Confirmed, Government Was Run By The [DS], Clock Is Ticking – Episode 1759

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Confirmed, Government Was Run By The [DS], Clock Is Ticking
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The people economy is declining very rapidly right now, the MSM is pushing their agenda calling for a recession during the elections. Trump and the patriots already know the plan, they have planned for this. There is a great restructuring coming to the central banks and to the world, phase I has just begun, the President of the World Bank has stepped down and Trump can replace this individual with someone else. Dems, MSM confirms that Trump can use National Security to fund the wall. Trump is holding a press conference and the MSM doesn’t want to cover him. Trump tweets out that the stories about Syria are false. Q drops more bread, confirms that government was run by the DS. RBG might not becoming back to the SC and Trump can appoint a new candidate. The fake news will not report on any success, they will create narratives and when they don’t come true they create new ones. The clock is ticking,everything is changing.

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Current News – 01.07.2019

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  •  ISM confirmed today that the Services side of the US economy also tumbled in December.
  • ISM Non-Manufacturing slipped to 57.6 from 60.7, missing expectations of 59.0 to its lowest since July


This is the 3rd largest monthly decline since the financial crisis.


IMF Warns World “Dangerously Unprepared” For Upcoming Global Recession

  •  Right on schedule, the IMF warned that the leaders of the world’s largest countries are “dangerously unprepared” for the consequences of a serious global slowdown. The IMF’s chief concern: much of the ammunition to fight a slowdown has been exhausted and governments will find it hard to use fiscal or monetary measures to offset the next recession, while the system of cross-border support mechanisms — such as central bank swap lines — has been undermined, warned David Lipton, first deputy managing director of the IMF.
IMF Deputy Managing Director David Lipton
  • “The next recession is somewhere over the horizon, and we are less prepared to deal with that than we should be . . . [and] less prepared than in the last [crisis in 2008],”


U.S. Preliminary Trade Delegation Arrives in China For Initial Discussions of “Technical Details”…

  •  U.S.T.R. delegation from the United States is on the ground in China to begin initial discussions of “technical details” surrounding the ongoing trade dispute.  The preliminary talks are today (Jan 7th) through Wed (Jan 9th).

  • Tu Xinquan, director of the China Institute for World Trade Organization Studies at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing is quoted as saying Beijing’s first phase will be focused on technical details before more important voices “make hard political decisions.”


World Bank President Resigns to Join Investment Firm, Wall Street Journal

  • World Bank President Jim Yong Kim plans to resign from the World Bank on Feb. 1 to join a firm focused on infrastructure investments, leaving the bank nearly three years before his term was set to expire.
  • Mr. Kim’s unexpected resignation, announced Monday, will potentially set off a fight between the Trump administration and critics of U.S. control at the World Bank, which is the world’s largest development-finance institution.


Donald Trump Will Get Chance to Pick World Bank’s Chief

    • Donald Trump will likely be able to pick the head of the world’s foremost globalist institution, the World Bank.
    • Every past World Bank president has been picked by the United States, including Kim, who was previously the president of Dartmouth College. The U.S. Treasury is the largest shareholder of the bank, with about 16 percent of its voting sharees.


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: d7571e No.1108971 
Anonymous ID: 32dde8 No.1108947 
Federal Reserve ending?


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a22a92 No.4243710
The plan to have the FED raise rates [steep incline beginning Mar 2019] in an effort to ‘kill’ the economy prior to 2020 P_elec is known and planned for.
Structure change coming?


  • President Trump on Monday reiterated his ability to declare a national emergency and build his border wall, pointing out that top Democrat Adam Smith, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee admitted on Sunday that Trump can do so.
  • On SundayABC‘s “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos asked Smith “Does President Trump have the ability, have the authority to declare a national emergency and have the military build his wall?”
  • Well, unfortunately, the short answer is yes,” replied Smith. “There is a provision in the law that says the president can declare an emergency. It’s been done a number of times, but primarily it’s been done to build facilities in Afghanistan and Iraq. In this case, I think the president would be wide open to a court challenge saying, where is the emergency? You have to establish that in order to do this. Beyond that, this would be a terrible use of Department of Defense dollars.”


