Be Prepared, Spring Is Coming & Plans Are In The Works For The Next Event – Episode 1211

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Be Prepared, Spring Is Coming & Plans Are In The Works For The Next Event
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Philadelphia passed a soda tax and sales have plummeted and the companies will be laying off employees. Restaurant traffic and sales have declined as people shy away from eating out. Existing home sales magically rebound as mortgage applications are declining. Corporate media will use the immigration ban as the catalyst to the housing crash. Trump says the budget is out of control. Corporate media saying Trump will use alternative facts to counter the economic decline. Sweden is in the midst of a migrant problem and media in Sweden is not reporting on it. 80% of the people oppose sanctuary cities, 52% approve on immigration reforms.  Preibus is trying to save face, says Russia and Trump have no connection.  McCain turns out to be a leaker of information. US law makers are probing Soros. The Deep State pushes their agenda with NK, because Trump wants to talk peace.  Kiev will not withdraw their artillery from the contact line. Safe-zones are back and Russia wants the US to coordinate with Syria. The deep state is pushing war in Syria with Russia by pushing the President to send troops. The event is planned for the spring. There is growing evidence that Obama, Soros, the elite are prepared to try to remove Trump.

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Current News – 02.22.2017


Philadelphia Soda Tax Leads To 30-50% Plunge In Sales, Mass Layoffs

  • When Philadelphia became the first US city to pass a soda tax last summer, city officials were eagerly looking forward to the surplus-tax funded windfall to plug gaping budget deficits  . Then, one month ago, after the tax went into effect on January 1st we showed the tax applied in practice: a receipt for a 10 pack of flavored water carried a 51% beverage tax. And since  PA has a sales tax of 6% and Philly already charges another 2%, the total sales tax was 8%. In other words, a purchase which until last year came to $6.47 had overnight become $9.75.
  • What happened next? Precisely what most expected would happen: full blown sticker shock, and a collapse in purchases.
  •  supermarkets and distributors are reporting a 30% to 50% drop in beverage sales and – adding insult to injury – are now planning for layoffs.
  • One of the city’s largest distributors told the Philadelphia website it would cut 20% of its workforce in March, and an owner of six ShopRite stores in Philadelphia says he expects to shed 300 workers this spring. “People are seeing sales decline larger than anything they’ve seen up to this point in the city,”
  • On the whole, the company’s sales are down about 30 percent, Brockway said: “We don’t anticipate people coming back.”


Is the US Restaurant Recession Becoming Structural?

  • Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll of more than 4,200 U.S. adults confirmed today.
  • One-third of the respondents said they were eating in restaurants less often than three months ago. The poll was conducted in the second half of January. Of them, 62% cited cost as the primary reason.
  • Restaurant prices have been rising. The price index for “food away from home,” a subcategory in the Consumer Price Index, increased between 2% and 3% every year since 2012. In January, it rose 2.4% year-over-year.
  • Yet grocery stores aren’t reporting blockbuster numbers either, Bob Goldin, partner at food industry strategy firm Pentallect, told Reuters. “There’s more splintering of the food dollar, and the pie isn’t growing,” he said. “Where you spend has changed more than the amount you spend.”
  • In its most recent Restaurant Performance Index, the National Restaurant Association lamented “soft same-store sales and customer traffic readings” in December, which kept the Current Situation Index (tracking same-store sales, traffic, labor and capital expenditures) in contraction mode for the third month in a row:
  • 42% of operators said their same-store sales declined year-over-year.
  • 47% of operators said their customer traffic declined year-over-year.


Existing Home Sales Hit Decade High As Prices Jump More Than 7% 

  • According to the NAR, in January, Existing home sales jumped by 3.3%, well above the 1.1% consensus estimate, and more than reversing last month’s revised -1.6% drop.
  • Praising the rebound in housing transactions, NAR’s chief economist Larry Yun said January’s sales gain signals resilience among consumers even in a rising interest rate environment. ”
  • And yet, there remains a glaring disconnect between the housing transactions, and mortgage applications, which as shown in the chart below, have tumbled in recent weeks far below prior years, as a result of rising rates.


