Author Topic: Jim Sinclair - The Most Important Article You Will Ever Read  (Read 2032 times)

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"He's right, not an easy read. Besides here, "The Bernank" was just in Japan pushing for Helicopter Money there as well."

Dear CIGAs,

This is not an easy read, but it is the most IMPORTANT read of your lifetime.

I have asked Editor Dan to post Stockman’s article in total today on JSMineset because here is where we are now and where we are going in the future in a much larger way than anything before.

I have been looking for the reason for the Fed’s Chair visit at the White House recently. What this will do is bury the fiat currency system in terms of buying power. It is already dead as a storehouse of wealth. The carrot on the string to own money, interest rates, are presently history. This is what the present administration and its economic clone democratic candidate are counting on. This is the substance that the meeting between the Federal Reserve and the White House was all about. This has just been made public down under by a Fed female personality where it is least apt to be publicly discussed. It is simple money printing hidden in complexity so you have to change your understanding of the expanded QE theory. If you will not first read this then make the effort, you are lost. Please make that effort.

Unless we get rid of the Fed we the 99% are all dead financially and literally.

There is no better reason to own the limited supply of gold that is above ground and therefor freely obtainable. It is the reason that this gold and silver market has many more years to move forward to the final price determined not in the paper gold make believe futures market, but the Real Free Gold cash physical market.

The bull market that never ended has many more years in front of it than you can imagine and a final and permanent price dictated by Russia and China. This is the world war of all world wars where there are no borders. This is why this is the last time to protect yourselves, the gold rally that you do not sell. This financial power grab of all historical power grabs that you must understand, no matter how many times you must read the article below, will be discussed for years to come by the Freedom Bloggers of the modern world, as Patrick Henry was to the foundation of the Constitution. This work is to save you from yourselves via knowledge. This time it is the knowledge of the plan accepted by Chair Yellen at the recent and rare White house meeting between the occupant of the Oval Office and the occupant of the Chair.

We will work to help you, but this you must understand if you are to avoid the execution of everything we hold from the formation of this nation as true, good and holy. This is the end of all that. It has come. It is not coming in the future. It is here today.

It has the power to be the end of elections and permanent power resting between the oval office

and chair, making the 1% the new aristocracy of the globe. You think Putin does not understand this? This proves one more time there are no atheists in the fox hole. War in a different form is now being practiced and all out application is close. GOTS while you can.

The end:

Followed By full article: Helicopter Money——The Biggest Fed Power Grab Yet
by David Stockman • July 13, 2016