History Shows That When the Elite Lose Control of the Info Wars, Genocide Is Next

  • In the alternative media, we constantly hear the mantra that if we could only “wake up” enough Americans, we could stop the globalists in their tracks. and then we lament the fact that most of our fellow countrymen are dumber than a box of rocks. However, the worm may be turning and turning dramatically! There are six corporations which control 98% of the media and their media investments are taking a beating. Americans watch almost 35 hours of television per week. That is a lot of Pavlovian conditioning that is taking place as a result of television and the corporate controlled message coming out of the “boob tube”.
  • Our nation is inundated with an amazing amount of propaganda and a decidedly one-sided view of the world. Gone from the media are any alternative theories behind the 9/11 attacks. The JFK assassination conspiracy theories that were once dominant in the 1990′s have all but disappeared. Benghazi has been whitewashed by the mainstream media (e.g. Fox, CNN, MSNBC). Whatever happened to Fast and Furious?
  • The Alternative Media Is Having a Big Influence
  • In light of my recent series on state-sponsored pedophilia, I received over a combined 400 comments and emails which detailed more stories of CPS abuse and trafficking of children which is taking place all across this country. I had over 40 emails from mother’s who have been victimized in a manner similar to Monika Wesolowski, who had her child stolen and allegedly sex trafficked by the 2 gay fathers who now have custody of her son Dylan. Even a prominent reporter from World Net Daily reached out to me because she wants more information on child sex trafficking being conducted under the collective noses of various government agencies. Yet, we do not hear one word of these allegations in the MSM. Even a major watershed event, such as the Bundy Affair, received scant attention from the MSM as has the mounting death toll of patients under Obamacare.
  • The Public Knows That Something Is Terribly Wrong and the MSM Is Not Providing Answers
  • The general public knows that something is terribly wrong with this country and its not being covered in the MSM and they are seeking answers. Returning veterans who have served in Afghanistan are returning home with stories of how American soldiers are providing protection for Afghan drug lords. Their neighbors and friends are wondering why these stories are not on the nightly news.The American people are beginning to view the police with more distrust because of the rampant instances of police abuse taking place in this country.
  • Most Americans know Obama is a foreign national who cares nothing about the plight of the middle class. Obama’s anti-American policies and unwarranted EPA swat teams have alienated nearly all farmers and ranchers and their friends and families are wondering why the media is not covering these abuses. As a result, farmers, ranchers, veterans and most of the middle class loathe this President and holds him in extreme contempt. Yet, if

Prepping for the Coming Purge

  • If the average person thinks they escape the train wreck that is coming, think again. Domestically, there are very powerful forces aligning to take tyranny to whole new level of enforcement. The forces behind the Obama administration are undeniably preparing to seize your guns through one means or another. These same forces are preparing to control your cars and your access to travel which is a hallmark trait of totalitarian martial law enforcement. In short, the present administration is prepping for the coming purge.
  • Using Technology to Seize Guns
  • The Justice Department has requested $382.1 million in increased spending for its fiscal year 2014 budget for the announced purpose of “gun safety.” Mark my words, this has nothing to do with gun safety, it is about gun control and eventual gun confiscation.
  • Obama is proposing $2 million for “Gun Safety Technology” grants, which would award cash prizes for technologies that can control access to guns.
  • President Obama’s new budget proposal requests a staggering $1.1 billion to “protect” Americans from gun violence. This includes $182 million to support the president’s ‘Now is the Time’ gun safety initiative.”
  • The technology behind the recent innovations which can control a person’s access to guns is stunning as is can allow a gun owner to only unlock a safe with a fingerprint scan and an RFID-equipped bracelet, like the one presently being touted by Attorney General Eric Holder.
  • Others gun control pundits have suggested manufacturing GPS tracking and RFID chips into every gun. RFID chips transmit location data and are used by law enforcement agencies to send automatic alerts if a weapon moves away from the initial tracker, indicating that the gun is lost or stolen. At the end of the day, if this technology is implemented, the government will not have to seize each and every gun because they will have the technology to simply turn off access to each and every gun. And history clearly shows what happens when guns are seized, genocide follows. In the 20th century, there were 17 genocides and each one was preceded by gun confiscation.
  • Seizing Guns As a Prelude to Democide
  • hawaii democideDo you think that mankind is becoming more civilized due in part to the all the new technology being introduced to society? Think again, nothing could be further from the truth. The 20th century witnessed a record number of people murdered by their government and in each case, each individual genocide was preceded by gun confiscation which took away the citizens ability to protect themselves.
  • The University of Hawaii has sponsored a project in which they have analyzed the number of people who have been murdered by their government. The term that the University of Hawaii uses to describe this action is democide (i.e. death by government). The number totals a staggering 262,000,000 people have been murdered by their government between the years to 1900-1987. This is what makes Holder’s gun ID bracelet so terribly dangerous because it could potentially render Americans defenseless.
  • Using Technology