Trump To Deliver Emergency Primetime Address About Border Wall Amid Shutdown

  • With the federal government shutdown in its 17th day and rapidly approaching the longest shutdown on record (21 days), President Donald Trump said he would address the nation he tweeted the following

I am pleased to inform you that I will Address the Nation on the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border. Tuesday night at 9:00 P.M. Eastern.

  • Ahead of Trump’s tweet, The New York Times reported that the White House had officially made the request to the networks to interrupt their primetime schedules, however according to Times reporter Michael Grynbaum, at least two of the networks are hesitant, because of “skepticism about handing over airwaves for political statement.”
  • ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox broadcast have all received White House request for airtime at 9pm Eastern on Tuesday,” Grynbaum reported. “No word yet if any network will agree.”
  • .



Trump ‘Evaluating’ Withdrawal of US Troops From Afghanistan

  •  ,” Vice President Mike Pence is now confirming that President Trump is indeed in “the process of evaluating” whether to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.



Why was she ‘selected’?
Who appointed her?
Remember [her] history.
Ref: 230-page book called Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, published in 1977 by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.
>Called for the sex-integration of prisons and reformatories so that conditions of imprisonment, security and housing could be equal. She explained, “If the grand design of such institutions is to prepare inmates for return to the community as persons equipped to benefit from and contribute to civil society, then perpetuation of single-sex institutions should be rejected.” (Page 101)
>Called for the sex-integration of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts because they “perpetuate stereotyped sex roles.” (Page 145)
>Insisted on sex-integrating “college fraternity and sorority chapters” and replacing them with “college social societies.” (Page 169)
>Cast constitutional doubt on the legality of “Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as separate holidays.” (Page 146)
>Called for reducing the age of consent for sexual acts to people who are “less than 12 years old.” (Page 102)
>Asserted that laws against “bigamists, persons cohabiting with more than one woman, and women cohabiting with a bigamist” are unconstitutional. (Page 195)
>Objected to laws against prostitution because “prostitution, as a consensual act between adults, is arguably within the zone of privacy protected by recent constitutional decisions.” (Page 97)
>Ginsburg wrote that the Mann Act (which punishes those who engage in interstate sex traffic of women and girls) is “offensive.” Such acts should be considered “within the zone of privacy.” (Page 98)
>Demanded that we “firmly reject draft or combat exemption for women,” stating “women must be subject to the draft if men are.” But, she added, “the need for affirmative action and for transition measures is particularly strong in the uniformed services.” (Page 218)
>An indefatigable censor, Ginsburg listed hundreds of “sexist” words that must be eliminated from all statutes. Among words she found offensive were: man, woman, manmade, mankind, husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, serviceman, longshoreman, postmaster, watchman, seamanship, and “to man” (a vessel). (Pages 15-16)
>Wanted he, she, him, her, his, and hers to be dropped down the memory hole. They must be replaced by he/she, her/him, and hers/his, and federal statutes must use the bad grammar of “plural constructions to avoid third person singular pronouns.” (Page 52-53)
>Condemned the Supreme Court’s ruling in Harris v. McRae and claimed that taxpayer-funded abortions should be a constitutional right.📁

Senators Overlooked Radical Record of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Hypocrisy stands at the pinnacle of the sins that liberals most disdain. So it’s fair game to compare the free ride they gave to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with their searching the archives to pillory every word ever written by Supreme Court nominee John Roberts.

Liberal commentators and U.S. senators, who are salivating at the upcoming interrogation of Roberts, never asked Ginsburg about her extremist views spelled out in her lengthy paper trail. The senators didn’t have to do much research; I made it easy for them by publishing her words in my July 1993 Phyllis Schlafly Report.

I quoted extensively from her 230-page book called Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, published in 1977 by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. The purpose of this book was to show how the proposed Equal Rights Amendment (for which she was an aggressive advocate) would change federal laws to make them sex-neutral and “eliminate sex-discriminatory provisions.”

Ginsburg called for the sex-integration of prisons and reformatories so that conditions of imprisonment, security and housing could be equal. She explained, “If the grand design of such institutions is to prepare inmates for return to the community as persons equipped to benefit from and contribute to civil society, then perpetuation of single-sex institutions should be rejected.” (Page 101)

Who are the doctors ‘currently’ treating [RBG]?

