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Mandatory Quarantine
« on: October 24, 2014, 07:15:37 PM »
The new procedures already have been put into use at Newark Liberty International Airport.

On Friday, a health care worker landed at Newark after treating Ebola patients in West Africa, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said at the news conference. A legal quarantine was issued for the woman, who was not a New Jersey resident and was set to go on to New York afterward.

“This woman, while her home residence is outside the area, said her next stop was going to be here in New York,” Christie said. “Governor Cuomo and I discussed it before we came out here, and a quarantine order will be issued.”

The woman will be quarantined in either New York or New Jersey, Christie said.

The woman was not showing any symptoms of Ebola, or illness of any kind, when she landed at Newark, CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider reported. But Cuomo and Christie said it no longer matters.