Swedish Mainstream Media Is “Hiding The Full Picture”: Trump Is Right About Immigrants

  • My name is Chang Frick and i run this news outlet that you are reading right now. Ive been reporting a lot about whats going on in the suburbs in Sweden
  • Is it correct that Sweden got major problems handling the immigration? I would say yes. My grounds for claiming that is just by looking out the window where I live, inside a migrant dominated area. Almost every evening cars are set on fire and police officers are attacked by criminal gangs. But you don’t read very much about it in the Swedish main stream media.
  • So, i will make some claims based on my experience of what is going on in Sweden. This is in the light of what Donald Trump recently said about Sweden.
  • 1. You can’t get the whole picture reading Swedish MSM
  • The main stream media in Sweden is usually not lying or reporting fake news, even though it happens sometimes. But i would say it is mistakes and not anything that is done with purpose. A big news-outlet publishes lots and lots of stories every day, so of course you can find some wrongdoing once in a while. That does not mean the main stream media is a fake propaganda-machine. Mostly, what they claim, is usually true. There is references and all.
  • However, the mainstream media in Sweden is not giving you the whole picture.


New Poll Finds That 80% Of Americans Oppose Sanctuary Cities 

  • A stunning new poll conducted by Harvard-Harris, exclusively for The Hill, found that the overwhelming majority of Americans, 80% in fact, believe that illegal immigrants arrested for crimes should be turned over to federal immigration authorities rather than being harbored in so-called sanctuary cities.  Imagine that, Americans believe that local, state and federal law enforcement officials should actually enforce the law…shocking.
  • Meanwhile, 52% of those surveyed said they support Trump’s executive order to build a border wall and revoke funding for sanctuary cities while 53% said they support his “immigration ban”

Sanctuary Cities

  • Of course, this is undoubtedly unwelcome news for sanctuary cities across the country that are at risk of losing their federal subsidies for harboring criminal illegal aliens. the top 10 sanctuary cities receive roughly $2.3 billion in federal subsidies every year.


Priebus: Top levels of the intel community assured me no collusion between Trump camp and Russia

  • White House chief of staff Reince Priebus on Sunday denied that members of President Trump’s campaign had contact with Russia before Trump’s victory.
  • “The New York Times last week put out an article with no direct sources that said that the Trump campaign had constant contacts with Russian spies,Priebus said

McCain Fingered as Major Trump Leaker

Via The Daily Bell

White House Fingers John McCain As Media Leak; Believes U.S. Senator Eavesdropped on Trump’s Classified Phone … T

  • There are others besides McCain who are doing a lot of leaking, but McCain is definitely a major player.


US Lawmakers Are Probing Soros’ Involvement In European Politics

  •  in early January, concerns about Soros’ involvement were most recently raised by the Hungarian prime minister, who last week once again lashed out at the Soros “empire” and accused it of deploying “tons of money and international heavy artillery.”  But what was not reported, is that just days earlier, Republican lawmakers in Washington had started asking questions about whether U.S. tax dollars also were being used to fund Soros projects in the small, conservative-led country of Macedonia.
  • Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., led a group of House lawmakers in writing to Ambassador Jess Baily, an Obama appointee, demanding answersSmith voiced concerns that tax dollars are supporting Soros’ activities in trying to have a socialist government replace the current conservative government in the small nation.
  • “We need to have a detailed oversight into what the administration has been doing over the past eight years because we have been taking sides politically in other countries as well, and there have been other similar incidents. That undermines U.S. public diplomacy and our diplomacy in general. It is against the law and is unheard of,” Smith added.
  • “I have received credible reports that, over the past few years, the US Mission to Macedonia has actively intervened in the party politics of Macedonia, as well as the shaping of its media environment and civil society, often favoring groups of one political persuasion over another,” Lee said in his letter.



Is North Korea’s Kim Jong Un A War Criminal?

  • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s regime faces accusations of human rights violations, including rape, torture and forced labor, 
  • The report also proposed the establishment of a special international tribunal to tackle North Korea’s human rights violations, for which the country earlier faced several sanctions under the Obama administration. The experts have dismissed the idea of a “mixed court” system — a North Korea-appointed judge and a U.N.-appointed justice presiding over the cases together,
  • The evaluation comes amid reports that North Korea could begin talks with the U.S. to initiate a deal with the Trump administration amid tensions between the two nuclear-armed nations,


In Latest “Military Escalation” China Prepares Deployment Of SAM Batteries On South China Sea Islands

  • Tillerson told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that China’s building of islands and putting military assets on them was “akin to Russia’s taking Crimea” from Ukraine.

