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As Predicted, Right On Schedule, Next Move Will Not Be Propaganda
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The world is preparing for a no deal BREXIT, they are making it seem if this happens there is going to be total chaos, this is the plan of the central banks, if it is not their deal there will be chaos, or not. France and Germany see the future, globalism is imploding, they take steps to keep their system alive. The call has been heard, more bills come out to audit the fed, abolish the IRS etc. Trump started the movement with one tweet about 8 years ago. Lisa Page’s leak show who was behind the dossier, who benefited, and the motivation. The [DS] is pushing everything they have at Trump, they know they need to control the narrative before the hammer drops. Peace talks intensify with the Kurds and Syria. Q gave us a pic of an airport, in the photo there is someone that looks very familiar, could this be the person Q is talking about.

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Current News – 01.13.2019

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Automakers Prepare for “No-Deal” Brexit

  • Honda, the fourth largest car producer in the UK, has unveiled plans to halt its UK production for the first six days of April in order to stockpile parts in the immediate aftermath of Britain’s exit from the EU. The announcement came on Thursday, the same day that UK Premier Theresa May met her Japanese counterpart Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to discuss Brexit-related issues, and reads as follows:

“Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd has been assessing how best to prepare for any disruption caused by logistics and border issues following the UK leaving the EU on 29 March 2019.

“To ensure Honda is well paced to adjust to all possible outcomes, we are planing six non-production days in April 2019.

“This is to facilitate production recovery activity following any delays at borders on parts. These contingency provisions have been put in place to best mitigate the risk of disruption to production operations at the Swindon factory.”

  • Honda is not alone. BMW, the third largest car manufacturer in the UK, has announced plans to shut down its site in Cowley, Oxford, for maintenance during the whole month of April, in order to minimize the disruption a no-deal Brexit could cause to its production and supply chain.
  • The fifth largest manufacturer, Toyota, is also considering temporarily ceasing production in the event of supply-chain disruption. “If Britain crashes out of the EU at the end of March, we will see production stops in our factory,” said Marvin Cooke, the managing director of the company’s plant in Burnaston. Asked how long those stoppages could last, he said it was impossible to tell. “It could be hours, days, weeks – even months.”
  • British luxury automaker Aston Martin also unveiled plans this week to navigate a disorderly Brexit, including signing deals with supplier DHL to allow for the use of ports other than Dover which, as Britain’s busiest harbor, is most likely to be disrupted by customs delays. The firm is also considering the possibility of making air freight deliveries.
  • Declining sales are not  unique to the UK. Car registrations have hit a brick wall in China, the world’s largest market, as part of a broad, gathering economic slowdown. In the world’s second largest market, the US, sales peaked over two years ago and have ticked down since. Even in Germany they have begun to slide in recent months. After years of uninterrupted growth, global demand for new cars has begun to sputter. Now, with Brexit fast approaching and still no sign of a viable get-out clause, it’s perhaps no wonder car manufacturers are worried.


  • Germany and France are set to forge a pact aligning their defense, diplomatic and economic policies in an unprecedented “twinning” pact “regarded as a prototype for the future of the European Union,”
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron will sign the “Aachen treaty” later this month which will govern a coordinated diplomatic front as well as joint actions on peacekeeping missions.
  • What’s more – areas on both sides of the Franco-German border will be encouraged to establish “Eurodistricts” in which both countries would merge water, electricity and public transport networks.
  • The two countries will hold “regular consultations on all levels before major European meetings, and take care to establish common positions and issue joint statements,” according to the agreement, and will “stand up for a strong and effective common foreign and defence policy, and strengthen and deepen the economic and currency union.”

Both President Macron and Mrs Merkel have expressed frustration at the rise of populism and nationalism, and at Europe’s dithering in the face of problems such as climate change and mass migration.


French Banks Reportedly Begin To CLOSE, NOT ALLOWING WITHDRAWALS Ahead Of Yellow Vest Bank Run

  • France – Banks in France are reportedly either outright closing down, or experiencing “ATM glitches,” as the Yellow Vest’s planned “bank run”
  • Many believe that for every $100 of deposits, French banks have an average of $3000 of loaned money: a ratio of nearly 30 to one. This means that out of a population of 67.12 million, a bank run of only 2 million citizens could be absolutely catastrophic for France, and by extension the EU.


H.R.25 – To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States.

  • To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States.
    • January 3, 2019
    • Mr. Woodall (for himself, Mr. Banks, Mr. Bilirakis, Mr. Bishop of Utah, Mr. Brooks of Alabama, Mr. Carter of Texas, Mr. Chabot, Mr. Conaway, Mr. DesJarlais, Mr. Duncan, Ms. Foxx of North Carolina, Mr. Gaetz, Mr. Graves of Georgia, Mr. Hice of Georgia, Mr. King of Iowa, Mr. Loudermilk, Mr. Lucas, Mr. Massie, Mr. Mullin, Mr. Posey, Mr. David P. Roe of Tennessee, Mr. Wittman, Mr. Yoho, Mr. Young, Mr. Collins of Georgia, and Mr. Walberg) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Ways and Means

    • A BILL
    • To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States.

