Author Topic: UN ties unemployment and austerity to human rights violation  (Read 803 times)

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Three years of austerity measures in Greece has pushed unemployment up to more than 27%, with more than 1.3m people out of work.

"The ostensible aim of the measures is to reduce the fiscal deficit, reduce labour costs and make the economy more competitive," Lumina said.

"However, the available evidence indicates that these excessively rigid measures have resulted in a contraction of the economy and significant social costs for the population, including high unemployment, homelessness, poverty and inequality."

The government is preparing a new round of cuts, due to be voted on by parliament on Sunday that will extend an emergency property tax and make it easier to fire civil servants.

The main areas of UN concern, Lumina said, were a surge in racially-motivated attacks against immigrants and the rapidly growing number of long-term unemployed who lost their health insurance when unemployment benefits are cut after a year.

"Due to the increase of long-term unemployment, only about 160,000 persons receive (unemployment) benefits," he said.
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