Become A Sponsor On The X22 Report

We pride ourselves on having an open minded truth seeking audience at the X22 Report.  If you are interested in reaching our audience with your advertising message, please let us know.  We are happy to work with you.  Please feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you may have regarding our pricing as well as placement data.


1.Choose the banner size and purchase the sponsor ad.

2. After payment you will be brought to the requirement page at this point you can upload your artwork.

3. Once your funds and sponsor ad are received your sponsor ad will go live within 24 hours on the agreed upon terms.

4. Billing is subscription based, each month you will be billed automatically via PayPal.


Sidebar 215×100
$75.00 per month – click Subscribe to purchase
$10.00 per day – Please Contact Us
Maximum sponsors allowed: 2
Status: Available


Sidebar 215×150
$150.00 per month  – click Subscribe to purchase
$20.00 per day – Please Contact Us
Maximum sponsors allowed: 2
Status: Available


Sidebar 215×250
$250.00 per month  – click Subscribe to purchase
$40.00 per day – Please Contact Us
Maximum sponsors allowed: 2
Status: Available



Center 300×250
$500.00 per month  – click Subscribe to purchase
$50.00 per day – Please Contact Us
Maximum sponsors allowed: 2
Status: Available


Text Post In Sentinel Alerts
Placed On Home Page And On Sentinel Alerts

Maximum sponsors allowed: 1
Status: Available
Please Contact Us



Question – Does my banner show on all pages?
Answer – Your banner will show on the home page of the site.

Question – Where will my banners be located?
Answer – If there is more than one ad on the side bar the ads will rotate each day. For example, if there are two ads, ad A will take the top spot on Monday, and ad B will be below it. On Tuesday Ad B will move to the top spot and ad A will be below it. The ad positions in the center above the fold are in a premium location and only two separate ads will be accepted.

Question – Will you guarantee traffic?
Answer – We have no way to guarantee traffic, like all advertisements if your ad draws in the visitor and is creative you will get traffic, plus keeping your advertisement in front of an audience gives your business a branding effect..

Question – Can I cancel my sponsor package at any time?
Answer – Yes, we will finish out the current month you paid for. For example if you paid for October and you canceled on October 12 we will continue your advertisement until the last day of October and your advertisement will not renew in the month of November. All you will need to do is send an email to contact us and give the date of cancellation.

Question – Do you mention our ad on your broadcasts?
Answer – No, not at this time

Question – Will I receive a report?
Answer – Yes, upon request.
1. If you selected to ‘mention your ad on the X22 Report’, the report will include, episode and day your ad was mentioned.
2. Total views and clicks on your sponsor ad per week

Question – What traffic does the X22 Report receive?
Answer – Below is the average monthly traffic statistics.



YouTube: Currently the X22Report has approximately 130,000 + subscribers on YouTube. The X22 Report receives ~1,664,350 total views per month, total views 38,711,227 +