Let go back to 2011, Trump was broadcasting the plan back then


Leaked Lisa Page Testimonial Transcripts on CIA Brennan Angle, Confirms Likelihood of Dossier Origination….

  • The leaked info confirms prior suspicions of   John Brennan ,
  • Lisa Page states emphatically the FBI investigative unit first became aware of the Steele Dossier in mid-September 2016.   However, CIA Director John Brennan is demonstrably briefing Gang-of-Eight Senators (including Harry Reid) in August 2016 on the material in the dossier.
  • Page says: “If the CIA had another source of that information, I am neither aware of that nor did the CIA provide it to us if they did.”  This cuts to the heart of the dossier origination
  • ♦    Glenn Simpson hired Nellie Ohr (Nov ’15) he was hiring a CIA analyst and Russian expert.  Nellie Ohr had research access to the FBI/NSA database.  It is almost guaranteed Mrs. Ohr’s work in Dec, Jan, Feb, March was done by exploiting her “contractor” access to the database through FISA-702(16)(17) searches.
  • ♦ It is not coincidental that the exact timeline when the NSA compliance officer noted an uptick in FISA-702(16)(17) database search abuses (November ’15 through April ’16) coincides perfectly with Nellie Ohr’s contract with Fusion GPS.  The FISA court report from Judge Rosemary Collyer speaks directly to this timeline:(link)
  • ♦ Glenn Simpson hired Ohr in November 2015,  Nellie took the material already assembled by Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacoby in years passed, and used her CIA access to the FISA database to prove it, and enhance it.   She eventually built out more evidence and expanded the research.   By mid April 2016 Nellie Ohr had amassed a bunch of illegally obtained information surrounding the Trump empire, and, additionally, had information on Manafort and Russia etc.
  • ♦ When Team Clinton get involved in April 2016 (that team includes Brennan Inc.), they needed to weaponize all of Nellie Ohr’s research.  That’s where Chris Steele is brought in to receive the Nellie Ohr information, launder it into an intelligence product, where it became “the Steele Dossier”, and then inject it back into the intelligence community.  CIA Director Brennan always knew of the material before the FBI did, because Brennan was part of the construction team.
  • Christopher Steele is not the actual author of the material inside the ‘Steele Dossier’, but rather he was attempting to wash away evidence of FISA database abuse by finding alternate confirmation for the underlying material.  Once he could provide ¹plausible secondary origination for Ohr’s material, Steele sent it back to Fusion-GPS in chapters.
  • Nellie Ohr was, is, and will always be, the factual author of the material inside the Steele Dossier.  Notably Nellie Ohr refused to testify to the joint house committee citing spousal privilege as the excuse to avoid questioning.
  • Nellie Ohr, a CIA contract employee, is at the epicenter of the Steele Dossier; and as a result she is the person who created the basis for all of the FISA surveillance warrants that exploited the dossier for approval.
  • Of course CIA Director Brennan was briefing Harry Reid in August 2016 on the dossier material a month prior to the FBI unit receiving it…. Brennan helped create it.


Leaked Transcripts from Lisa Page Provide Some Stunning Revelations…

  • Mueller’s investigation always held an ulterior purpose:
  • ♦(1) Create an investigationJust by creating the investigation it is then used as a shield by any corrupt FBI/DOJ official who would find himself/herself under downstream congressional investigation.  Former officials being deposed/questioned by IG Horowitz or Congress could then say they are unable to answer those questions due to the ongoing special counsel investigation.  In this way Mueller provides cover for ideologically aligned deep state officials.
  • ♦(2)  Use the investigation to keep any and all inquiry focused away from the corrupt DOJ and FBI activity that took place in 2015, 2016, 2017.  Keep the media narrative looking somewhere, anywhere, other than directly at the epicenter of the issues. In this way, Mueller provides distraction and talking points against the Trump administration.
  • ♦(3) Use the investigation to suck-up, absorb, any damaging investigative material that might surface as a result of tangentially related inquiry.  Example: control the exposure of evidence against classified leak participants like SSCI Director of Security, James Wolfe; and/or block IG Horowitz from seeing material related to the FISA abuse scandal and “spygate”.  In this way Mueller provides cover for the institutions and the administrative state.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: cc526f No.4093335
Anonymous ID: 457b96 No.4093224 
Mueller removed via DECLAS
Mueller will face charges re: U1
He’s working to save himself.

Remember Lisa Page’s said that the DOJ was making all the decisions for the FBI crossfire hurrican investigation    .
Lisa Page also let us know that she traveled with Peter Strzok in Dec 2016 and others who were not named, most likely to get intel on Trump and his people,

How would she go about doing this, remember FVEY
Where did she travel, UK

lets go to post


When does a bird sing?


