China’s Renminbi Is On Its Way To Becoming A World Currency Which Will Surpass The U.S. Dollar – Episode 608

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IMF admits the bailouts to Greece was for the banks not the people. Cyprus is protesting austerity. Initial jobless claims rose but are missing the jobs that were lost because of the oil suppression. US factory and new orders are declining. China renminbi is on its way to becoming a world currency. Obamacare has not met the expectations of the people. FCC is taking over the internet to solve problems but there are no problems. Ukraine is now under capital controls. US getting ready to send troops into Syria.

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Current News – 03.05.2015


IMF Director Admits: Greek Bailout Was “To Save German & French Banks” 

  • The IMF has admitted that the various Greek bailouts were not for The Greeks at all“They gave money to save German and French banks, not Greece,” Paolo Batista, one of the Executive Directors of International Monetary Fund said


Anti-austerity protest held in Cyprus

  • Several thousand Cypriots have staged a protest rally in the capital, calling on the government to end austerity policies they say have driven many in the bailed-out country to poverty.
  • The Wednesday protest, organized by a platform of nearly 20 Cypriot groups, dubbed the Society Reacts and Demands, including left-wing and student organizations, was held on the eve of a meeting by the European Central Bank (ECB) on the island.


Initial Jobless Claims Surge To 10 Month Highs, Worst Start To A Year Since 2009

  • Initial Jobless Claims surged last week (after a big jump the week before) to 320k (far worse than the 295k expectation) to the highest since May 20142015 is the worst start to the year for claims since 2009.
  • The trend has changed…


Challenger Job Cuts Surge 19%; Energy Sector Is 38% Of Total: “Falling Oil Hasn’t Resulted In Higher Retail Spending”

  • A month ago we asked if, perchance, the BLS had simply forgotten to add any of the job losses in the energy sector in January, when it reported a drop of just 1900 jobs in the entire Oil and Gas Extraction space, compared to 18K actual announcements, and 21,300 job cuts in the sector as reported by Challenger. Moments ago, the latest Challenger data is out, and we really hope the BLS finally reads it because things in the energy sector are getting worse by the day,
  • According to Challenger, the February total planned job cut were over 50,000 for the second month in a row, or a total of 103,620 in the first two months of 2015, up 19% from the same period last year,with a 38% of the total, or 39,621 of these job cuts, due to plunging oil prices and about to take place in the highest paid oil extraction space.

  • And finally, here is how the YTD job cuts look when compared between the BLS and Challenger:


US Factory Orders Drop For 6th Month In A Row – Worst Since Lehman

  • US Manufacturers New Orders tumbled 0.2% in January (missing expectations of a 0.2% rise for the 6th of the last 7 months). This extends the losing streak for factory orders to 6 months, something we have not seen since the great recession in 2008The drop was led by a plunge in Consumer Goods


Italy-Russia Cooperation Grows Despite Sanctions – Italian PM

  • Cooperation between Italy and Russia is actively developing despite Western economic sanctions against Russia and Moscow’ retaliatory measures,


US hoped to cause mass protests in Russia by sanctions

  • When imposing sanctions on Russia, the United States hoped they will affect the life quality of Russians, Russian Security Council Secretary
  • It is evident that the White House hoped for a sharp deterioration of the Russians’ quality of life and mass protests,
  • “[But] Russia has accumulated a sufficient reserve of economic, financial and – the main thing – political strength, it has solidarity and support on the part of foreign partners, including in the framework of most multilateral formats,” he said.

‘BRICS shield against isolation of Russia’

  • Signaling that Russian foreign policy is not to be dictated by the US and its allies, Russia has said its membership in BRICS prevents it from being isolated internationally.
  • The BRICS combined GDP grew 300 per cent in the last decade as opposed to 60 per cent growth registered by the developed world.


China Has Announced Plans For A ‘World Currency’

  • The Chinese do not plan to live in a world dominated by the U.S. dollar for much longer. 
  • The billboard was from the Bank of China. It said: “RMB: New Choice; The World Currency”
  • Given that the Bank of China is more than 70% owned by the government of the People’s Republic of China, I find this very significant.
  • It means that China is literally advertising its currency overseas, and it’s making sure that everyone landing at one of the world’s busiest airports sees it.

Chinese World Currency

  •  things have moved so rapidly in recent years that now a very large chunk of the financial world actually expects the renminbi to replace the dollar as the primary reserve currency of the planet someday.

