarios of Michoacán.  And the government is in collusion with organized crime," he said.


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Now they know what side the state is on. Now they need to start doing some gorilla fighting and start picking off the army.

If only I was an arms dealer. ummm

I hope that you and your better half are far removed from this down there. I'd hate to see something happen to the two of you.