All These False Flag Events Will Lead To WWIII- Episode 421

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youtube_gaza_war_economic_collapse2Coach and Walgreen’s are laying off more employees another sign the economic is collapsing. The auto loan bubble is ready to pop, more delinquencies and defaults. Canada is implementing more sanctions, meanwhile these sanctions are hurting Germany. China make a new rail deal with Argentina. The war in Gaza continues and hundreds are dying all for the gas off of the coast of Gaza. The central bankers/US government are pushing the propaganda that Putin was behind the downing of the Malaysian airliner.  Russia introduced new evidence that Ukraine as responsible. The facts are now pointing to a false flag by the central bankers/US Government to demonize Russia and push the EU for more sanctions. All of these false flags will continue until war is provoked by the central bankers/US government.

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Current News – 07.21.2014


Coach Inc – 150
Walgreens Closing Flagstaff Distribution Center – 345 Layoffs

  • IRVINE, Calif. (AP) — Botox-maker Allergan says it is cutting about 13 percent of its workforce, or roughly 1,500 employees, as part of a push to become more efficient and productive.



“Buying The Car Was The Worst Decision I Ever Made” – The Subprime Auto Loan Bubble Bursts


Canada to expedite new sanctions against Russia

  • Canada is expediting new sanctions on Russian individuals and entities amidst growing evidence that “Russian-backed provocateurs” are behind the downing of a Malaysia Airlines flight over Ukraine,


Putin Makes First Official Statement; Russia To Cut IBM, Microsoft Dependence: Complete Ukraine Situation Summary


US Sanctions Fail to Cripple Gazprombank Transactions

  • MOSCOW, July 20 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s biggest natural gas producer and exporter Gazprom continues to pay its bills via Gazprombank, the Russia-based bank, which has recently been targeted by new US sanctions, according to a statement on the bank’s website.
  • Gazprom Group, including Gazprom Export LLC, has been carrying out all ruble and foreign payments on the bills of Gazprom OJSC and its affiliated companies duly and in full, despite the extended sanctions that the US administration unilaterally imposed on several Russian companies, including Gazprombank OJSC on July 16, 2014,” the bank said Sunday.

Russian Sanctions Leading To Economic Contraction… In Germany?

  •  Gaza,“Germany’s economy may have stagnated in 2Q.
  •  “the institution said in a monthly report released Monday that second-quarter growth in Germany had likely slipped due to turbulence in Ukraine and Iraq and a number of public holidays which led to shorter work weeks
  • The discrepancy between the US and EU sanctions posed an additional challenge for German firms active in Russia and the United States
  • Almost a quarter of German export companies is affected by sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union on Russia over the Ukraine crises, the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) said on Monday
  • “That concerns about every fourth German company active abroad,” DIHK foreign trade expert Volker Treier told the German daily newspaper Rheinische Post.


China lends Argentina $7.5 billion for power, rail projects

  •  Argentina signed deals on Friday to borrow $7.5 billion from China at a time when the Latin American country cannot tap global capital markets because of disputes over unpaid debt.
  • The Chinese bank also granted a $2.1 billion loan to help finance a long-delayed railway project that would make it more efficient to transport grains from Argentina’s agricultural plains to its ports.
  • China is Argentina’s second-largest trading partner after neighbor Brazil. In 2013, Argentina’s trade deficit with the Asian country increased more than 20 percent to $5.8 billion.


  • China’s Export Import Bank has announced its support to the development of the US$11bn Bagamoyo Port in Tanzania
  • In addition, China has agreed to support the construction of road and rail networks to connect the rest of Tanzania to port area, added reports.


NYC forms a task force to coordinate accommodation for migrant children

  • New York City officials have formed a task force to help coordinate accommodation for Central American children who have arrived in the city in recent months after weeks and months of living under the care of immigration and border officials near the Southwest border.
  •  federal authorities have asked New York officials whether they could find additional shelter capacity to house more children detained at the border,


  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been slammed by a state senator from south Texas who leaked the governor’s planned Monday announcement that he’s sending 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the border.
  • The troops, who will arrive gradually over the next month, will support troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety who are overwhelmed by the thousands of undocumented immigrants pouring across the Rio Grande every month. 

White House ‘Quietly’ Exempts 4.5 Million People In 5 “Territories” From Obamacare



Turkey Proposes Switching to National Currencies Payments in Trade with Russia

  • Turkey suggested using national currencies in trade with Russia,
  • Russian authorities considered renewing the talks on switching to national currencies in order to decrease the dependence on the US dollar amid tense relations with the West due to the Ukrainian crisis.


Russia preparing to develop Gaza gas field

  • In a significant political and economic development, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met Jan. 23 with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meeting came as a prerequisite to officially sign an investment agreement aiming to develop the Gaza offshore gas field in the Mediterranean Sea. Russian energy giant Gazprom wishes to produce 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas as part of its process to invest the field.  Could Russia, however, enter the area of Israeli economic influence, without coming to an agreement with the government of Netanyahu?