First Bill Clinton Appointed Ginsburg,Senate confirmed 96-3, a little back history on her medical condition.Ginsburg reportely fell and she fractured her ribs, during this cancer nodules were found on her lung  and she began treatment at  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.  Thoracic surgeon Valerie Rusch of Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, the the one who removed the nodules
What other political [former/current] sr. political heads are they affiliated w/?
What ‘off-market’ drugs are being provided to [RBG] in order to sustain minimum daily function?
What is the real medical diagnosis of [RBG]?
Who is managing her care?
Who is ‘really’ managing her care? Most likely the clowns
The clock is ticking. Is Q refering to Post 2657 the watch ticking and RBG doesn’t have much time left.

Fullsized image

If RBG dies trump gets to appoint another Supreme Court justice, So the DS will do what ever the need to do to keep her alive, they are Panicking

If Ruth Bader Ginsberg is well and she is recovering why is the deep state worried, HC tweeted the following

bee20e (1)  No.4630419>>4630451 >>4630452 >>4630495

File (hide): f245ff20c37840a⋯.jpg (68.48 KB, 645×568, 645:568, RBG.JPG) (h) (u)

File (hide): 7852b8871ee45b5⋯.png (396.68 KB, 591×446, 591:446, 5f16d2871be5e99a729d9da187….png) (h) (u)


Watch 3:15

RBG b. March 15, 1933 (03/15/1933)

The Guardian posted about a documentary on RBG on Jan 3, 2019. Preparing for her death? Is she dead already?

Trump says appointing acting Cabinet heads grants “more flexibility”

President Trump told reporters outside the White House on Sunday that he’s “in no hurry” to replace his acting Cabinet secretaries with formal replacements, saying, “I have acting, and my actings are doing really great. … I sort of like acting. It gives me more flexibility, do you understand that?”

Why it matters: Trump’s attorney general, secretaries of Defense and Interior, EPA head, and UN ambassador are all working in acting capacities, despite being Senate-confirmed positions. The appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general, in particular, came under fire as potentially unconstitutional — even from conservative legal scholars like John Yoo. And the Washington Post reported this week that Patrick Shanahan’s position as acting Defense secretary could also be constitutionally murky. Furthermore, Trump, who campaigned on “draining the swamp,” faced criticism for his acting secretaries’ lobbying ties.

Scaramucci model?
Public opinion (optics) do not matter.
Temps can be very dangerous to those who are targeted.
How many AUTH FISA UMBRELLA SURV warrants targeting those who illegally targeted [ ] are currently active? Anons are saying 4000-5000 or more
Upstream collection can be very revealing.
When you no longer control the levers of POWER, do FVEY (‘Allies’) buckle & cooperate in order to preserve and maintain their future?
  Canada UK, Australia, New Zealand cooperated with spying requests under former presidents and the former clowns, but they have a problems they must cooperate with POTUS or else 
The future will not repeat the past.
The clock is ticking. reference to the watch again, the clock is ticking

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I may declare a national emergency dependent on what’s going to happen on the next few days.”

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) January 6, 2019

Anons knew?

When will the public discover that Ted Cruz was also illegally SURV (pre_POTUS_R nomination)?
C_A ‘illegal’ SURV > members of Congress?
C_A ‘illegal’ SURV > members of the Press?

‘A constitutional crisis’: the CIA turns on the Senate

Tensions flare between the CIA and the Senate in the fight to release the report on torture – leading the agency to spy on its own legislative overseers

An internal investigation by the C.I.A. has found that its officers penetrated a computer network used by the Senate Intelligence Committee in preparing its damning report on the C.I.A.’s detention and interrogation program.

The report by the agency’s inspector general also found that C.I.A. officers read the emails of the Senate investigators and sent a criminal referral to the Justice Department based on false information, according to a summary of findings made public on Thursday. One official with knowledge of the report’s conclusions said the investigation also discovered that the officers created a false online identity to gain access on more than one occasion to computers used by the committee staff.

The inspector general’s account of how the C.I.A. secretly monitored a congressional committee charged with supervising its activities touched off angry criticism from members of the Senate and amounted to vindication for Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, the committee’s Democratic chairwoman, who excoriated the C.I.A. in March when the agency’s monitoring of committee investigators became public.