The survey of 200 institutional investors – 100 headquartered in mainland China and 100 outside of it – published by State Street and the Economist Intelligence Unit on Thursday found 53 percent of investors think the renminbi will surpass the U.S. dollar as the world’s major reserve currency.

China’s yuan broke into the top five as a world payment currency in November, overtaking the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar

  • The U.S. dollar won’t be replaced overnight, but things are changing.
  • Chinese economy has already surpassed the size of the U.S. economy




  • discovery that Clinton’s mail server was located in her house (her estate in Chappaqua, to be exact — the one she had to settle for because she was “dead broke” after Bill left office) and was registered under the name of a man who does not appear to exist.

The computer server that transmitted and received Hillary Clinton’s emails — on a private account she used exclusively for official business when she was secretary of state — traced back to an Internet service registered to her family’s home in Chappaqua, New York

In most cases, individuals who operate their own email servers are technical experts or users so concerned about issues of privacy and surveillance they take matters into their own hands.

Operating her own server would have afforded Clinton additional legal opportunities to block government or private subpoenas in criminal, administrative or civil cases because her lawyers could object in court before being forced to turn over any emails.

Domain Creation date: 2009-01-13, created the exact time she became Sec Of State.
Renewed 2015-01-29


Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Faces ‘Three Years In Jail, Per Document’ [VIDEO]

  • Judge Andrew Napolitano said Thursday on “America’s Newsroom” that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is potentially facing prison time for hiding documents from government computers.
  • “We do know she must have had classified secrets,” Napolitano insisted. “She as the secretary of state — there are four levels of security clearances. She and the president and General Petraeus and the secretary of defense, people of that nature have the highest level.”
  • exposes her to three years in jail, per document.


Obama Lied About Obamacare

  • Obamacare Increases Insurance-Rate 
  • Obamacare Increases Insureds from 85.4% up to 87.7%
  • Candidate Obama’s Promise  of “Universal” Meant 100%
  • Obamacare started being available on 1 October 2013 and has now been available for 16 months. When candiate Obama was running for the Presidency, he promised “universal coverage,” which is what exists in virtually all other developed countries: 100%, everyone insured, no citizen lacking health insurance for ordinary and life-preserving needs.  Now that his Obamacare has been available for 16 months, is every American citizen health-insured; did he provide what he had promised?


Demands to Shut Down Homan Square Grow, 1,500 Expected to Protest in Chicago Saturday

  •  Nationwide opposition to the Chicago Police’s secret detention facility known as Homan Square is growing rapidly.
  • Several hundred concerned residents of Chicago brought Homan Square to a standstill over the weekend, and as many as 1,500 or more are expected to shut it down this coming Saturday.


Police State

According to two FCC commissioners, those new regulations are bad all around

  • TechFreedom held chat two FCC commissioners, Ajit Pai and Mike O’Rielly, and the two of them concurred that the new regulations are far-reaching, largely unchecked and pose a threat to consumer bills and to innovation in the industry.
  • Ajit Pai openly questioned what the problem was, saying, “There’s never been a systemic analysis of what the problem with the Internet is.
  • the document was written to solve a problem that wasn’t readily apparent.
  • FCC was going to centralize powers over what infrastructure was deployed and where through the use of statutes and other laws;  FCC was going to “use Section 201 [of the Communications Act] to do it’s dirty work.”
  • The consumer will inherit many of these new costs and burdens.  “Rates are going to go up because of this.The new FCC regulations will, give more power to government,
  • The net may be “neutral” but the FCC is most certainly not.


  • Leaked docs show that the NSA and Central Security Service rely on cooperative and in some cases contractual relations with US firms to facilitate their global wiretapping and data stockpiling activities.
  • * “Fact that NSA/CSS works with US industry in the conduct of its cryptologic missions”
  • * “Fact that NSA/CSS works with US industry as technical advisors regarding cryptologic products”
  • * “Fact that NSA/CSS works with specific named US commercial entities to make them exploitable for SIGINT”
  • * “Fact that NSA/CSS injects ‘implants’ into the hardware and software of US companies to enable data siphoning”
  • Among the classified TOP SECRET items listed  “NSA and an unnamed Corporate Partner are involved in a ‘cooperative effort’ against cable collection, including domestic wire access collection.”


