Central Bankers Now Provoking War Everywhere To Cover Up The Economic Collapse – Episode 410

Watch Us Trade

youtube_war_everywhere_economic_collapse2UK manufacturing continues to decline. Small businesses are not seeing an improvement in the economy. The jobs numbers are falling but spending is declining, Walmart is concerned that the economy is not recovering. Obama asking for 3.8 billion for the illegal immigrant problem that the administration caused. US kidnaps Russian MP, might be used to trade with Edward Snowden. Ukraine waging full out war on the Ukrainian people and the central bankers/US government approve of this action. ISIS threatening all embassies around the world. Back in May the US state department sent explosives to embassies across the world. The US has a plan for civil unrest in the United States. Be prepared for a false flag event.

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Current News – 07.08.2014


UK manufacturing output hits 16-month low

    • A new survey shows Britain’s factory output has recorded its weakest reading in over a year, which could affect the economic recovery in the second quarter.
    • The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released the data on Tuesday, saying production slumped by 1.3 percent in May, marking the biggest drop in 16 months.
  • The makers of metals, pharmaceuticals, and electronics reported the biggest falls.
  • Official data revealed that Britain’s overall economy grew less than initial estimates in 

Source: presstv.ir

NFIB Small Business Optimism Fades; Outlook For Economy Plunges

  •  6 of the (National Federation Of International Business)  NFIB’s 10 indicators decreased, with about half of the decline in the overall index due to less confidence in future business conditions, the report said, with only 2 indicators improving. CapEx dropped, Sales expectations dropped, ‘good time to expand’ dropped, actual sales dropped

Source: zerohedge.com

Crumbs Bake Shop – Closing all of its 48 Stores?

American Apparel gets default notice from lender Lion Capital

Gold Shines Again as Hedge Funds Increase Holdings

  • Gold is precious again.
  • demand is now up and prices are defying bearish forecasts. Money managers increased net-long positions for a fourth straight week through July 1 and holdings in exchange-traded products are climbing at the fastest pace since 2012.

Source: moneynews.com

U.S. job rebound not spurring spending, Wal-Mart’s Simon says

  • U.S. employers may be hiring again, but the job market’s recovery is not giving ordinary consumers enough confidence to increase their spending, a top Wal-Mart (WMT.N) executive said on Monday., Bill Simon, the president and chief executive officer of Wal-Mart U.S., said, “It’s really hard to see in our business today … that it’s gotten any better.”

Source: reuters.com


Obama offers to meet Texas Governor Perry over border issue

  • President Barack Obama has offered to meet Texas Governor Rick Perry to discuss the border crisis during a visit to Texas after the governor declined a brief meeting when the president arrives in Austin, the White House confirmed on Tuesday.
  • Perry had declined an offer to greet Obama when he arrives in Austin, the paper said, citing a letter from the governor to the president. Obama is set to start his Texas trip on Wednesday.
  • “A quick handshake on the tarmac will not allow for a thoughtful discussion regarding the humanitarian and national security crises enveloping the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas,” Perry wrote. He said he would prefer a “substantive meeting” to discuss the issue and would alter his schedule to accommodate the request.
  • Perry has called for National Guard troops to be sent to the U.S.-Mexico border to help stem a surge of Central American nationals entering the United States illegally.

Source: reuters.com

Murrieta Mayor: Feds Never Contacted Us About Dumping Illegals in Our City

  • Alan Long said the federal government have not contacted him about dumping hundreds of illegal immigrant children on the streets of Murrieta
  • We’re a very small townAs far as we know, Murrieta is still a destination point. At the national and the Department of Homeland Security, we have yet to hear from them with a short term and long term plan. So we’re really in the dark.”

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

WH Spokesman Josh Earnest: ‘I don’t have a specific number in front of me’

  • For several weeks, the Obama administration has failed to answer a question about how many illegal immigrants are showing up for their court hearings, and it happened again on Monday.

Source: cnsnews.com

Obama Backs Off Plans To Send Children At The Border Home Faster

  • President Barack Obama is holding off for now on seeking new legal authority to send unaccompanied migrant kids back home faster from the Southern border, following criticism that the administration’s planned changes were too harsh.

Source: huffingtonpost.com

White House Dictates: $3.8 Billion Needed To Stem The Surge Of Immigrants

Seems like blackmail to me.  The White House causes the problem by bringing up the illegal aliens, keeping the border guards away from the border so the illegals can walk into the US. Then the White House asks for billions to help with the situation that they caused.

  • White House will request $3.8 billion from Congress in emergency funding to deal with an influx of unaccompanied minors from Central America. Funds would be allocated to send more immigration judges to the southern border, build additional detention facilities and add border patrol agents, to help stem the recent surge of women and children from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Source: zerohedge.com

Police State

Australian police using NSA style surveillance on public

  • Australian law-enforcement has been exposed scooping metadata from thousands of mobile phones of ordinary citizens, using the same kind of equipment and methods previously attributed to US police and intelligence agencies, like the NSA and FBI.
  • A US-invented technique dubbed ‘tower dump’ is now enabling Australian police to learn the exact location, established contacts and duration of calls of a chosen mobile device (and its owner) over a certain period of time, Fairfax Media reported.
  • A ‘tower dump’ receives data from multiple towers all mobile providers using them, thus collecting information on countless mobile phones.

Source: hangthebankers.com

  • These are the men and women who are supposed to keep watch over the nation’s spies. And they have no idea about the latest revelations of inappropriate NSA snooping.
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham—who sits on the Senate’s armed services, appropriations, and judiciary committees and is one of the Republican Party’s most prominent voices on defense and intelligence issues—wasn’t familiar with the Post piece.
  • “I’m just in the process of looking into that,” Feinstein said.
  • Sen. Tom Coburn, a member of Feinstein’s committee, came out of the Senate’s Monday votes challenging the veracity of the report, saying the “story is not accurate.” Pressed on where it was inaccurate, Coburn said, “I can’t tell you in what way. If I could tell you in what way, I would.”

Source: presstv.ir

TSA Whistleblower: New Phone Rule Is More Security Theater, Will Make Fliers LESS Safe

  • Power-up policy will make it easier to get explosives through checkpoints
  • A former TSA agent has described the new rule mandating fliers to power up electrical devices at the TSA’s behest as “absurdist” and “theatrical”, saying it will not prevent any terrorist wanting to set off a bomb, and will likely make it easier to do just that.
  •  “I knew a checkpoint power-up directive was not at all outside the realm of airport-security possibility, because I was a TSA agent for six years – and the TSA can be as reactionary and absurd as it is technologically inept.”
  • Exactly what happens if they do contain explosives and are powered up is not explained.
  • “If a group of terrorists is clever enough to pack explosives inside a laptop to make them undetectable by current technology, wouldn’t they be clever enough to devise an explosive laptop that can do all of this … and still appear to power up?” he notes, adding “wouldn’t they have just done that from the beginning?”

Source: patriotrising.com


First since WWII: Germany may start spying back on US after double-agent scandal

  • Germany may scrap its decades-old policy of not spying on key NATO allies in response to the latest spy scandal, which exposed a German intelligence officer as a double-agent leaking secret documents to the US.
  • After the defeat of Nazis in World War II, the new authorities of West Germany adopted a policy of turning a blind eye to the intelligence activities of some of the victors, namely the US, Britain and France. However, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government may change that situation,
  • He said Germany urgently needs to acquire “360-degree view” on operations conducted on its soil, which means it must conduct surveillance of all foreign intelligence agents working in the country.

Source: rt.com

US ‘kidnaps’ Russian MP’s son to ‘exchange him for Snowden’

  • The US “kidnapped” the son of a Russian MP, possibly to exchange him for Edward Snowden, the father charged. The man was indicted with computer-related crimes by a Washington DC court and snatched from the Maldives.
  • Roman Seleznyov was detained on Saturday at Male international airport as he was returning to Russia, the Russian foreign ministry said on Tuesday in a statement. He was forced by agents of the US Secret Service to board a private plane to Guam to be later arrested, a move which the ministry called “a de-facto kidnapping.”
  • “We consider this incident as a new hostile move by Washington, the statement said,
  • The MP said that his son has scant computer skills and could not be involved in any sort of hacking.

Source: rt.com

US defends Kiev’s use of airstrikes

The U.S. has no problem with the Ukrainian puppet government firing on its own people and mass killing them. This is the excuse they used to get into Syria, Assad was killing his own people.The Ukrainian puppet regime controlled by the central bankers/US government has used chlorine and white phosphorus on the Ukrainian people. As you can see they are on the second stage of the Rand Corporation action plan called Mop-up. Ground assaults shall be preceded by air strikes against the strategic facilities. The use of non-conventional arms is allowed.

  • The US State Department has defended Kiev’s right to use airstrikes against civilians in eastern Ukraine explaining that it is defending the country.
  • “The people of Ukraine have the right to live in peace and security without Russian-backed separatists attacking their homes and going into buildings and I think that is where the root cause of this is and we shouldn’t forget that fact,” Psaki added during the briefing on Monday.
  • Despite the horrific footage of eastern Ukrainian villages and towns being shelled by the Ukrainian air force, the State Department continues to stand behind Kiev’s actions, saying that all those killings are the fault of anti-Kiev forces.

Source: rt.com

Kiev refuses to hold talks with opposition: Defense Minister

  • Ukraine’s Defense Minister Valeriy Heletey says Kiev will not hold talks with pro-Russian forces in the east unless they “irrevocably lay down their arms.”

Source: presstv.ir

Source: voiceofrussia 

Kiev shuts down airspace over southeast Ukraine

  • The Ukrainian State Aviation Service has shut down airspace in the southeast of the country as the so-called “anti-terrorist” and in fact punitive operation against pro-independence forces in the region continues.
  • The airspace over southeast Ukraine will remain closed to civilian aircraft for security reasons with the exception of transit flights at altitudes of above 7,900 m until the situation fully normalizes, the agency said in a statement.

Source: voiceofrussia.com

NATO Sets Record By Sending Nine Ships Into Black Sea

  • The group of NATO ships in the Black Sea has grown to nine vessels, setting a record for recent decades, a military and diplomatic source told RIA Novosti Tuesday.
  • “American cruiser Vella Gulf arrived in Burgas early Tuesday, and French frigate Surcouf, which returned to the Black Sea on July 4, unmoored from the port of Batumi,” the source said.
  • According to the Montreux Convention, military ships from nations that do not have direct access to the Black Sea can only stay in the area for a maximum of 21 days.

Source: en.ria.ru

Gulf War redux? Kuwait to redeploy troops to Iraq border for first time since 1991

  • Kuwait plans to return its military to the border with Iraq.
  • All of the previous arrangements have been temporarily voided,” aKuwaiti sources said the Gulf Cooperation Council sheikdom has decided to redeploy army units along the border 

Source: worldtribune.com

U.S. has boots ‘on the ground’ in Iraq’s Kurdistan

  • The United States has established a military presence in Iraq’s autonomous region of Kurdistan.
  • Officials said the Defense Department has overseen the arrival of more than 100 U.S. soldiers in Irbil, the capital of Kurdistan. They said the special operations force troops established a joint operations center with the Iraqi military.

Source: worldtribune.com

Supporter Of Extremist Group ISIS Explains How Bitcoin Could Be Used To Fund Jihad

  •  ISIS has outlined how to support the movement using Bitcoin.
  • The solution is Bitcoin, he says. It is anonymous and decentralized, and with an extra layer of encryption called mixing, the author says, transactions would be “untrackable.” He uses former online marketplace Silk Road as an example of a once-successful instance of how illicit goods could be purchased online with the digital currency:
  • The author advises sympathizers to set up accounts on Dark Wallet, a service that offers ramped-up anonymity for completing transactions.
  • The Pentagon’s Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office recently named virtual currencies as a potential threat to be investigated,

Source: businessinsider.com

U.N.: Syria Says It Found Sarin in ‘Abandoned’ Containers

  • International authorities authenticated sarin nerve agent inside two containers that Syria’s regime said it found in rebel-held territory,Reuters reports.
  • A June 14 analysis by the United Nations and the world’s chemical-weapons watchdog “confirmed that these [cylinders] contained sarin,” Ban told the U.N. Security Council in a letter later that month.

