White House Expands Cyber War To Include Banks & Wall Street – Episode 1371

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Leaked BREXIT document shows the UK establishing new rules on immigration. We are now seeing signs that gold is getting ready to break out. Lego is now laying off 1500 people. Factory orders implode and the economy continues to deteriorate. Latest NAFTA negotiations are not going well, all sides have not come to any agreements. The BRICS are now allowing more countries to join and they are establishing a rail system for the belt & road .  Trump and Session discontinue the immigration dreamers program. Military equipment is being distributed to many different states and counties. Putin warns the US not to deliver lethal weapons to Ukraine, this will not help the situation. Putin and Xi Jin Ping oppose new sanctions on NK and will veto the US. South Korean President feels the pressure from the Cabal to add more military assets to protect against NK. NK alleged H Bomb seems a little far fetched when you really put it into context. The US is dependent on China and stopping trade will only hurt the US. The US has now added the banking system and Wall Street to their cyber war drill program.

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Current News – 09.05.2017


Leaked Brexit Document Reveals UK Hardline Plan To Deter EU Immigrants

  • According to a document leaked by the Guardian and prepared by the Home Office, the UK has prepared a “hardline” Brexit plan according to which Britain will end the free movement of labor immediately after Brexit and introduce restrictions “to deter all but highly-skilled EU
  • workers.” The proposal seeks to drive down the number of lower-skilled EU migrants, as well as a phased-in introduction to a new immigration system ending the right to settle in Britain for most European migrants.
  • Plans to restrict EU immigration by giving “preference in the job market to resident workers”. The government could also restrict EU nationals from seeking work, reduce the opportunities for workers to settle in the UK long-term, and limit the number of EU citizens able to come to the UK to do low-skilled work.  

Source: zerohedge.com

This Hasn’t Happened to Gold in Over a Decade 

  • The next leg up for Gold is officially here.
  • Gold has broken out of the mother of all triangle patterns established by the long-term bull market trendline established in 2006 and its seven-year descending line from the 2010 peak.

  • Of course, things won’t be moving in a straight line from here. But the upside target for this formation is well north of $3,000 in the next few years (again, remember this formation took over a decade to form).
  • We get confirmation of this from the Gold Miners to Gold ratio (GDX: GLD). Think of this as a measure of Gold beta as Gold Miners typically lead the precious metal during major moves.
  • With that in mind, consider that the Gold Miners to Gold ratio has broken out of a bullish falling wedge pattern running back in 2007. This is MASSIVELY bullish and predicts the ratio moving to 0.45.

  • Put another way, Gold is going to be moving sharply higher. And Gold Miners are going to be going through the ROOF.

Source: zerohedge.com

Lego to Cut 1,400 Staff as 10-Year Sales Boom Ends

  • Lego said it would lay off 8 percent of its staff and revamp its business after reporting its first fall in sales in more than a decade on Tuesday.

Source: newsmax.com

July Factory Orders Plunge To Weakest Since Feb (As Boeing Bounce Disappears) 

  • Following the Boeing-driven spike, July is landing with a thud back to reality as final data today confirms a 3.3% MoM tumble in factory orders and 6.8% plunge in durable goods orders.


  • In fact, it gets worse as aggregate factory orders are now back at their lowest level since February…

Source: zerohedge.com

Latest NAFTA Talks End In Disappointment As Attendees Question Lack Of U.S. Engagement

  • President Trump has threatened a quick termination of NAFTA a countless number of times, with the latest coming just last weekend via twitter:

We are in the NAFTA (worst trade deal ever made) renegotiation process with Mexico & Canada.Both being very difficult,may have to terminate?

  •   The latest Nafta talks are nearing conclusion without a major breakthrough or agreements on even the least-contentious topics,   

Source: zerohedge.com

NAFTA Update: Outlook for Agreement Virtually Disappears – Canada’s Chrystia Freeland Demands Control of U.S. Legislation…    

Press review: BRICS to widen membership

BRICS considering construction of high-speed Eurasian railway

  • The issue which will be discussed during the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia seeks to pool the strength of the BRICS with the ambition of One Belt–One Road.
  • China’s One Belt–One Road trading and commerce initiative has seen China extend high speed rail and modern highway networks in its own country as well as in that of neighbouring Pakistan. The ever expanding China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a testament to the power of modern infrastructure projects to unite Asian partners.
  • With BRICS members discussing the feasibility of using investment capital from the BRICS Development Bank to jointly finance Russian High Speed Rail, it becomes ever more clear that the BRICS bloc functions best when cooperating with other regional endeavours including One Belt–One Road  

Source: theduran.com


AG Sessions Confirms DACA Program Is Being Rescinded, Obama Administration “Disrespected Legal Process”

  • UpdateAttorney General Jeff Sessions announces DACA program is being rescinded “the previous adminstration disrespected the legal process”

This policy was implemented unilaterally to great controversy and legal concern after Congress rejected legislative proposals to extend similar benefits on numerous occasions to this same group of illegal aliens.

In other words, the executive branch, through DACA, deliberately sought to achieve what the legislative branch specifically refused to authorize on multiple occasions. Such an open-ended circumvention of immigration laws was an unconstitutional exercise of authority by the Executive Branch.

