Checkmate, Putin And Assad Out Maneuver The US In Syria – Episode 933

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Check Mate Russia and Syria Out Maneuver US
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Euro zone economy is flying on one engine. Jobless claims surge the most in 2 years. US companies layoff the most in the first quarter since 2009. Chicago PMI jumped back but still way below January highs. JPM has recalculated GDP lower because of the deteriorating economy. US says it will not recognize the South China sea exclusion. Poroshenko will only allow elections when the OSCE police mission is over. Turkey getting ready to use the Crimean Tartars to destabilize Russia. Crimea will no longer import electric from Ukraine. Lebanese military gets US helicopters to patrol the border with Syria.Unity government is pushing out the elected government in Libya. Assad says ready for snap elections, US says Assad cannot be included in elections.IS may use nuclear weapons for the next false flag.

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Current News – 03.31.2016


Eurozone economy ‘flying on one engine’ warns S&P

  • Economic confidence across the euro area had dropped to the lowest level in more than a year,
  • Meanwhile, rating agency Standard & Poors (S&P) warned that Europe’s key economy is “flying on one engine” – 


Jobless Claims Surge Most In 2 Years As Challenger Warns Of “Significant” Jump In Retail, Computer Layoffs 

  • With both ISM Manufacturing and Services employment indices collapsing, endless headlines of layoffs, Challenger-Grey noting Q1 as the worst since 2009, and NFIB small business hiring weak,  For the 3rd week in a row – the longest streak since July 2015. The last 3 weeks have seen a 9.1% surge in jobless claims – the biggest such rise since April 2014.



  • And finally, as Challenger-Grey notes,
 Through the first quarter of 2016, employers announced 184,920 job cuts, up 31.8 percent from the 140,241 cuts tracked the first three months of 2015.

US companies announced the most 1Q layoffs since 2009


BlackRock Inc – 400

Update: BAE Systems in Norfolk VA – 170

Update: BP in Houston – 500+

Chicago PMI Bounces Back But Remains Below January Highs (Thanks To Warm Weather)

  • , Chicago PMI jumped back to 53.6 in March which is better than expected but remains below January’s 55.5 highs.



Baltic Dry Index climbs to 429, up 15

JPM “Shaves” First Half GDP By 0.5% Due To Weaker Durable Goods And Consumer Spending

  • Remember when 2016 was the year when the US economy was finally supposed to take off on “above trend” growth? Make that 2017.
  • We are shaving about a half percentage point off of our estimate for first half US real GDP growth. We estimate Q1 GDP increased at a 1.2% annualized pace (down from 2.0%), and we project Q2 GDP growth at 2.0% (down from 2.25% prior). The downward revision to Q1 follows a string of softer source data, starting with the February durable goods report and punctuated by the downward revision to January real consumer spending.



U.S. says it will not recognize South China Sea exclusion zone

  • The United States has told China it will not recognize an exclusion zone in the South China Sea and would view such a move as “destabilizing,” U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work said
  • U.S. officials have expressed concern that an international court ruling expected in the coming weeks in a case brought by the Philippines against China over its South China Sea claims could prompt Beijing to declare an air defense identification zone, or ADIZ, in the region,


Crimea to end electricity supplies from Ukraine

  • “One day they sell energy, the next they blow up power lines,” said Crimea’s First Deputy Prime Minister, they are done with energy supplied from Ukraine.
  • “We have definitely decided to abandon supplies of Ukrainian electric energy. We do not need it. 

Poroshenko: Donbass Elections Possible Providing OSCE Police Mission Launch

  • Under the Minsk peace deal, constitutional reforms aimed at decentralizing power in Ukraine and the initiation of local elections in Donbass should have been concluded before the end of 2015.
  • The country’s regions of Donetsk and Lugansk agreed to postpone their local elections until 2016. Before elections in those regions can take place, Ukrainian authorities must fulfill all their obligations under the Minsk peace agreement.


Lawlessness in Ukraine Beginning to Take on Statewide Scale

  • Lawlessness in Ukraine has started to take on a statewide scale,


Turkey planning to use Crimean Tatars to destabilize Russian forces

Air strikes target Al-Qaeda in Yemen, troops control Aden district

  • At least four suspected al Qaeda militants in southern Yemen were killed in what is believed to be a drone strike on Wednesday as unidentified warplanes bombed outposts  The United States has acknowledged using drones but declines to comment on specific attacks.


Lebanese military gets U.S., British aid for defending border with Syria

  • The Lebanese armed forces have now received a total of nine Huey II multi-mission helicopters from the United States
  • Fighting between Islamic State and al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front militants often overlaps Lebanon’s mountainous northern border with Syria, where a civil war is now in its fifth year.
  •  ISIS and other terrorist groups are pouring into Lebanon from Syria as the Syrian Government and Russian forces push them out of Syria.


Gunmen storm Libya TV station close to unrecognised authorities

  • Gunmen stormed the headquarters of a Libyan television station late Wednesday, as the authorities in control of Tripoli demanded the departure of the newly-arrived prime minister
  • Armed men burst into the headquarters of satellite TV station Al-Nabaa in central Tripoli, cut its transmissions and forced out its staff,
  • The channel is close to the elected authorities in control of Tripoli.
  • A group of armed men, some of them in fatigues and some in civilian clothing, stormed our offices and gathered the employees in one room,”


Libya’s UN-backed govt takes office in Tripoli: sources

  • Libya’s UN-backed Government of National Accord are in the capitol and are forcing their way in to take office in Tripoli


  • The Daesh Takfiri terrorist group has moved its key command centers to hospitals and health centers in Iraq’s northern Kirkuk province to use civilians as human shields against government airstrikes, 



  • “In Palmyra’s suburb at the beginning of March, there were over 4,000 terrorists, no less than 25 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, over 20 units of standard and rocket artillery, over 40 mortars, about 100 anti-tank guided missiles, more than 50 armored vehicles. In addition, the terrorist had over 100 trucks converted into car bombs and UAVs,” Sergei Rudskoy said.
  • Russian warplanes directed 500 sorties hitting 2,000 ISIS terrorist targets on March 7-27.


Syria to lean on Russia, China, Iran for rebuilding – Assad

  • Syria plans to primarily lean on Russia, China and Iran in rebuilding the country following the war,


ISIS ‘Department of Artifacts’ document exposes antique loot trade via Turkey (RT EXCLUSIVE)

  • A new trove of documents has surface and, Along with oil smuggling, a lucrative trade in antiquities has become ISIS’s source of income to support its devastating operations, many of which leveled unique historic sites such as Palmyra. 


Assad Ready For Snap Elections As Kremlin Denies Report Of Russia-US Plan To Help Him Flee Syria

  • London-based al-Hayat reported that the US and Russia had agreed on a plan that would see Assad take refuge in an as-yet unnamed country once a political transformation has had time to take hold.
  •  The Kremlin denied the report. “Al-Hayat published information which does not correspond to reality,Dmitry Peskov said,
  • Al-Hayat reported that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had told several Arab countries that Russia and the U.S. reached an understanding on the future of Syria’s peace process, including Assad’s departure to another country at some unspecified stage,


Assad Ready for Snap Presidential Election if Syrian People Call for It

US Warns Assad Against Forming New Coalition With Opposition

  • US Won’t Accept Any Government That Includes Assad
  •  the US will never recognize any Syrian government that includes Assad.
  • Assad suggested the new government would include a cabinet primarily of technocrats, and gave the impression that the draft constitution would give way to free elections, something Russia has advocated as a route to ending the civil war, and which the US has insisted they would condition on banning Assad and certain of his allies from participation.


  • 1. assad regains enough territory in the east to stabilize the whole country
  • 2 holds snap elections, internationally monitored
  • 3 if the elections are not manipulated, and Assad manages to win snap elections, check mate 
  • 4 The idea of the people wanting him out is thrown out the window.

Russian missile ship deploys to Syria

  • The Russian missile ship dubbed the “Serpokhov” has arrived to the Port of Tartous in western Syria ,; the duration of its deployment is unknown.


Australia Warns Citizens Not To Travel to Turkey Amid Terror Threat

  • The Australian government called on its citizens on Thursday to reconsider their need to travel to Turkish cities of Ankara and Istanbul



Assad says Turkish troops fighting in Syria

  • The Turkish army is currently fighting in Syria and the country is ready to respond to the aggression, Syrian President Bashar Assad said 
  • The relations between the two countries will be “good” if Erdogan stops interfering in Syrian affairs, he explained.


Turkish Officers Recruiting Fighters for Nusra Front in Syria

  • The Turkish servicemen are recruiting militants for the Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra),


Cyber Attacks

Hackers with ‘Syria Ties’ Infiltrate Water Utility’s Control System

  •  UK  says that “hackers infiltrated a water utility’s control system and changed the levels of chemicals being used to treat tap water.”
  • The hackers had “ties to Syria,” and the attack, although the location of the utility has not been revealed and its name has been changed in reports, seems most likely to have taken place in the United States.
  • This is yet another indication of how determined jihad terrorists are to murder Americans in large numbers.


False Flags

Report: “Terrorists hardly use the dark web”

  • A new report claims that for all the talk of the nefarious goings on in the dark web, terrorists aren’t all that interested
  • A new report finds terrorists are largely uninterested in using readily available communication methods on the dark web.
  • The report, published by Thomas Rid and Daniel Moore, researchers at King’s College London, created a crawler to categorize about 300,000 dark web addresses on TOR.
  • The researchers discovered a notable lack of jihadi activity on the dark web forums. “One noteworthy finding was our confirmation of the near-absence of Islamic extremism on Tor hidden services, with fewer than a handful of active sites,” the researchers wrote.
  •  The most common uses of websites posted on Tor involved criminal services, including “drugs, illicit finance and pornography involving violence, ” services. Out of the 2,723 active sites of the dark web, the researchers found 1,547 sites were used for illicit services.


ISIS In California? 17 “Arabs In Turbans” Fired Guns And Chanted Allahu Akbar In Middle Of The Desert

  • more than a dozen men of “Middle Eastern descent” were up all night on Saturday yelling and firing weapons into air.
  • “San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies and an FBI agent responded to the area known as Deep Creek Hot Springs after reports of gunshots and chanting in the predawn hours, 17 men of Middle Eastern descent were detained.” Here’s a picture taken at the scene:

  •  “The records check revealed none of the subjects had a criminal history or outstanding warrants, the weapons were registered with the Department of Justice except for the rifle, and the vehicles were also registered.”
  • Source:
  • A top researcher has warned ISIS could be on the brink of using nuclear weapons against Western targets.
  • Harvard’s Matthew Bunn claims the group is evolving and may already have nuclear weapons,
  • In his report, Bunn claimed there are three potential types of nuclear terrorism which include detonating a bomb, sabotaging a nuclear facility or using a dirty bomb to spread radioactive material.
  • Even if a bomb didn’t immediately kill scores of people the economic and clean-up costs could become a huge problem.


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