Author Topic: Russian navy to conduct rocket fire off Cyprus while Ankara sniff for oil  (Read 2298 times)

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Tensions are expected to soar when Russia carries out military exercises in the region as Turkey threatens to encroach in Cyprus waters to hunt for energy. Ankara said survey vessel Barbaros will start explorations within Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone from Monday. And at the same time Russia’s navy will be conducting a four-day rocket-firing exercise off the island’s northern coast. Nicosia has given the green light to Russian manoeuvres, Cyprus’ navy chief Constantinos Fytiris confirmed yesterday. He tried to play down any link with the island’s energy row with Turkey. “The presence of the Russian navy is not connected at all with Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone. The EEZ is not linked with rocket firing...  :-[ The EEZ is linked with economic activity beneath the sea.” “The two issues – Russian navy and Barbaros – are not connected  ;D; let this be clarified so that panic is avoided.” Nevertheless, any Turkish encroachment in Cyprus’ EEZ – as it has threatened to do - will only destabilise an already fragile situation. And it can be no coincidence that Nicosia is allowing Russia to fire rockets while Turkey is trying to bully oil companies to desert Cyprus.  - See more at:

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