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Title: Shots fired at German ambassador's home in Athens
Post by: alexinathens on December 30, 2013, 05:15:05 AM

Spent bullet casings were found outside the ambassador's residence

Shots were fired at the German ambassador's residence in Athens early on Monday, without causing injury.

Bullets were found embedded in the steel gate, Greece's Kathimerini news website reports.

Ambassador Wolfgang Dold's residence is in the Greek capital's Halandri district. The raid took place at around 03:30 local time (01:30 GMT).

It is not clear who the attackers were. Germany's insistence on budget cuts has caused much resentment in Greece.

At least 60 spent bullet casings were found at the scene of the attack.

   I remember someone questioning how Greeks feel about Germans  ???

   Rumors here say that it was the "caca cola" group. Hell! These guys stood 100 feet from the house of the ambassador and did what??? Emptied 3 or 4 magazines. That's pretty arrogant (especially if they were carrying less that 3 weapons). They stood across the street and took their best shot. The policeman that was guarding the house was NOT targeted. This is an ehhanced mutza with a marxist touch...