A statement issued Thursday morning by a C.I.A. spokesman said that John O. Brennan, the agency’s director, had apologized to Ms. Feinstein and the committee’s ranking Republican, Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, and would set up an internal accountability board to review the issue. The statement said that the board, which will be led by a former Democratic senator, Evan Bayh of Indiana, could recommend “potential disciplinary measures” and “steps to address systemic issues.”

Who ordered the SURV?
What justification was provided to AUTH SURV of ELECTED OFFICIALS?
SURV fall under scope of FISA warrant or internal to Dept or outsourced to FVEY?
Reality check – friend or foe, we all spy on each other?
Should we be spying on ourselves?
Should we be tasking others to spy on ourselves in order to avoid U.S. law?
Was FVEY established & designed by the INTEL COMM as a backchannel SURV apparatus to avoid domestic laws triggers and Congressional/Senate oversight?
What keylogs exist to monitor FVEY intel collection?
What ability do former GOV officials have re: ability to access C_LEVEL FVEY offshore data?
How did HRC gain access to highest CLAS SAPs (closed system access) and able to transfer to remote/home server?
(Q above should scare every single American)
How did CHINA locate primary C_A assets within CHINA [187]?
Money buys POWER.
No punishment [Brennan] by HUSSEIN ADMIN re: SURV of Senate etc?  Who ran the government, the CIA
Logical thinking, why?📁

Justice declines to pursue allegations that CIA monitored Senate Intel staff

The Justice Department has decided not to pursue accusations that the CIA spied on the Senate Intelligence Committee and allegations that committee staff slipped classified documents from a secure agency facility, McClatchy has confirmed.

“The department carefully reviewed the matters referred to us and did not find sufficient evidence to warrant a criminal investigation,” said Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr.

The news marks an apparent end to an extraordinary feud that spilled into the public forum in early March over the committee’s report on the agency’s post-9/11 enhanced interrogation program. The dispute included competing Justice Department referrals, with both the CIA and the Senate Intelligence Committee accusing the other side of criminal conduct throughout the course of the interrogation study.

Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., took to the Senate floor in early March and accused the CIA of spying on the computers her committee staff used to create the study. The CIA accused Feinstein’s staff of slipping classified documents from secure agency facilities and transporting them back to Capitol Hill.

Justice Dept declines to pursue?
Fake News media limits exposure to public?

NSA targeted?
Where did @Snowden work prior to NSA contractor ACCEPT? According to Wikipedia Snowden was hired and trained by the C_A before becoming an NSA contractor.

What SENIOR LEVEL GOV/C_A OFFICIAL rec @Snowden for NSA contractor OFF/TAR position? TAR stands for Target Analyst Reporter. After attending a 2006 job-fair focused on intelligence agencies, Snowden accepted an offer for a position at the CIA.[17][39] The Agency assigned him to the global communications division at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.[17]

Hayden was Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) from 1999 to 2005. 

On April 21, 2005, then Lt. Gen Hayden, was confirmed by the United States Senate as the first Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence and awarded his fourth star-making him “the highest-ranking military intelligence officer in the armed forces”.[7] 

On May 8, 2006, Hayden was nominated for the position of Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Post public release of CLAS NSA PRO > U1?  NSA spy tools released in May 2013 which was U1 sale
Where is @Snowden today? Russia

CIA tried to get rid of the NSA, CIA wanted to be the only intelligence organization.
What country was involved in U1? Russia, 
If real target country was VENEZUELA or ECUADOR – why didn’t @Snowden take a direct flight from Hong Kong to those locations?
How many direct flights run daily from HK to V&E? CIA was helping Snowden, real destination was Russia
If @Snowden was C_A/NSA would he not understand (simple logic) going public PRIOR TO END DESTINATION SAFETY would ‘LIMIT’ ACTIVE PASSPORT TRAVEL ABILITY due to block_DEREG?
Why then would @Snowden route through RUSSIA? He actually got stuck in Russia
Was RUSSIA final destination? Most Likely Not
Was RUSSIA true destination? security put a hold on his passport, so the C_A help him get to  Russia, at that point he could not fly anymore.
Could @Snowden be seen releasing CLAS programs/intel FROM INSIDE OF RUSSIA?
What role did BRENNAN PLAY in the @Snowden leaks re: NSA?  Brennan helped Snowden, he first flew to HK, released the info and then continued to Russia, all eyes off of Russia
What was BRENNAN’s background re: SAUDI ARABIA? station chief in Saudi Arabia, and as director of the National Counterterrorism Center.[3
Does the C_A hold blackmail on political leaders? Yes
Does the C_A protect those who protect them? Yes
Why are ex C_A contractors running for office? Infiltration of government
How many ex C_A contractors are currently in office?

