America Is Going Broke At Mach 30 “And No One Cares” – 09.15.17


  • “No one really cares about the U.S. federal debt,” remarked a colleague and Economic Prism reader earlier in the week.  “You keep writing about it as if anyone gives a lick.”
  • We could tell he was just warming up.  So, we settled back into our chair and made ourselves comfortable.
  • “The voters certainly don’t care about the federal debt,” he continued.  “They keep electing the same spendthrifts to office.
  • “And the politicians know the voters don’t care.  They also know that making more and more promises is the formula for getting reelected.
  • “Deep down, the aging masses know they need massive amounts of government debt to pay their social security, medicare, and disability checks.  On top of that, many of the so-called gainfully employed are really on corporate welfare; they hang their hats on government contracts to fund their paychecks.

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