Author Topic: wasn't that how the French revolution got its trigger...  (Read 921 times)

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wasn't that how the French revolution got its trigger...
« on: March 02, 2014, 03:51:35 AM »
We have a major issue here in Greece. A scandalous issue that challenges the coalition government and the millions of jobless and low-pensioners in debt-ridden and austerity-hit Greece. Key word: Cookies. Yes. In the volume of one metric tonne.

Butter, chocolate, vanilla. Soft cookies, hard cookies. Stuffed with chunks of choco and nuts,  double-deckers with jam. Cookies of all kinds, sizes and flavors.

This incredible amount of cookies was consumed during meetings of  Parliament speaker and deputy speaks and meetings of the permamnet committees of the Parliament.

Cookies that were spooled down with liters of coffee, tea, water and beverages.

At a total cost of €16,753.88€ (€14,826.44 + €1,927.44 V.A.T.) for the period of two months.

That is €8,500 per month for cookies, water & coffee.

Τhat is at least €300 per day for cookies, water & coffee.

By an average a kilo price for cookies at €10 in the shop and €0.19 per water bottle at the supermarket, our esteemed lawmakers – not all of 300, OK? – must have eaten over 10 kilo cookies per day and drunk huge amounts of water.

The scandal was revealed when the bills tabled by the owner of the Parliament cafeteria were approved for payment by the Parliament office.

According to latest information, Parliament speaker Evangelos Meimarakis – currently in Armenia – will investigate the issue as soon as he returns to Greece and he might even go so far to abolish all together the free cookies & water service.