Author Topic: Half of Greeks unable to meet tax obligations... (aprox. 5 million taxpayers)  (Read 2020 times)

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According to a recent “Economic Barometer” report, 55% of Greeks are unable to meet their tax and social insurance obligations.

“It is obvious that Greek society has reached its limits, as more than 50% of citizens are unable to meet their obligations to the tax agency and social insurance funds, while the vast majority of citizens doubted the possible benefits from a package of measures announced by the government with the aim to lighten households’ spending and at the same time they question the effectiveness of the economic program announced by the main opposition political party. However, more and more citizens seem to hope over an improvement in their household finances and in the economy in general,” noted Constantinos Mihalos, president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Presenting the results of 2014’s second “Economic Barometer” report, using a sample-size of 1,000 Greek tax payers, Mihalos said that just 29% of citizens believed that their spending will be reduced following a package of measures announced by the current coalition government. Meanwhile, 26% of respondents said the economic program presented by SYRIZA is feasible.

An astounding 55% of respondents said they were unable to meet their tax and social insurance obligations. 22% of respondents said they were optimistic about economic developments in the country, however, up 4% from a previous report this year.

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P.S I began researching a youtube that mentioned 2,5 million who refuse to pay  >:( but hey, I'll settle for 4-5 million who can't  ;D

2,5 εκατ. έχουν κηρύξει στάση πληρωμών... αδιαφορώντας για τις απειλές κατάσχεσης

A "mountza" (μούντζα [ˈmund͡za]) (or moutza (μούτζα [ˈmud͡za])) or faskeloma (φασκέλωμα [fasˈce̞lo̞ma]) is the most traditional gesture of insult among Greeks which consists of extending all fingers of one or both hands and presenting the palm or palms towards the to-be-insulted person in a forward motion.

It is often coupled with the expletives "να" (na), "παρ'τα" (par'ta) or "όρσε" (órse), meaning "here", "take these" and "there you go", respectively. The closer the gesture is to the other person's face, the more threatening it's considered.

An even more offensive version is achieved by using both hands to double the gesture, smacking the palm of one hand against the back of the other, in the direction of the intended recipient.[1]

If a Greek wants to hand-signal the number 5 to someone, they take care not to overextend the fingers, or to face their palm towards themselves and the back of the hand towards the intended recipient of the signal, lest it be misunderstood for a "moutza".

I suppose this is where the tragedy becomes a comedy (divine or not...) The term τραγελαφικό exists in Greek. It translates to grotesque but that's incomplete... The translation fails to introduce the comedy element. In Latin it's "absurdus'  :-*

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