Author Topic: Falsified elections in Poland  (Read 26297 times)

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Falsified elections in Poland
« on: December 25, 2014, 04:50:41 PM »
In November regional elections we had some really strange things happening.
The ruling party won most seats despite the exit polls showing their defeat. PSL party consisting of many former communists had a really high number of votes (17%). Of Course they are in coalition with the ruling party.
The results came after a week because of failure of a new vote counting system. Over 18%(!) of votes were declared invalid. This is almost 1 of every 5 votes. Here is a article about how the same tactic was used in 2010: Since then the government stopped publishing precise voting statistics.

In my opinion this is just a taste of things to come next year with the parliamentary elections. The ruling party is driven by Polish secret services. Once they got to power they cannot give it away. They are entangled in many covert operations with foreign governments (US and German) and had many scandals on their hands during last 4 years. They are especially afraid that there will be an investigation into Lech KaczyƄski's mysterious plane crash in Russia in 2010.

And of course there were riots on Independence Day: