Rigged? Circuit Judge Says Ballots Were Illegally Destroyed In Wasserman Schultz’ – 05.17.2018

Florida circuit court Judge Raag Singhal ruled the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office violated state and federal law Friday, after the office destroyed ballots from a 2016 House race for Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s seat.
The elections office may also be on the hook for $200,000 in attorneys fees for Tim Canova, who brought a lawsuit against them after he lost to Wasserman Schultz in 2016, the Sun Sentinel reported. Canova lost by a final tally of 28,809 to 21,907 in a Democratic primary.
Canova requested a closer look at the paper ballots from the race to check for anomalies in March 2017, but Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes did not respond to his requests so he took her to court, according to the Sun Sentinel. Snipes had signed off on the destruction of the ballots in September 2017.

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Global Elitists Are Not Human – 05.14.2018

It is often said that “other-izing” people overall can be dangerous and other-izing your enemies specifically can be tactically detrimental. For one, it can lead to a false sense of superiority over those people as you assert some kind of imagined genetic advantage. It can also lead to dangerous generalizations of vast groups as you categorize and pigeonhole millions as being exactly the same when this is rationally impossible. However, other-izing is perhaps the only option when faced with a very particular type of person embracing a very particular brand of ideology; other-izing can become a matter of survival. I am of course talking about globalists.

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UN Chief Nuclear Inspector Abruptly Resigns As Iran FM Embarks On Global Tour To Salvage Deal – 05.13.2018

Just days after President Trump announced the US withdrawal from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal brokered under Obama, the U.N.’s top nuclear inspector has abruptly and unexpectedly resigned after a tense week in which Iran’s facilities have again become the focus of the organization’s mission.
Veteran nuclear weapons inspector Tero Varjoranta announced his resignation as chief inspector of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) effective May 11th but didn’t provide explanation, only citing “confidential personal matters” according to the AP.
Tero Varjorantadeputy (pictured furthest left), director general of the IAEA and head of its Department of Safeguards, sitting next to IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano. Image source: IAEA
Varjoranta, a Finn, served for five years as a deputy director general of the IAEA and head of its Department of Safeguards, which verifies countries’ compliance with the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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Stagflationary Crisis: Understanding The Cause Of America’s Ongoing Collapse


It is at times frustrating, but also interesting, to witness the progression of the mainstream’s awareness of economic crisis within the U.S. over the years. As an alternative economist, I have had the “privilege” of perching outside the financial narrative and observing our economy from a less biased position, and I have discovered a few things.
First, the mainstream economic media is approximately two to three years behind average alternative economists. At least, they don’t seem to acknowledge reality within our time frame. This may be deliberate (my suspicion) because the general public is not meant to know the truth until it is too late for them to react in a practical way to solve the problem. For example, it is a rather strange experience for me to see the term “stagflation” suddenly becoming a major buzzword in the MSM. It is almost everywhere in the past week ever since the last Federal Reserve meeting in which the central bank mentioned higher inflation pressures and removed references in its monthly statement to a “growing economy.”

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Iran Claims Israel Attack Was A False Flag – 05.10.2018


In the aftermath of one of the most severe Israeli attacks on Syria “in decades,” Iranian lawmakers said Thursday that Iran had no role in the attack, and that Shia nation doesn’t operate any bases in Syria.
Mohammad Javad Jamali Nobandegani, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee, said Israel’s claim that Iran had provoked Israel by firing first was “a lie,” adding that “Israel’s history of carrying out unprovoked attacks in Syria has been well-documented.
And while Iran maintains that last night’s skirmish between the Israeli Defense Force and Syrian Army forces was a false flag, and that the IDF struck first (continuing its pattern of airstrikes and other military assaults in Syria), the IDF boasted Thursday morning that Tehran “will need a lot of time to recover” from the most extensive Israeli attack in Syria since 1974.

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Trump Says Pompeo Is Returning From North Korea With Three Hostages – 05.09.2018

After arriving in Pyongyang early Tuesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has successfully negotiated the release of three US citizens being held in the communist state, and is now on his way back to Washington with the hostages in tow.
President Donald Trump revealed as much in a series of congratulatory tweets Wednesday morning, Trump revealed that Pompeo and his “guests” will be landing at Andrews Air Force Base at 2 am Thursday, adding that the president will be “there to greet them.”
Trump hailed Pompeo’s second visit to the North in little over a month as a success, saying the hostages “seem to be in good health” and adding that a “date & place” for the historic US-North Korea have now been set following a “good meeting” with Kim Jong Un.

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‘Rulers’, ‘Foolers’, & ‘Shooters’: They’re Closing The Cage In Plain Sight – 05.08.2018

A picture that has been around awhile depicts Homo sapiens society at its finest…as it truly is.
There are four “tiers,” so to speak, with the politicians, royalty, and rulers occupying the uppermost level, followed by the clergymen and religious swamis on tier two, and then the gendarmes/police/soldiers on tier three. The bottom tier is occupied by the people, supporting the other three tiers upon their back. The caption is “We rule you [Leaders], we fool you [Religious Heads], we shoot you [the “Enforcer” class].
These “tiers” are to be found in every nation, among every people and tongue. It is not a new concept: these three levels of nabobs have existed ever since man formed social communities that encompassed more than the nuclear family.

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