The effect of this unilateral executive amnesty, among other things, contributed to a surge of unaccompanied minors on the southern border that yielded terrible humanitarian consequences. It also denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of Americans by allowing those same jobs to go to illegal aliens  

Source: zerohedge.com

Don’t fall for the media trap. Dreamers are not “children”. The average age is 25. This is just like all those migrant “children” in Europe.Geopolitical/Police State

  • Media outlets are touting polls which supposedly show public support for the DACA amnesty — but careful polls show the public overwhelmingly prefers immigration policies which help their fellow Americans find good jobs. 
  • For example, an NBC poll described the 800,000 illegal aliens in DACA as “children” — even though their average age is roughly 25

Source:  12160.info

Tracking Military Weaponry Flowing To America’s Local Police Departments

  • Last  week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced President Donald Trump’s plan to distribute military gear to state and local law enforcement agencies.
  • The rule change means weapons typically reserved for war-time use – tracked armored (tank-like) vehicles, weaponized aircraft and vessels, grenade launchers, bayonets, and firearms with ammunition of .50-caliber or higher – will start flowing to local law enforcement agencies through the Department of Defense’s 1033 Program.
  • Yes, the story is familiar. In 2016,
  • Today, the same questions are valid: What’s the legitimate law enforcement purpose for these weapons? Does the militarization of local police threaten our civil liberties?

What military gear will you find in your local police department? Here’s a sample of our findings:

  • In Illinois, the College of DuPage received 14 fully automatic M16 rifles. The police department in Wheaton (pop. 53,000) picked up 68 M16 and M14 rifles plus five pistols (.45 caliber). Evanston – a small community known to promote gun control ordinances – procured 20 M16 rifles.
  • Paducah County, Kentucky, (pop. 25,000) received 78 M16 rifles and one mine-resistant vehicle while the Georgetown Police Department (pop. 33,000) procured 77 M16 and M14 rifles, 40 pistols (.45 caliber), and one mine-resistant vehicle.
  • In California, the Cotati Police Department (pop. 7,500) received 13 M16 rifles and Del Norte County (pop. 27,000) received 25 M16 rifles. The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department procured $3.6 million in surplus equipment including 768 M16 rifles.
Source: zerohedge.com


Putin Warns US Against Lethal Arms Deliveries to Ukraine

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the United States against lethal arms deliveries to Ukraine, saying that it might worsen the situation in the country.
  • Possible deliveries of US lethal weapons to Ukraine will not change the situation, but this may lead to an increase in the number of victims, provoke the use of military force in other territories, Russian President Vladimir Putin   Source: sputniknews.com

Putin Rejects More Korea Sactions, Warns US Risks “Global Catastrophe, Huge Loss Of Human Life”

  • After UN Ambassador Nikki Haley asked the security council to pass the “strongest possible” sanctions against North Korea which was “begging for war” following the isolated nation’s sixth nuclear test which took place over the weekend, Russia President Vladimir Putin has hinted that Russia may – and most likely will – use its Security Council veto power to stop any further sanctions from being implemented.
  •  “The actions and reactions of the Security Council will depend on the conclusions reached through debate by its members,” Geng said, according to an official transcript. “China will promote denuclearization and the maintenance of stability on the peninsula, and promote solving problems on the peninsula through dialogue and consultation.”


    • The Russian leader also lashed out at the United States, saying it was preposterous for Washington to ask for Moscow’s help with North Korea after sanctioning Russian companies whom U.S officials accused of violating North Korea sanctions.

    Source: zerohedge.com

South Korea’s Moon Faces Push at Home and Abroad to Alter North Korea Policy

  • Earlier this summer, South Korea elected President Moon Jae-in, an outspoken advocate of diplomacy with North Korea.
  • Moon had tried to placate the US by offering conditions on talks, including warning that talks would be impossible if a nuclear test occurred. Now that the test has happened, Moon risks having hemmed himself into that position.

Source: news.antiwar.com

Putting North Korea’s “Bomb Test” In Context

Infographic: North Korea Tests Its Most Powerful Bomb Yet | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

  • Sunday’s detonation was estimated to have been 100 kilotons or more, far more powerful than previous tests and the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. How does it compare with the warheads inside current U.S. and Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles?
  • According to the Economist, the U.S. Trident and Russian SS ballistic missiles have a yield of 455 and 800 kilotons respectively.

Source: zerohedge.com

North Korean Crisis Reveals America’s Dangerous Economic Dependence on China

  • When President Trump said on Sunday that America would consider stopping all trading with countries doing business with North Korea, critics responded by saying this would mean economic ruin for the United States.
  • The numbers are startling. China is North Korea’s largest trading partner–and Trump’s talk of cutting off trade was clearly aimed at China. But China is also the largest trading partner with the U.S., with nearly $650 billion in goods and services traded between the two nations. Countless more products in America contain parts assembled by Chinese workers. You may even be reading this on one of them.
  • “If bilateral trade between the U.S. and China goes away, American stores shelves are empty,”
  •   We have become so dependent on trade with China, according to the president’s critics, that we face economic disaster if we try to break free from it. 

Source: breitbart.com

SYRIA: History in the Making as Syrian Arab Army Breaks ISIS Siege of Deir Ezzor

Cyber Attacks

White House expands power grid war to include banks, Wall Street and telecom companies

  • The war game that the government and utilities hold every other year to simulate attacks on the power grid is being expanded this year to include big banks, Wall Street, and the telecommunications industry.
  • The expansion of the GridEx IV security exercise in November comes as presidential advisers are scrambling to draft recommendations to protect infrastructure  
  • White House cybersecurity coordinator Rob Joyce told Wallace at the meeting that the idea of expanding the exercise to include all sectors vulnerable to cyber attacks grabbed Trump’s attention. And Joyce has been busy making it happen.
  • “As a point to go beyond the electricity sector, we are very supportive of that,” Joyce said last month. “As you know … the president received a brief on that. The concept of integrating the financial sector and the communications sector is very well received.”
  • The telecom and financial sectors are intertwined with electricity, and all of them have been targeted by hackers looking to cause problems on the markets, communication infrastructure, and the grid. 

Source: washingtonexaminer.com

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