Author Topic: Depressed in Mexico or Poison Tortillas  (Read 2206 times)

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Depressed in Mexico or Poison Tortillas
« on: June 01, 2013, 11:13:23 PM »

I picked up a copy of a local English newspaper today, “The Guadalajara Reporter”, and was devastated to read a column on the world-wide protest against Monsanto. I read the following paragraph.

“Concern was also raised about the diminishing practice of turning locally ground field corn into nixtamal, the traditional basis of masa (tortilla dough). Most Mexican consumers now purchase mass produced tortillas made from Maseca, a corn based flour product the protesters claim is made from GMO corn imported from the United States. They suggest that the trend could lead to widespread deterioration of health among the nation’s populace as well as permanent loss of native corn species.”

Every town has tortilla factories where the locals line up to buy tortillas. Inside these factories you can see hundreds of sacks of Maseca. I had no idea this was imported GMO corn. Mexico has over 1,000 varieties of corn which has been the staple of Mexican culture for hundreds of years. I can’t understand why they would import GMO corn from the States.

My favorite foods down here have been Taco’s and Chilaquiles. Now both are suspect and will have to be eliminated.  Every meal you order is served with tortillas. I was further devastated when I read the following paragraph.

“Local activists expressed particular concern over the introduction of GMO crops in Mexico, where the government has given the go-ahead for experimental programs allowing limited cultivation of GMO corn in northern parts of the country.”

In case you missed it, this is what happens when GMO experimental programs are allowed to happen. All the surrounding wheat became GMO wheat.

And this is what follows. Japan Halts Imports of U.S. Wheat. This could economically devastate U.S. exports of wheat.

Hundreds of years of development and thousands of varieties of corn are at risk. Not to mention, what am I going to eat? Wheat had already been off my table. Articles like just further convinced me.

The world’s in trouble. Monsanto’s plan all along has been to genetically modify every food. Plant it in the open. Wait 50 years. Claim rights to every plant and seed on the planet.

God bless Monsanto.

PS: Did you know that all sugar, unless it’s specified as cane sugar, comes from Monsanto’s GMO sugar beets? Did you know that right now, Monsanto is busily planting the entire African Continent with GMO Cocoa trees (yep, GMO chocolate, yummy)