Police State America Local Government Style

  • We do not have to wait for a Constitutional Convention for America to be robbed blind when it comes to their liberties and freedoms. Americans do not have to wait for some rogue President to begin to mass arrest our citizens under the NDAA to experience unconstitutional tyranny. Wholesale tyranny is happening everyday in America in which local governments are doing a marvelous job of separating Americans from both their money and their freedoms.

Carpooling Is Illegal

  • Across the country in numerous cities, various taxi unions have banded together and coerced local government to pass laws banning carpooling. The unions actions are legitimized because these action necessary to “protect” the public from itself.
  • Ridesharing (aka carpooling) consists of private citizens contacting each other through their smartphone ridesharing apps and arranging to shuttle each other to various destinations for a fee. This is an age-old practice which has exploded in the new digital age.
  • Unfortunately, the practice has drawn the ire of the taxicab industry and they have mustered up enough money in many major cities to outlaw the practice.
  • The practice of ridesharing, in its informal form, is almost as old as the automobile itself, but in the digital age app-enabled ridesharing has seen an explosion in interest, threatening the commercial taxicab industry and the city officials who depend on that industry for revenue. Despite the fact that proponents of Agenda 21 mandate that we drive less, taxicabs unions are able to force the small entrepreneurs out of business.
  • The penalty for private ride-sharing for non taxicabs entities is the forfeiture of one’s automobile. This practice violates the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment. Additionally, restraint of free trade and the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble. And when two or more parties peaceably assemble, government does not have the right to regulate and exchange of services. Finally, the practice of seizing cars for engaging in ride-sharing, violates the Due Process provision of the Fifth Amendment which is permitting the seizure of private property in a context where Constitutional rights are being denied.

Random Police Brutality

  • Officer Joel Mann, an 18 year veteran of the Tucson Police Department, literally comes from nowhere to viciously attack an innocent bystander, Christina Gardilcic, in a display of cruel and unusual punishment, who was simply making her way through the crowd. 

The Practice of Slavery Has Migrated to New Mexico

  • In today’s upside down America, gay activists are allowed to engage in an expression of the political and moral beliefs where heterosexual practicing citizens are not.
  • Elane Huguenin, who works as a wedding photographer from New Mexico, was arraigned before that state’s “human rights” declining to provide her services to a lesbian couple planning a “commitment ceremony”. New Mexico doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage. Huguenin was fined and the money awarded to the gay activist, Antonio Darden, was able to use the fines extracted from Huguenin to purchas phots of their illegal gay marriage ceremony.
  • Interestingly, Darden made headlines two years ago when he

BARACK OBAMA: The Last American President

  • I have reported on various aspects of Executive Order (EO) 13603 in the past. However, I have not reported on the EO in a global sense. When one considers the ramifications of the interconnected sections of this EO, it becomes clear that Obama never intends of vacating the White House. This document also gives a clear look into what America will look like under the coming martial law.

The Ever-Enduring Presidency

  • Obama has provided a strong set of clues as to how his presidency will continue beyond his scheduled exit date of 2016. If Americans wonder how far this lunatic President will go towards fulfilling the dreams of his real father, and his original political handlers, Weathermen Underground and communist agitators, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorne, one should read this EO and thoughtfully consider the ramifications. This Obamnistic portend of the future is summarized in the following paragraphs.

The Legalization of Peacetime Martial Law

  • The descent into total and abject tyranny is almost complete. With President Obama’s draconian executive order, THE NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS ACT, he has granted himself the authority to declare peacetime martial law. This Executive Order was posted on the WhiteHouse.gov web site.

The Elimination of Private Property

  • This executive order is particularly draconian in that it eliminates the private ownership of everything and Obama has delegated the complete control of the nation’s resources to his cabinet level department heads (i.e. Czars). The delegation of control of the nation’s resources and people is particularly troubling because the heads of America’s resources shall have this power “under both emergency and non-emergency conditions” to control every aspect of our lives. And under this executive order, the President is to the sole decider of what constitutes an emergency (Section 201, paragraph b).”

