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just a theory
« on: November 22, 2015, 08:40:56 PM »
We all constantly see on mainstream television media terrorism threats and shooting massacres , also we see all these propaganda programs about prepers , we are bombarded with these messages .......

After digesting all of this with the recent riots that were probably started by the police state , i get the feeling that just maybe they are trying to jump start pockets of rebellion , race wars , and so called lone wolfs throughout america , i find it ironic that when i was young it was common knowledge that the media and governmemt did not give terrorism and murderers much attention , because that would help further the terrorist or murderers agenda , remember that any publicity is good publicity , i remember back in the 1990s when the media was always demonizing militias , i guess the government had nothing better to do then but to create a boogy man out of militias , well , where are they all now , the way the media talked we were gonna be over run by crazy constitutionalists .

The government was hoping to get something started but instead they keep creating these shootings and terrorism attacks by using a patsy each time , most of these incidents i see look like false flags to me , i mean it does not take much education to see when something does not add up , if these things were real we would see a trail of evidence  , but we never see this .

so maybe we are doing something right , they are trying to get people to take the bait but its not happening so they keep faking these events .

I think the governments dream would be that an organized militia would start something or march to a local town hall and demand that the corrupt town leaders there to resign ( this is just an example ) , then the government would spin this in the national media that this militia is doing something like ethnic cleansing or something ridiculous , then the fbi would detonate explosives all around and murder a bunch of innocent people , and the media would blame the militia , then at this point is where the public would give in to gun control or out right repealing the 2nd ammendment , end of story .......

I think the government is hoping for some sort of organized incident like i mentioned above so they can win public sympathy ( because the media would spin it in a way that people would be sympathetic ) , then they would revoke the 2nd ammendment .......

All the american government does anymore is make up crap constantly , false flag after false flag , lie after lie , the past 100 years in all the history books is mostly lies , the past 20 years of official history is a complete lie , and if the above fictional incident i just wrote about ever happened then history would say how america protected freedom and democracy for us all .......

Just think about these psychos in charge for a minute , most of them are very wealthy , and all they do is sit back and come up with more ways to bend the law and herd us around like cattle , and we the people have a very different life , all we think about is taking care of our family and making ends meet , the difference between us and the psychos is phenomenal .......

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Re: just a theory
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2015, 10:21:40 PM »

it is all an illusion....

we tend their bidding....

they keep us content with the TV... soda... HFCS... jobs for  bills... bills for stuff... Christmas for our family...

blah blah blah...

the only thing that makes sense is to join a militia!!!!!!