Author Topic: Bundesbank's Stunner To Broke Eurozone Nations: First "Bail In" Your Rich Citize  (Read 1020 times)

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The German Institute for Economic Research calculated in 2012 that in Germany a 10-percent levy on a tax base derived from a personal allowance of 250,000 euros would add up to around 230 billion euros. It did not give a figure for crisis countries due to lack of sufficient data.


Greece has been granted bailout funds of 240 billion euros from the euro area, its national central banks and IMF to protect it from a chaotic default and possible exit from the euro zone. Not all funds have been paid out yet.


In Germany, however, the Bundesbank said it would not support an implementation of a recurrent wealth tax, saying it would harm growth.

 ??? personal note. I just read in a greek site that accounts below 100.000 € will not be protected. The banks shares ain't doing too well this week.

There's also multiple bank investigations (for bad to shitty loans) and a 6.0 earthquake, bribe scandals unfolding with all armaments and german companies, a highly recognizable terrorist/agent/national hero (take your pick...)

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