The Legalization of Government Sponsored
Cronyism and Protection Rackets

  • Through Sections 301b and 302, Obama’s executive order legalizes governmental cronyism in which loans/grants are guaranteed by the Federal Reserve and the related actions are not subject to any kind of review or accountability process. Further, the development and implementation of a type of economic worthiness score, related to the relative importance of companies for “national defense,” will permit the government to decide what companies prosper and will receive stimulus money and which companies will fail in a strange version of “Fabian Socialism for corporations”. This is absolute fascism in which the government will ultimately control all business activity (see Sections 302, 303, 304, 305).
  • Due to the outcry of massively wasteful taxpayer giveaways to the solar industry which were dispensed to companies such as Solyndra and Pat Stryker’s Abound Solar, the American people have demanded accountability for this thinly veiled misuse of the public’s money. It should be noted that both solar companies heavily donated to the Obama 2008 campaign. Abound Solar’s Pat Stryker also contributed $50,000 to Obama’s inauguration ball. Now, both companies are near bankruptcy despite the government giveaway of billions of dollars to both of these Obama donating corporations. Boss Tweed would marvel at

Will You Fire On American Citizens?

  • As important as the crisis in Ukraine may be, I am growing concerned that we are allowing ourselves to be distracted away from a very grave and growing domestic threat to our citizens.
  • President Obama has continued to add to his martial law package and he is getting a lot closer to naming the enemies of the people and groups that he intends to target once martial law is declared
  • It has also become abundantly clear that Obama is preparing to move to silence any opposition before imposing martial law and attempting to seize our guns and thus, rendering Americans defenseless against his tyranny.
  • Obama Moves To Quiet Dissent
  • Most savvy Americans are aware of HR 347, or what is commonly known as the “Trespass bill”, which prohibits American citizens from criticizing any official who has designated Secret Service protection. The penalties are draconian. And of course, many people know about the terrifying National Defense Authorization Act, that allows the president to detain, torture and kill American citizens without due process.
  • Just who is Obama planning on silencing and persecuting in the upcoming martial law?
  • Obama’s Future Targets Are Identified
  • A recently leaked DHS document, detailing the nature of a martial law drill which commences today, spells the roll out of martial law in America. The document is so sensitive that it contains instructions that only DHS personnel may view the document and bans even military grade officers from laying their eyes on it.
  • Information about this previously secret drill comes from a leaked 160 page document entitled, Capstone 2014, Scenario Ground Truth. This is a nationwide martial law drill which is to take place from March 27- April 24, 2014. Make no mistake about it, as of this morning (March 27th) your government is practicing to enslave you.
  • The drill is predicated on a hypothetical earthquake in Alaska and a resulting tsunami. The purpose of the drill quickly morphs away from the earthquake scenario and focuses on resulting cyber attacks emanating from domestic terrorist groups dubbed by the drill makers as the Free Americans Against Socialist Tyranny.
  • The scenario related to the drill does not even make sense. How could an Alaskan earthquake cause the country to go into nationwide martial law? The great Alaskan 1964 earthquake, magnitude 9.2, occurred in Prince William Sound region of Alaska in 1964. The 1964 Alaska earthquake was the second largest earthquake ever recorded. Despite the size of the 1964 earthquake, nationwide martial law was not declared, nor was it even considered. Why would the present drill presume that nationwide martial law would be necessary? Even more concerning is how the drill suddenly shifts from being an earthquake emergency to a nationwide cyber attack drill upon the infrastructure of the United States. Why would a cyber terrorist have to wait for an Alaskan earthquake to occur before unleashing a cyber attack? This is a ludicrous proposition, at best, and should make us all suspicious as to the real intent behind the premise of

Homeland Security Pre-Staging A Domestic Military Force

  • During the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, the U.S. Army built 28,000 MRAPs (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected Trucks). Now the U.S. Army has announced that it is giving 13,000 of them away, for free. Who’s receiving the trucks? Homeland Security and U.S. Law Enforcement.
  • Instead of mothballing these MRAPs, Homeland Security is evidently pre-staging a domestic army of militarized agencies, police and law enforcement.
  • While Police and agencies say that all this military equipment from DHS grants will only be used against crime, the trust in many American alphabet agencies has been broken – now that we know some of the extent at which they are using technology to monitor and probe its own citizenry. DHS and many others, they’re stockpiling.
  • What we have here is a paranoid government, and one which is apparently and evidently ramping up for something…

The U.S. Army is giving away 13,000 armored trucks, worth about $500,000 each.

