Author Topic: Turkish Ships Violate Greek Territorial Waters- May 26, 2014  (Read 943 times)

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Five Turkish naval vessels trespassed into Greek territorial waters Monday in the area of the Cyclades, as part of an exercise “Beyaz Firtina 2014″ in the central Aegean. They gradually moved sequentially outside their designated areas and entered Greek territorial waters.

The frigate Kemal Reis and the four gunboats Meltem, Imbat, Ruzgar, and Firtina were moving north of Naxos, south of Paros and south-east of Santorini from early Monday morning until 4pm.

The Turkish ships were followed within Greek territorial waters by the Greek navy, under the scrutiny of two pairs of air force F-16s.

 ;D this stuff is happens every now and then. Usually when there's instability in Turkey  ;)

No instability over here  ;D