EU agrees to suspend economic bans against Iran until November

  • The European Union has agreed to suspend until November 24 a series of economic sanctions against Iran over its nuclear energy program, the EU Council has announced.


Russia May Threaten Iran Negotiations, as Tensions Soar

  • Russia may try to undermine the Iran nuclear talks as it faces off with Washington over last
  • Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) also suggested Moscow may use its role in the Iran discussions to retaliate against new U.S. punitive actions.


Iraq Issues An Ultimatum To The US

  • Iraq has become increasingly more vocal in demanding US assistance and a few hours ago went as far as to issue an ultimatum on the US – help us now or we will find another bigger borther, one who will actually help us.


Ukraine Prepares Claims for Recognizing Southeastern Republics as Terrorist Organizations

  •  Ukrainian authorities are preparing international legal claims on the recognition of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics as terrorist organizations, the press service of the Ukrainian president reported..


Russia Calls for Investigation of Foreign Mercenaries Participation in Ukraine Hostilities

  •  Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Monday demanded that Sweden, Finland, the Baltic states and France conduct a thorough investigation into alleged involvement of mercenaries from these countries in hostilities in eastern Ukraine.
  • “We demand the authorities of the above-mentioned countries to conduct a thorough investigation into these facts and condemn the participation of mercenaries in the hostilities in eastern Ukraine,” the ministry said in a statement.


False Flag

We’ll freeze Russian billions, furious Cameron warns Putin over jet outrage and tells him: ‘You have contributed to an appalling tragedy’

China Blasts “One-Sided Western Rush To Judge Russia” Over MH17


Video of Rebel Buk Launchers Headed Back to Russia? No – Images From Ukraine-Held Territory Since May

  • Jacob Dreizin, a US citizen who speaks Russian and reads Ukrainian provided this update three hours ago.

 Hello Mish,

On Friday, the Daily Mail, one of the major UK tabloids carried photos and video of what was alleged to be a rebel “Buk” launcher heading back to Russia.  The article carried a claim from some Ukrainian source that the launcher was missing several missiles after having shot them at the Malaysian 777.

On the CBS program “Face the Nation,” Mr. Kerry referred to a video that the Ukrainians have made public showing an SA-11 unit heading back to Russia after the downing of the plane with “a missing missile or so.”

However, going by the billboard and other features of the scenery, Russian bloggers and news sources claim to have identified the road in the video as having been taken in or near the town of Krasnoarmeisk (“Krasnoarmiysk” in Ukrainian), which has been under Kiev’s control since May.

this town is (very roughly) 120 kilometers from the Russian border and 80 kilometers from where the Malaysian 777 went down.  And again, it has been under Kiev’s control since May.


 Ukrainian warplanes delivered an air strike by unguided rocket projectiles at the railway station in the city of Donetsk on Monday morning. Question: Why would Ukraine start offensive in the same area as the Malaysian crash?  Why are they trying to hit the railway station, aren’t the bodies on the train?

Kiev’s evidence of militia’s responsibility for airliner crash faked

  • A group of experts studied the tape and came to the conclusion that it was made up of numerous unrelated recordings.
  • “This audio recording is not an integral file and is made up of several fragments,” said , a spectral and time analysis has showed that the dialog was cut into pieces and then assembled. Short pauses in the tape are very indicative: the audio file has preserved time marks which show that the dialog was assembled from various episodes, the expert said.
  • The tape’s linguistic analysis also shows that those who made the faked tape clearly didn’t have enough material and time, the expert said.


Ukrainian Su-25 fighter detected in close approach to MH17 before crash – Moscow

  • The Russian military detected a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet gaining height towards the MH17 Boeing on the day of the catastrophe.
  • At the moment of the MH17 crash an American satellite was flying over the area of eastern Ukraine, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry. It urged the US to publish the space photos and data captured by it.


MH17 Flight Crashed Within Ukrainian Missile Systems Firing Range – Russian Military

  • Russian monitoring systems detected up to four Ukrainian Buk M1 air defense systems in the crash area on the day of the accident, the Russian general said.
  • “Why would the Ukrainian military deploy this weaponry…if, as we all know, the armed militia [in eastern Ukraine] does not have aircraft?” the general queried.
  • Kartapolov also said the intensity of Ukrainian air defense system radar stations increased dramatically on the day of the MH17 crash.


MH17 black boxes to be handed over to Malaysian authorities – Malaysian PM

  • Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak says the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 black boxes will be handed over to the Malaysians in Donetsk at 9pm Ukrainian time (1900 GMT). The bodies of 282 victims of the crash are to be flown to Amsterdam.
  • The agreement states that investigators will have uninhibited access to the crash site to begin their investigation.


Malaysian Airlines MH17 Was Ordered to Fly over the East Ukraine Warzone

  • Malaysian Airlines Confirms that it was Instructed to Fly MH17 at Lower Altitude over East Ukraine
  • On the matter of MH17’s flight path, Malaysian Airlines confirms that the pilot was instructed to fly at a lower altitude by the Kiev air traffic control tower upon its entry into Ukraine airspace.