One Dead After Train Carrying Republican Lawmakers Collides With Dump Truck

Update 2: The National Transportation Safety Board says it’s sending a “go team” to the site of today’s fatal Amtrak crash in Virginia.
Update: Of the three passengers that were aboard the dump truck, one has died, according to Fox News and the Washington Post.
According to CNBC, one member of Congress has been sent to the hospital, but their identity has not yet been revealed.
A chartered train carrying dozens of Republican lawmakers to a Republican retreat in West Virginia collided with dump truck near Charlottesville, Virginia on Wednesday – but fortunately no lawmakers are believed to have been injured in the accident.
“We’re fine, but our train hit a garbage truck. Members with medical training are assisting the drivers of the truck,” Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., wrote on Twitter.
According to the Associated Press, a GOP aide said the train is partially derailed. GOP Rep. Tom Cole told the AP that a person in the truck may have been seriously injured.

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Economic Collapse: Will Cryptocurrency Save The Financial System? – 01.31.2018


In the second article of my three part series, I addressed how we got to the current state of this financial chaos. In this last article, I explain where we are heading and how cryptocurrency could be the last chance to create a sustainable economic system.
Where to go from here?
If trust and sustainability were the two conditions that allowed for the transition from physical gold to paper currency, it is from this basis that we must start to analyze where we are going and what effects the next economic crisis could have.
In 2008, confidence in central banks saved the global economy. But as Mario Draghi said, the bazooka of quantitative easing was fired and a second hit during a crisis would have proved ineffective.

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House Judiciary Tells FBI To Preserve McCabe Emails Pertaining To Trump Election – 01.30.2018


The noose around the now former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe appears to be getting tighter.
Just hours after news that McCabe was departing the FBI, allegedly forced out from his position, the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Republican Bob Goodlatte released a a letter urging FBI Director Christopher Wray to preserve Mr. McCabe’s emails, and all other communications, before his official departure from the agency.
From Goodlatte’s statement:
“Today’s news that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is stepping down from the Bureau is overdue. Recent revelations call into question Mr. McCabe’s leadership in the top operational post in the FBI.  However, Mr. McCabe’s departure certainly does not mean that we are done rooting out the problems at the FBI. I continue to be extremely troubled by the decisions made by the FBI during the 2016 presidential election and the role senior FBI officials played in these questionable decisions and irregularities.

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House Intel Committee Votes To Make “Shocking” FISA Memo Public – 01.29.2018

In a highly anticipated decision, on Monday evening the House Intelligence Committee voted to make public the memo alleging what some Republicans say are “shocking” surveillance abuses at the Department of Justice regarding the Trump presidential campaign.
In immediate response to the vote, the Committee’s top democrat Adam Schiff said that “we’ve crossed a deeply regrettable line”, adding that the “committee voted to put the president’s interest above the interest of the country.”
The decision weeks of speculation over whether the memo, which was drafted by staff for committee chairman Devin Nunes (R- Calif) would be made public. At the same time, it intensifies the dispute over what Democrats say is an all-out assault by Republicans to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

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The Pie Is Shrinking for the 99% – 01.29.2018


The ensuing social disunity and disruption will be of the sort many alive today have never seen.
Social movements arise to solve problems of inequality, injustice, exploitation and oppression. In other words, they are solutions to society-wide problems plaguing the many but not the few (i.e. the elites at the top of the wealth-power pyramid).
The basic assumption of social movements is that Utopia is within reach, if only the sources of the problems can be identified and remedied.  Since inequality, injustice, exploitation and oppression arise from the asymmetry of power between the few (the financial and political elites) and the many, the solution is a reduction of the asymmetry; that is a tectonic realignment of the social structure that shifts some power—economic and/or political—from the few to the many.

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Two Lines Explain Why The Current Economic, Financial, (& Perhaps Social Systems) Are Breaking – 01.28.2018

Growth isn’t about how many, but about how many more.  So, no argument that the world population of 7.4 billion is huge…but if we check under the hood we will find the much vaunted growth is not what we are being sold.
If we just isolate the annual change in the 0 to 55 year global population (minus Africa…explained HERE), we see annual population growth has decelerated by 77% or we are adding 49 million fewer 0 to 55yr/olds annually than we did during peak growth in 1988.    Within a decade, the world under 55yr/old population (excluding Africa) will cease growing and begin an unknown period of depopulation.  In fact, the forward estimates are based on the UN’s more “optimistic” medium variant…the reality will almost certainly be lower.  Meanwhile, annual global GDP growth in dollar terms has been wildly gyrating from record growth to unprecedented record declines


USAF Begins Massive GPS Blackouts In The Western US During Largest Ever Air War Drill – 01.27.2018

The United States Air Force is launching its largest-ever three-week premier set of air war drills, called Red Flag 18-1, starting on Friday and will conclude February 16, said the 99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs.

On January 26, the air war drill, known as Red Flag, officially kicked off at Nellis Air Force Base, 20-miles outside of Las Vegas. Base officials have warned residents of increased military aircraft activity due to aircraft departing from Nellis Air Force Base twice-a-day to conduct war drills on the Nevada Test and Training Range.

“We’re trying a few new and different things with Red Flag 18-1,” said Col Michael Mathes, 414th Combat Training Squadron commander. “It’s the largest Red Flag ever with the largest number of participants, highlighting the balance of training efficiency with mission effectiveness.”

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