Author Topic: Why don't the bankers pull the drain plug?  (Read 1671 times)

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Why don't the bankers pull the drain plug?
« on: February 15, 2016, 10:43:03 PM »
Well if you have been watching this drama unfold for any amount of time, you have realized that they have complete control of not the money system (based on past and present actions, the system is only held together by... You) but people's minds... Everything is an illusion... You are taught to worship the market... Believe in the power of their system... When you look at the system itself is completely built to enslave your mind to their markets.... TV, radio, news magazines and internet all tell you how awesome and powerful the system is.... Listen to this, watch this, go here.... Brought to you by... Buy our stuff... Spend money here buying stuff at your local store shipped from over there... What's bought and sold local? We have a soap company local... Farmers markets.. That's it.... Everything is made in china and resold here... Local is not local.... And now with the tpp... It's officially over... America is gone... Where is the protesting?

Money is a lie... Markets are lies... Even local music gets swallowed by international giants and destroyed... 

We live in a lie... We live a lie... We even lie about the lie in order to deny it is a lie... We live in denial about a lie we live in so that we don't have to admit it is all an illusion... We lie in order to be comforted by our illusion... Drugs alcohol and rx medication are shipped in  locally to help us cope with the illusion of freedom...

That illusion is wearing thin... People, now hooked on drugs meds and alcohol are about to possibly wake up to a system that is failing... This means a complete societal breakdown... No one, I mean no one wants this to happen...

If this system breaks down, all power holders and corrupt money changers will be in the cross hairs of angry "all of a sudden" poor poeple... The lie will come undone...

These people in power will do everything in their power, other than interrupt their greed, to keep this from happening...

Their greed is their weakness.