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She also underlined that the Greeks of Ukraine stay united and they do not face any problems as they did not have any role in the recent incidents. However, there is a minor concern for some right-wing extremists who ask for people who do not speak Ukrainian, either to go to jail or leave the country.

On the other hand, Mrs. Protsenko stated that there are eleven MPs of Greek origin who faced some problems but the Federation stays in contact with them as they are interested in having a strong Greek presence in the Parliament regardless of who is in charge. Moreover, she highlighted that she is in constant contact with both the consulates of Greece in Mariupol and Odessa as well as with the embassy in Kiev.

The Greeks of Ukraine

With the onset of perestroika, began the effort of the national revival of the large Hellenism in Ukraine. According to the census records of 2001, the Greeks, now Russian speakers, totaled about 93,000. They argue that their real number is much higher and reaches 150,000 people since many did not declare their true national identity because of their fear and the post-Soviet national insecurity.

The Greek communities are scattered across the country with the main concentration being in the Mariupol area where Greek villages are numbered to be about 40. Greek communities exist in Odessa, on Romania’s border, in Kharkiv and Lviv which is considered to be the birthplace of extreme Ukranian nationalism.

Talk about a twist...  :o