Sneaky Kiwis: NZ collects intel on Pacific neighbors for NSA, Snowden leak shows

  • New Zealand’s security agency is spying on its closest neighbors in the Pacific by collecting phone calls, emails and internet data, and then sending that data to its ally, America’s NSA, leaked Snowden files claim.
  • According to the new leak, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), the New Zealand equivalent of NSA, has been targeting the Pacific island countries



Kiev Transfers $15 Million to Gazprom for Five Days of Gas

  • Ukraine’s Naftogaz has transferred $15 million to Russia’s gas giant Gazprom for the delivery of 45.6 million cubic meters of gas, or enough to last five days,

Ukraine Bans Gold Transactions Over $125, Currency Derivatives and Interbank Purchases Exceeding $10,000; Update on Black Market Rates in Ukraine

Currency ry vi nia

  • Today the National Bank of Ukraine announced new capital controls on currency transactions. All Interbank Transactions Over $10,000 are Banned.
    Resolution No. 160 is effective from March 4, 2015 and is valid until June 3, 2015.Gold Buying ProhibitedIn addition, the NBU banned precious metal transactions in amounts over [about $125], and also the transfer of currency abroad in excess of [about $625].


Bank doors closed-Bail ins (depositer plunder) in Ukraine? Default?

  • Now, a day after Ukraine’s central bank declared Ukraine’s fourth largest bank insolvent, Sorokun and other Delta Bank customers could only knock on the bank’s locked door in hope of finding out what happened to their savings.

Poroshenko Decrees Donetsk, Luhansk as Military-Civilian Administrations

  • Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Thursday signed a decree to redefine the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk as “military-civilian administrations,” according to the president’s website.
  • Under a law passed by the Ukrainian parliament in February, a military-civilian administration will replace village, town and city authorities and consist of servicemen, law-enforcement officers and specialists under contract with the Anti-Terrorism Center of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).
  • Members of the military-civilian administration will have powers to impose curfew and conduct personal and property searches.
  • Under the decree, Donetsk and Luhansk pro-Kiev authorities have five days to select candidates for these positions.


Kiev Plants Explosives on Bridges to Crimea

  • Two road bridges over the Strait of Chongarsky which share the Crimean peninsula and the Ukrainian peninsula Chongar were mined by Ukrainian law enforcers
  • The mining of the current bridge on the road between the border crossing points  as well as mining of the old bridge, which is currently not used


A Warning to Poroshenko: US Is Infamous for Dumping Its Allies

Over 2,000 Russian Anti-Air Defense Soldiers Begin Drills in Crimea

  • More than 2,000 Russian military personnel from air defense units have begun exercises in the country’s south, including on the Crimean Peninsula,


NATO Chief: US Must Train, Arm Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine against Russia

Houthis storm dialogue conference’s office in Yemen’s Sanaa

  • Houthi militants have stormed the administrative headquarters of Yemen’s national dialogue conference in capital Sanaa, the administration said on Thursday.
  • Yemeni puppet President  dismissed as “null” and “illegitimate” all recent Houthi-issued decrees.
  • So we have the same situation in Libya as we do in Yemen, both puppet government trying to hand on to the power, waiting for US/NATO to invaded and put them back into power.


Libya declares force majeure at 11 oil fields in midst of ISIS crisis

  • Following attacks by Islamist militants on oil installations and ports in Libya, the National Oil Co. has declared a force majeure at 11 oil fields, a clause in contracts that frees parties from liability in extraordinary situations.
  • “The people surrounded the site from three different directions, and when guards ran out of ammunition, they stormed the place, looted everything and then bombed the buildings, 


CIA Asset Joins Islamic State in Libya – Abdelhakim Belhadj Worked with U.S. and NATO to Overthrow Gaddafi

  • Abdelhakim Belhadj has reportedly joined forces with the Islamic State, Belhadj is a former al-Qaeda operative who was a key player in the overthrow of Moammar Gaddafi. He worked directly with the U.S. and NATO.


US Ground Troops in Syria? Top Military Official Doesn’t Rule It Out

  • The nation’s top military officer told a House subcommittee Wednesday that U.S. troops could potentially hit the ground in Syria to fight Islamic militants, offering another sign the operation is headed towards expansion.


‘Military pressure’ may be needed to oust Syrian President – John Kerry

  • US Secretary of State John Kerry has declared that military pressure may be needed to oust Syria’s President Bashar Assad.
  • “Ultimately a combination of diplomacy and pressure will be needed to bring about a political transition. Military pressure particularly may be necessary given President Assad’s reluctance to negotiate seriously,Kerry said
  • “He’s lost any semblance of legitimacy” Kerry said