Source: nti.org

Cyber Attacks

N Korea doubles number of cyber warriors over 2 years in effort to step up cyberattacks

  • North Korea has almost doubled the number of elite hackers over the past two years in an effort to launch mass cyberattacks, the South’s Yonhap news agency reported Sunday citing military sources.
  • “North Korea appears to have some 5,900 personnel for cyberwarfare, up from around 3,000 two years ago,” a military source said..
  • In particular, the North has been carrying out cyberattacks by establishing overseas bases in countries such as China.

Source: voiceofrussia.com

False Flag

Germany tightens airport security measures on US’s request

  • Germany has tightened security at its airports after American authorities said they had a concern about  al-Qaeda’s operatives in Syria and Yemen developing bombs that could be placed onto planes.

Source: voiceofrussia.com

Border crisis could provide cover to ISIS operatives, say experts

  • The border crisis could be the perfect opportunity for Islamic terrorists looking to sneak sleeper cells into the U.S., say experts.
  • “It’s impossible to say that ISIS will soon be active on our border, but some groups will be,” said retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a security and defense analyst and Fox News contributor. “The one thing that all of the squabbling jihadi groups in the Middle East and North Africa have in common is that they want to strike the U.S., some of the Islamic terror groups have ties to Latin American drug cartels and gangs, including MS-13. The combination of terrorists’ desire to infiltrate the border and gangs’ know-how could prove dangerous to American security, say experts.

Source: foxnews.com

All 294 US diplomatic outposts on high alert over threats from Islamic State

Why Is The U.S. State Department Shipping Explosives To Unknown Locations ? – Episode 364

  • “If America attacks Iraq every American embassy in the world will be exposed and attacked with car bombs.” “If the United States bomb Iraq, every American citizen is a legitimate target.”
  • “Isis threaten to plant bombs at ‘every American embassy,’” by Scott Campbell, Sunday Express, July 6, 2014 (thanks to Twostellas):
  • All 294 US diplomatic outposts are on high alert after the terror threats were posted online by rebels..

Source: jihadwatch.org

Other News

Pentagon to Deploy 20,000 Troops Inside the U.S. to Curb Potential Civil Unrest

  • Rand Corporation study that called for an internal United States police force to combat civil unrest.
  • This study asks several questions. First, is a Stability Police Force (SPF) necessary? An SPF is a high-end police force that engages in a range of tasks such as crowd and riot control, special weapons and tactics (SWAT), and investigations of organized criminal groups.
  • Its focus on high endtasks makes it fundamentally different from UN or other civilian police, who deal with more routine law and order functions. It is also different from most military forces, which are generally not trained and experienced to conduct policing tasks in a civilian environment.
  • Second, if an SPF is necessary, what should it look like? This includes considering such issues as: its objectives, tasks, and size; its speed of deployment; its institutional capabilities; where it should be headquartered in the U.S. government and how it should be staffed (standing force, reserve force, and hybrid force); and its cost.
  • It is openly admitted that the internal force will be used to quail civil unrest due to massive large scale terror attacks and/or economic collapse.
  • Update: For those that do not trust Russia Today or do not believe anything unless the corporate controlled media reports it. 
  • The U.S. expects to have 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011 trained to help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe, according to Pentagon officials.
  • This plan was quietly announced in 2008 and was set to be ready in 2011.

Source: globalresearch.ca
U.S. Rand Corporation to provide military “war bailout” with great power war

  • According to French media reports, the famous U.S. think tank RAND Corporation, the Department of Defense has submitted an evaluation report assessing the feasibility of launching a war to pass the current economic crisis.
  •   Admittedly, war is the continuation of politics has always been, and economic and political foundation and ultimate purpose. Continued deepening of the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis and economic recession, to a certain extent, it is likely to induce the war, to achieve the purpose to pass the crisis.

Source: news.sohu.com