The Internecine Deep State Conflict Moves to Stage Two – 12.01.2017


  • It now seems evident that the Neoliberal Camp of the U.S. Deep State is highly vulnerable on an individual basis.
  • I tend to notice things like a year-old blog entry suddenly getting thousands of page views. The essay that received a surge of recent interest: Is the Deep State at War–With Itself? (December 13, 2016).
  •  I’m reprinting the essay below for those interested, as nothing has emerged to change the conclusions.
  • That in itself reveals that the internecine war within America’s Deep State is if anything heating up as those attempting to hang a “Russian collusion” narrative on their Deep State opponents have failed to produce any proof of this collusion despite a year of effort.
  • Then all of a sudden big political donor Harvey Weinstein gets taken down for behaviors that have been well-known within the circles of power for 20+ years.

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