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transcripts of a rotten (political) coversation
« on: May 23, 2014, 05:52:34 AM »
I've been waiting for this for a while  ;D

The following is a translation of the transcript presented by Ilias Kasidiaris as well as the cover letter of his presentation. Caution: The text contains expletives.

K: When I first got out, can you tell me, what got into Samaras?

B: He was in America then.

K: Yes, he was in America, but I learned he had strokes.

B: Shock and awe! There was bedlam, a shit storm... he didn't call me, I had told him that what you're doing... I'd told him. He would never have told about this thing. He called the other two and fucked them dry. Athanasiou and Dendias: “you conned me, you mocked me, what sort of ludicrousness is this?” Since the day before he had made a statement at the American Zionist Congress, saying that: “it's over, Ive chained them, say goodbye,” and the day after, you guys walked.

K: What happened with the inquisitors that let us go at the crucial moment? Why did they turn round after they let us go, later when they caught the others they tumbled over

B: They let you go for the simple reason that there is no evidence.

K: Yes, fine, there was nothing.

B: And nobody 'gave them a call' to pressure them, they all though it was obvious: “well, what will the inquisitor do?” BUT THE INQUISITOR HAD NO EVIDENCE! NONE!

K: But he didn't have any evidence against the others either...

B: But with the others there was (he makes a gesture indicating talking on the phone)

K: Who caused the damage there?

B: Both

K: Dendias, Athanasiou?

B: Who else would have done it...

K: And what does Samaras say about all this? Has he any feeling about what's going on?

B: No, at first he didn't... now that he saw the polls... he thought, being the highbrow bourgeois he is, that all these terrible things: “2%, he told me, they'll get” … I tell him “I'm telling you they'll go to 20%.” He tells me, “you're a wanker.”

K: Who told him to do all this?

B: Nah, first of all he fears for himself. Because you're undercutting his lead over SYRIZA.

K: OK, he's cutting votes

B: It's logical

K: And because, we're undercutting his votes, he'll put us in jail?

B: The faggot... incredible things, incredible.

K: And what about what Roupakiotis said?

B: That's for sure, since he did it the week he was going there.

K: The things [prosecutor] Goutzamani did, and I really had information that she was a right-winger and according to the letter of the law

B: (crosses himself)

K: Religioso?

B: Yes

K: How could she do such a disgrace with Vourliotis and frame up the findings?

B: They convinced her that: “they're paganists, idolaters, Naziw, and they;rw against Christianity>”

K: Who convinced her of these things?

B: Athanasiou and Dendias

K: Go to the Prosecutor and tell him who set up this whole frame up: That Athanasiou ordered Goutzamani, that Samaras had ordered Athanasiou and that all these people should go to trial. If you are a just man that's what you should do.

B: If I do that now there will be a half-hour inquest and she'll file it.

K: You think?

B: For sure! I would do this with a Samaras government? Goutzamani is the prosecutor. I would go and denounce Goutzamani to herself?

K: How did Goutzamani end up as Supreme Court Prosecutor?

B: Well, they're from the same village [with Athanasiou]

K: So now she's repaying the IOU

B: Yes, they're from the same village. Well not from the same village from nearby villages. Bur they entered the same examinations, they're almost the same age. They're compatriots, we don't need to be looking into it

Some additional info  ;D

The video of the conversation was originally uploaded on rutube, a media holding of "Gazprom Media" for a few days. Then it disappeared, just a few days before the hellenic judiciary banned such audio visual "leaks".

Needless to say that there must be hours (or tonnes...) of this stuff in someboby's "arsenal" and I don't mean the russians  ;D They don't give a shit, or perhaps the do  ???

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