Keep your promise.
This is not a game.


Trump “Couldn’t Care Less” If Putin Conversation Becomes Public; Slams “Most Insulting Article” By NYT

      • President Trump brushed off a report by the Washington Post / NYT stating that he “has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal details” of his discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin –  Trump said   he would be willing to release the details of a private conversation in Helsinki last summer.
      • I would. I don’t care,” Trump told Pirro, adding: “I’m not keeping anything under wraps. I couldn’t care less.”
      • “I mean, it’s so ridiculous, these people making up,” Trump said of the WaPo report.
      • Trump tweeted out the following
      • Trump slammed the recent reports as “all nonsense.”


Tom Fitton of JW tweeted out the following

President Trump Responds to Leaked FBI Claims in Recent NYT Article….

Trump continued with his tweets, tweeting aout the following



  • The New York Times article was based on leaks from sources who were responding to the leaks from other sources that were given to the Epoch Times.   Each side in the DOJ/FBI corruption story is currently leaking to advance their interests.
  • Three congressional committees have requested the release of witness transcripts.  HPSCI via Devin Nunes (September 2018); and the joint House Judiciary/Oversight committee (December 2018).  Congressional allies of President Trump (Nunes, Jordan, Meadows and Collins) are being blocked by corrupt cabinet members within the current administration.
  •  DOJ and FBI prefer to position the new Democrat majority to conduct hearings without the public having the information from prior testimony.  That process allows a much easier political narrative to be deployed; thereby hiding the former corruption under a new wave of media attention. 



MORE DEEP STATE CRIMES: Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Wray LIED TO TRUMP and Congress– Said He Was Not Under Investigation

  • Lets go back in time to April 2018, remember when RR told trump the following that  he was not a target of “any part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.”
  •  Here are some articles

      • But the FBI and DOJ were lying to the president and Congressional leaders.
      • On Friday The New York Times reported the FBI investigated US President Trump after he fired crooked Director James Comey.
      • It appears the top officials in the FBI and DOJ lied to the president and Congress.



Trump Predicts DACA Will Bring Hispanic Voters ‘Over To The Republican Side’ Amid Shutdown Stalemate

      • President Donald Trump predicted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) could become a larger factor in his border wall funding fight during a flurry of tweets Sunday morning.Trump tweeted out the following
      • Trump continued to call out Democrats for punting on negotiations to end the shutdown, perhaps referring to the roughly 30 Democratic lawmakers reportedly attending a retreat with lobbyists in Puerto Rico, a
      • he tweeted the following

      • T


Trump decided to throw in more facts about the border

The MSM are pushing their agenda, using all their ammunition they possibly can


Bolton’s Dream: White House Sought Options to Strike Iran

  •  John Bolton, asked the Pentagon to provide the White House with military options to strike Iran. The request, which hasn’t been previously reported, generated concern at the Pentagon and State Department, current and former U.S. officials say.“It definitely rattled people,” said one former senior U.S. administration official. “People were shocked. It was mind-boggling how cavalier they were about hitting Iran.


Lets think logically, Trump stopped the crisis in NK, pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan, are inthe process of having peace talks in Yemen, but wanted to fire missiles into Iran to start a war. Does this make any sense, of course not, people are in place for a reason, he needs the bad guys doing what they do best, distraction

Syrian gov’t to intensify peace talks with Kurds: report

  • The Syrian government is seeking to intensify the ongoing peace talks with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Council (SDF),
  • “We hope for the intensification of the dialogue. Many of the Kurdish statements were positive regarding their concern for the unity of Syria,” Assistant Syrian Foreign Minister
  • We are confident that through dialogue we can deal with some of the demands … and this dialogue guarantees that, as long as it based on a commitment to Syria’s unity.”



Lets talk about Q latest post

the trade delegation that was sent to China have completed their mission, So the person heading to China must be traveling covertly, is this person part of the trade talks or is something else.


Awaiting VIP arrival.
What senior US official is arriving in China?


IF we look at the picture from Q, we know this is from Shangai Pudong Airport Note the signs for gates 2A and 2C, but there is something else in the photo which we will talk about in a minute,

We need to go back to Q posts about feinstein



[Picture Repost]
A picture is worth a thousand words.
See EVIL in the face of FEINSTEIN?
See FEAR & EMOTION in the face of MURKOWSKI?
A phone was present.

No. 297 – where was this picture taken?
Hanging of flags traditional/occurs in this part of the country for what holiday?📁
“Western intelligence contacts that the device was made at a Supermicro subcontractor factory in Guangzhou, a port city in southeastern China. Guangzhou is 90 miles upstream from Shenzhen, dubbed the `Silicon Valley of Hardware,’”
What state does [Feinstein] represent?📁
Worth 43 minutes of your time.

My guess is that the American VIP is traveling covertly and we’ll hear about their trip at a later date.

Joe M tweeted out the following