Kiev: no weapons withdrawal soon

  • The Ukrainian side refused to carry out the procedure of military equipment withdrawal from the contact line in Donbass 


Coup-Imposed Poroshenko Accuses Russia of Attempts to Stir Revolution in Ukraine

  • The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) found out that there were plans to destabilize the situation in Ukraine prepared at the order of Russia, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Wednesday.
  • According to the president, there were calls for “the third Maidan” to provoke clashes during the events organized to mark the anniversary of the 2014 protests this week.


Gallup Finds Americans’ Hostility To Russia Soared After Obama’s 2012 Re-Election

  • A Gallup poll released on 20 February 2017 showed that Americans’ favorability rating of Russia, immediately after U.S. President Barack Obama left office, is only 28%, which is just above Americans’ 24% favorability toward The Palestinian Authority, and just below the 31% favorability toward Saudi Arabia. Russia hasn’t always been rated down in that low league of American popularity.
  • Back in 2012, before Obama’s second term, that favorability rating toward Russia was 50%. The year before that, in 2011, it was 51%. It had been reasonably stable until Obama’s re-election 

  • No other nation has plunged even nearly as steeply in Americans’ favorability as did Russia, during Obama’s second term.


Lavrov Explains Moscow’s Position Regarding the “Safe Zones” in Syria

  • Regarding the issue of establishing the so-called “safe zones” in Syria, Russia’s Foreign Minister announced that he had already discussed this particular issue with his US counterpart Rex Tillerson, stressing that Moscow is waiting for further clarification as regards the Washington’s initiative on establishing the “so-called” safe zones in Syria, stating that Washington must take into account that Syria is a diverse land and that no such moves can be made without the coordination with the Syrian government. Lavrov also expressed hope that the United States (according to the announcement previously made by the US President Donald Trump), are indeed interested in the settlement of the Syrian crisis as well as fighting against ISIS and Al Nusra terrorists.

UN ‘Fact Finding Mission’ Returns From Twitter With Lots of Evidence of Assad Chemical Attacks

  • U.N. report which cites a long list of twitter posts and wordpress blogs as evidence of Assad’s mass atrocities. (
  •  Couldn’t this “fact finding” mission travel to Syria?
  • Just look at this:

White Helmets and Julian Röpcke. Two great primary sources.

White Helmets  primary sources.



  • Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister, has said the kingdom is ready to send ground troops to Syria to “fight ISIS” following the meeting between US Senator John McCain and the Saudi King, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.


Trump’s ISIS Plan: Another US Invasion?

  • Just over a week into the Trump Administration, the President issued an Executive Order giving Defense Secretary James Mattis 30 days to come up with a plan to defeat ISIS. According to the Order, the plan should make recommendations on military actions, diplomatic actions, partners, strategies, and how to pay for the operation.
  • Does anyone think sending thousands of US troops into a situation that is already being resolved without us is a good idea?
  • There are several problems with this plan.
 First, any “safe zone” set up inside Syria, especially if protected by US troops, would amount to a massive US invasion of the country unless the Assad government approves them.

Second, there is the little problem of the Russians, who are partners with the Assad government in its efforts to rid the country of ISIS and al-Qaeda. ISIS is already losing territory on a daily basis.


False Flags

Research Indicates Massive ISIS Networks In Europe While Europol Warns Of Imminent Attacks

  • In December 2016, Europol released a statement warning that ISIS was likely to soon enact plans to stage large scale terror attacks in multiple states across the EU. The operations have been planned since 2013 but are now being accelerated due to ISIS’ territorial losses in the Middle East to coalition forces.
  •  NGO Groups Funded By George Soros And Other Pro-Immigrant Donors Aid And Abet ISIS Operatives And Migrants
  • There are increasing indications that ISIS operatives and migrants may be receiving assistance, .

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