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Blacksite Dismantled, New Deal Coming, Boom
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The [CB] economy is imploding, the Fed will need to make a move and cut rates, this is what Trump wants because it will keep the economy going past the 2020 elections. The financial pundits are now pushing their narrative that the recession is already here or that it will hit during 2020, they still believe they are in control and they know what the economy is going to do, Trump has the magic wand, the Fed will cut rates and begin stimulus. Xi is visiting NK, is this a positive sign that he will be attending the G20 meeting. The [DS] impeachment push is falling apart. Obama shadows Trump and is now visiting the leaders of Italy, I wonder why? Discovery is a beautiful thing, RS wants the un-redacted Crowdstrike report.  Iran is reporting that they broke up an intelligence operation in Iran, is this patriots removing the blacksite in Iran, next comes the deal.

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Current News – 06.17.2019

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  • For the first time in 2019, sentiment among US homebuilders dropped in June signaling that lower mortgage rates are failing to give the housing market a sustained boost amid property prices that remain out of reach for many buyers.

  • The headline index dropped to 64 from 66 (with expectations of a rise to 67).


Decelerations and disappointments are mounting:

  • Cass Freight Index
  • Retailer earnings
  • Durable goods orders
  • Capital spending
  • PMIs
  • May payrolls
  • Semiconductor inventories
  • Oil demand
  • Restaurant performance indices…

and our own Morgan Stanley Business Conditions Index (MSBCI). Looking at the MSBCI in particular, the headline metric showed the biggest one-month drop in its history going back to 2002 and very close to its lowest absolute reading since December 2008.

This index has a tight relationship with ISM new orders and analyst earnings revisions breadth. Our analysis shows downside risk to ISM new orders (25% y/y), S&P earnings revisions breadth (6-13%) and the S&P 500 y/y (8%) if historical links hold.

  •   Morgan Stanley’s indicator is now indicating that, the world is already in a recession. 
  • Morgan stanley says the Fed has tightened “a lot” since 2014, when one accounts for QE and QT. In fact, based on the Atlanta Fed “Shadow” Fed Funds rate, the current tightening cycle has hiked not by 2.25% (or nine times), but by a whopping 6.25%!


History suggests Fed can’t make ‘insurance cuts’ to keep expansion alive

  • Federal Reserve officials have spoken approvingly of the idea of “insurance” interest-rate cuts that could be enough to shore up financial markets and keep the expansion on track. 

Chairman Xi Announces Visit to North Korea…

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit North Korea for two days from Thursday, state media in both countries reported on Monday, making him the first Chinese leader to visit in 14 years.    Will Chairman Xi meet with President Trump?
  • …or will Xi tell Kim (or an emissary) to inform Trump there will be no meeting,



Entire impeachment narrative is going down the drain, there is no case, Trump tweets out the following

Obama has been shadowing Trump since he talk office, in a way Obama is trying to run a shadow government, he visits leader either before or after Trump does. Trying to keep the DS operational, he has not letup he is now in Italy, lets go back to last month

Obama and Former Italian PM Renzi Are Holding Secret Meeting Today – Experts Including Papadopoulos Suspect Meeting Linked to Spygate Scandal

  • Earlier this month Italian Prime Minister Conte asked for the resignations of four top intelligence officials after his call with President Donald Trump. Obama is Secretly on his way to Meet with Renzi 
    • George Papadopoulos,   tweeted out the following

  • This comes after the Obama family’s lavish vacation in southern France.
  • Papadopoulos also noted that current Italian leaders are working with the Trump team
  • It looks like the Italians have a lot of information that may be of interest to AG Barr and his investigation into the Deep State.  Numerous individuals in Italy are suspected of having knowledge of an attempt by former President Obama to utilize the Italian Intel network to set up President Trump leading to his removal from office.
  • It is highly probable that former President Obama and his Deep State FBI worked with foreign countries like Italy to assist in the removal of President Trump from office. Now Obama and his accomplices are trying hard to cover it all up.


Trump continues his attacks on the DS, he brings up christopher steele who is a foreign agent

 When will the Fake News Media start asking Democrats if they are OK with the hiring of Christopher Steele, a foreign agent, paid for by Crooked Hillary and the DNC, to dig up “dirt” and write a phony Dossier against the Presidential Candidate of the opposing party………

The Russian story is falling apart, discovery is a wonderful thing, Roger Stone has now cornered the DS, the DS made a move to raid his house, do it publicly, show him being arrested and now its his turn to make a move and he is doing it.

HUGE DEVELOPMENT: ROGER STONE Files Two Court Documents – BLASTS FBI and Mueller’s False Allegations that Russians Gave DNC Emails to WikiLeaks

  • Roger Stone continues to fight back!  Stone filed two documents with the court!  The first document was a 15 page reply from Stone to the government’s opposition to a motion to suppress.