One quarter of all the Democratic challengers in competitive House districts have military-intelligence, State Department or NSC backgrounds. This is by far the largest subcategory of Democratic candidates. National security operatives (57) outnumber state and local government officials (45), lawyers (35), corporate executives, businessmen and wealthy individuals (30) and other professionals (19) among the candidates for Democratic congressional nominations.
Hello, [AS]. C_A (clown)
Once an agent, always an agent.

The Clowns, Past Presidents used the FVEY to get around the constitution and spy on government.

Remember when D’s and the FAKE NEWS media [+FAKEWOOD] pushed mass fear that POTUS would start WWIII re: North Korea?
POTUS > PEACE on the Korean P > NO further missile tests or U enrichment.
New narrative created.
Refusal to provide coverage of successes.
Remember when D’s and the FAKE NEWS media [+FAKEWOOD] pushed a stock market collapse if POTUS was elected?
POTUS E + policies > largest gains recorded in market’s history
New narrative created.
Refusal to provide coverage of successes.
[Use FED to inc rates to counter growth and project POTUS blame]
Remember when D’s and the FAKE NEWS media [+FAKEWOOD] pushed complete economic collapse if POTUS was elected?
POTUS E + policies > lowest unemployment records in history + record jobs/GDP growth
New narrative created.
Refusal to provide coverage of successes.
[Deploy and use ‘racism’ ‘sexism’ and every other ….’ism’ to counter potential Black/Hispanic pop support]
Why do D’s and the FAKE NEWS media [+FAKEWOOD] continually push the ‘IMPEACH’ narrative if impeachment requires 2/3rd SENATE VOTE TO ENACT (odds of that?)?
Do they push this FAKE NARRATIVE to project a supposed ‘supportable w/ evidence’ wrongdoing to their BASE (confirmation bias)?
Accusations never supported by facts?
The list goes on and on…..
(What if HRC won and appointed 2+ crooked SCJs?)
(The Last Resort)
The Fake News has been wrong or have been making up fake stories, they will never report on the success but continue to make up new narratives to attack Trump

Dershowitz: “Secret” Emails About Underage Sex Allegations Will Put “Prominent People in Handcuffs”

In an interview Thursday morning with ‘Good Day New York,’ Alan Dershowitz pushed back against allegations that he had sex with underage girls through billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He said he is being framed and has emails that will put “prominent people in handcuffs.”

“There are emails so far that are secret, but that prove, not only that I was framed, but who framed me,” Dershowitz said. “It names names. These people are going to go to jail once these e-mails come out because this was a total frame up for financial reasons, and I can prove it, and will prove it. Have me back on the show when the e-mails come out, boy it will be so interesting because there will be prominent people in handcuffs. Prominent people in handcuffs once these e-mails come out.”

“Look, as to the first woman who accused me, her own lawyer admitted in front of witnesses that she was wrong, just wrong, that I couldn’t have been in the places,” he said.

Get in line.

Flying solo: Another log shows Dershowitz on the plane - without his wife - on two journeys in 2005

If we go back to post 1132 Q made a reference to #17


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 13be8e No.1004880
Thank you Alan.
Welcome aboard.


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: e8e4fc No.1005902


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: f666d7 No.1008693
Anonymous ID: a5617d No.1008670
Q can you double confirm the #17 was regarding the jerseys, when i asked yesterday for confirmation.Anons are bringing up every other 17 under the sun, KEK
Welcome aboard.
Confirmed he was on the plane, but where did he fly to, look closely at the logs, the airports are BED (oston, Laurence G. Hanscom Field) and CYUL (Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport)

