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Couldn't Help Myself
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After reading this article I just had to rewrite a paragraph.....  ;)

Fortunately. Dr Rui Vaz, the head of WHO’s country office in Nigeria, visited the Port Harcourt area to assess the situation there and informed the State’s Governor of the potentially explosive situation and made his advice crystal clear: “All required resources must be immediately mobilized to stop this outbreak.”

42 Days Without Ebola

Since those two outbreaks, no new Ebola cases have been identified which is 42 days in length (i.e., twice the maximum incubation period for Ebola virus disease).

According to the WHO, the reason Ebola has been contained in Nigeria is due to a number of factors, including strong leadership, effective coordination of the response, first rate virology lab available at Lagos university, and experienced epidemiologists who expedited the early detection of cases and their rapid isolation.

However, perhaps the most important reason for such success in containing the virus was the fact that there was no outbreak to begin with. As it turned out the entire emergency was a staged event allowing somewhat of a dry run for health agengies. This will prepare them for the release of a more deadly airborne version of the virus for which steps have already been made ensure the much needed population reduction. Thankfully due to training drills such as these the CDC and WHO organizations have promised containment to North America. The recent false flag event in Canada will help to push through our containment requirements regarding tighter border security and passport controls on the U.S./Can border. In concert with U.S. border patrol officials, the FAA and other transportation agencies we expect the future genocide agenda to be an amazing success yet safe for non-americans.

Ebola Emergency Drill Phase 1 Complete!

Canada Border/Passporte Agenda