The 20-ton MRAPs, or Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected trucks, were built specifically to save U.S. soldiers from roadside bombs in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Now the trucks are patrolling U.S. city streets. U.S. law enforcement agencies have received the lion’s share of this high-powered military surplus.


  • Recently, retired Marine Colonel Pete Martino spoke plainly during a Concord (NH) city council public hearing over the cities intent to procure a armored attack truck (the manufacturer’s description, although the police prefer “rescue vehicle”).
  • He said:
  • What’s happening here is we’re building a domestic military, because its unlawful or unconstitutional to use American troops on American soil.
  • My best friend who’s a SWAT officer in Nashua (NH) who came to Iraq with me to train the Iraqi police, sent me an email with a picture of him on the streets of Watertown Mass (Massachusetts) wearing the exact same combat gear that we had in Iraq – only it was a different color.
  • The way we do things in the military, it’s called task organization. You take a command and then you attach units to it in order to accomplish the mission.
  • What’s happening is Homeland Security is pre-staging their equipment – it’s consistent. What they’re trying to do is use standardized vehicles, standardized equipment.
  • I saw a picture in the Boston Globe after the Marathon bombing where there was a state police officer – actually there were two officers – both had identical helmets, flak jackets, weapons, everything I wore in Iraq – only it was all blue.
  • The officer on one side had a big patch on his back that said Massachusetts State Police. Another officer next to him, his patch said Boston Police.
  • So what we’re doing here, and let’s not kid ourselves about it, we’re building a domestic army and we’re shrinking the military because the government is afraid of its own citizens.
  • The last time more than 10 terrorists were in the same place at one time was September 11, and all these vehicles in the world wouldn’t have prevented it, and it wouldn’t have helped anybody. So I

Connecticut’s Gun Ban Is Worse Than Hitler’s Gun Ban

  • Recently, 100,000 state residents who went to bed as law-abiding citizens and woke up a felon facing prison time. Connecticut Governor Malloy continues to pressure the 100,000 Connecticut residents who have refused to register their guns, to do so, or face forced gun confiscation at their homes. Why is Malloy still Governor? Why aren’t these people recalling this sorry excuse for a governor who obviously holds the Second Amendment in such disdain? And before you tell me that the Governor has given up on the notion of gun confiscation, you would mistaken. The slight pull back by the Governor is in response to the fact that one third of the impacted residents are law enforcement personnel. Once this is legislation away, gun confiscation will be back on the table. It is looking more and more like Connecticut and other select states are beta testing gun confiscation so the DHS can establish the metrics of resistance and then plan accordingly.
  • There Is a Coming Train Wreck
  • In reality, it’s just a matter of time until there is blood in the streets over a rising number of unconstitutional gun grabs, whether it’s in Connecticut or any other state. And when bloodshed starts, martial law will follow.
  • Second Amendment rights are not just under attack in Connecticut, they are being attacked all across this country. Last year, the Colorado Senate passed Senate Bill 197 which was intended to ban those who have been accused of domestic violence. Please notice, the law says “accused”, not convicted.
  • Take the case of David Schmecker as he has had his guns confiscated. Schmecker is an honorably discharged Navy veteran with no criminal past. He had his gun permit revoked and his guns forcefully confiscated by police because he politely refused to submit to a psychological evaluation as ordered by an interim physician for a pain medication.
  • In Hawaii, Senate Bill 219 bans guns as does recent Indiana legislation which has done the same despite the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling which upheld the Second Amendment.
  • Is someone going to flip a switch and we will see home gun confiscation across the country? It appears that the forces are aligning for just this purpose.
  • Given the recent 5-4 decision upholding the Second Amendment, Obama is only one Supreme Court Justice away from a declaration of national gun confiscation. We are on the precipice of a totalitarian crackdown.
  • Frighteningly, American gun control legislation is imitating Hitler’s Nazi Germany gun control legislation. Consider the key provisions of the Nazi Weapons Act of 1938 and compare it with the Connecticut gun ban. The parallels of both the provisions and the legal language are eerily similar and in some cases the Connecticut ban is worse that anything Hitler implemented. .

The Nazi Weapons Act of 1938
1. Classified guns for sporting purposes.

2. All Germans desiring to purchase firearms had to register with the Nazi officials and submit to a background check.

3. The law assumed that non-Nazi German citizens were hostile and