  • In this first document Stone filed his reply to the government’s opposition to his “motion to suppress all evidence as fruit of illegal search warrants and evidentiary hearing.”  
  • Stone states –

The specific challenge to the truthfulness of all the warrants is the unproven claim that the Russian state transferred the DNC and DCCC, and other campaign officials’ data to WikiLeaks. Or, said a different way, WikiLeaks received the data from the Russian state. The government should not have represented this as a fact to the various district judges and magistrates in order to obtain the search warrants.

  • Stone continues –
  1. The government has never had to prove its case. The series of misrepresentations is foundational.

The government does not dispute in its opposition: “The Office cannot rule out that stolen documents were transferred to WikiLeaks through intermediaries who visited during the summer of 2016.” Robert S. Mueller, Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election, 47 (2019) (emphasis added) (hereinafter “Mueller Report”). Declarations from William Binney and Peter Clay, experts in this field concur that WikiLeaks did not receive the stolen data from Russia. (Doc. 100-1; Doc. 100-3). This evidence was discoverable to the government simply by analyzing the documents from the WikiLeaks database. It required no warrant of any entity or person at all.

  • This is devastating to the Deep State and the Mueller gang.  Even though the government claims the Russians sent emails to WikiLeaks the government agrees it cannot prove it and yet the government used this as the basis for obtaining all warrants related to the Mueller investigation and all actions related to the fake Russia collusion farce!
  • Stone continues –

Because the Russian state did not transfer the data to WikiLeaks, all other allegations, including communications with Assange or WikiLeaks are irrelevant and immaterial to investigation about Russian interference with 2016 election.

  • Stone lays out more arguments in the remaining 12 pages of his reply attached above.
  • But Roger Stone was not done.  He next filed another reply with the court, this 5 page document relates to the court’s opposition to a motion to compel.

134 – Roger Stone — Reply to Opposition to Motion to Compel by Jim Hoft on Scribd

  • In this document Stone is compels the government to obtain and provide to Stone the unredacted portions of the Crowdstrike report that the FBI and the Mueller gang used to create the Russia investigation and the Mueller investigation. 
  • Stone’s documents are devastating to the DS


Feds Arrest Human Smuggler with 22 Migrants in Texas Border River

  • Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended a human smuggler attempting to bring 22 migrants across the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texas.
  • Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) agents teamed up on June 12 with Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue (BORSTAR) agents and a National Guard Special Operations Group to apprehend a group of 23 people crossing the Rio Grande illegally near Eagle Pass. The team observed a raft loaded with migrants crossing the river and closed in to make the arrest, according to a statement received from Del Rio Sector Border Patrol officials.
  • The group consisted of 22 Honduran family units, including small children, and a human smuggler who operated the raft, officials stated.  Officials said the smuggler has an extensive history of immigration violations and was deported in April 2008. He is being charged with a violation of 8 USC § 1324 – alien smuggling, officials reported.

Geopolitical/Police State



  • The time is short for Europe to save the international nuclear deal with Tehran , Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday,


Japan demands more proof from U.S. that Iran attacked tankers

  • The Japanese government has been requesting the United States for concrete evidence to back its assertion that Iran is to blame for the attacks on two tankers near the Strait of Hormuz
  • But Japanese government officials remain unconvinced, the sources said. “The U.S. explanation has not helped us go beyond speculation,” said one senior government official.


  • Iran has dismantled a CIA-run “large US cyber-espionage” network, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) reported, citing the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council,  
  • Given the cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries in creating an ‘international organisation to counter American espionage’, we provided our partners with information that led to the disclosure and dismantling of a network of CIA officers, as well as detention and punishment of several spies in different countries”, the senior official said.


EU sanctions (IRAN).
Leaders of EU only care about protecting flow of MONEY – NOT the safety and security of their people/world.
IRAN deal orchestrated for the sole purpose of lifting sanctions (blockade) to allow access of foreign businesses for individual & co-wide enrichment. SCAM!!!
Nothing to do w/ NUKES (cover_)
Hussein pallets of cash.
Hussein secret auth to convert USD.
More coming.
No MSM coverage.
Got Popcorn?
We stand w/ the good people of IRAN who are currently battling their ‘installed’ regime for FREEDOM.
At some point military generals will act w/ the will of the people simply because their soldiers ARE THOSE SAME PEOPLE and have no choice.
We stand with you.
We are monitoring the situation closely.
Stay safe.
God bless.


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Watch IRAN.
Something incredible is about to happen.
[Hassan Rouhani]
The Good People of IRAN have the POWER.