Several days?
What if this was always the plan?
Justice K.
Timing is everything.
Why deploy vested powers of the Office of the President (under ‘verifiable’ matters of National Security) when you can instead unveil America’s TRUE ENEMY?
Public awakening.📁
“We have has a very good relationship with Maggie Haberman of Politico over the last year. We have had her tee up stories for us before and have never been disappointed. While we should have a larger conversation in the near future about a broader strategy for reengaging the beat press that covers HRC, for this we think we can achieve our objective and do the most shaping by going to Maggie.”
You are not safe.
“There is no smoking on this train. If you’re found smoking, we’ll assume you’re on fire and take the appropriate action,” says the Amtrak conductor.
Handler (Conductor):
Smoking can be bad for your health. Read the warning label. Deboard train and walk away. Once in the tunnel, there is no going back.
People in White House sound as confused as everyone else about what happens after the president’s EO, which McGahn was against him signing. There’s inter-agency disagreement about what it means. Trump now essentially tunes his chief of staff out, Trump driving the train.📁
OH on the Q train intercom: “Attention passengers. The intercom phone is for emergencies only, it is not for asking the conductor questions.”
A stone sits idle while the world around it evolves. Evolution, depending on the stage, can be deadly.📁
“There is no smoking on this train. If you’re found smoking, we’ll assume you’re on fire and take the appropriate action,” says the Amtrak conductor.
We can talk through code or we can act through transparency. The choice is yours. However, the clock is ticking, and, at a select point in time, that option will be expired. Regular service appointments should be made in order to maintain functionality.

Joe diGenova: ‘Cardinal’ James Comey — The man who destroyed the FBI

“The treachery revealed by Comey, Clapper, and Brennan requires accountability. That can only happen through a federal grand jury investigation headed by John W. Huber, the U.S. Attorney in Utah who has been appointed to investigate the FISA criminality by the Obama FBI and DOJ.”


Truth about CIA’s illegal MKUltra mind-control experiments – using drugs, hypnosis and electronic devices- revealed in sensational new documents officials hid for decades

The records “rewrite the history” of the CIA’s covert and illegal MKUltra project, according to researcher John Greenewald Jr who spent almost 20 years trying to obtain the documents 

DISTURBING details of secret mind-control experiments carried out by the CIA have been revealed in newly released documents – that officials have been trying to hide for decades.

The new documents, released under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal how the CIA experimented on both humans and animals using drugs, hypnosis and electronic devices as part of the top secret – and illegal – mind control project MKUltra.

Shockingly the swathes of information still missing or redacted in the records could mean the CIA is STILL carrying out the experiments to this day, according to experts.

One document details how the CIA planned to drug “criminals awaiting trial held in a prison hospital ward” in a bid to develop “improved techniques in drug interrogation”.

Another document details the CIA’s interest in developing ways to cause amnesia in humans using experiments “no matter how weird, inconclusive or unusual”.

It goes on to detail how they were looking to find ways of developing hypnotic speaking techniques which would control the minds of “large audiences” and “heighten group susceptibility”.

Experiments which were “too dangerous, too shocking, too unusual for routine testing would be of interest to us,” the memo from 1956 reads.

Program dev ongoing under offshore [not domestic] ‘tangent’ agency?
Covert funding?
Animals > Humans
Humans 1988
71% avg success rate.
Targeted (mental) ‘criteria’ designated as [ , ].
Mental institutions & therapists > ‘program-specialists’…..
Cocktail regimen 4x daily brain intercept [administered by ]

Today, 8 million Americans are living with paralysis or have lost limbs. Many could benefit from technologies that would help them carry out daily activities, but high-tech prosthetics or other such devices are not always sufficient to meet these needs, particularly for those who are paralyzed. To improve the quality of life for these individuals, NCATS-supported investigators at Pitt are exploring two different computerized chips that convert brain signals into an action simply through the patient’s thinking about the action.

“The problem has always been the control of the prosthetic by someone with limited ability to move,” said Michael Boninger, M.D. (link is external), professor and chair of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Pitt School of Medicine. Boninger and Andrew Schwartz, Ph.D. (link is external), a professor of neurobiology at the medical school, have built a collaborative research program to develop brain-computer interface devices that interpret the brain’s still-intact command abilities and convey them to high-tech prosthetics and assistive devices.

WIA military personnel targets of the program?
Clandestine Black OPs > zero affiliation (non_stick)
Something out of a movie?
The hole is deep.

“With all of the success that our Country is having, including the just released jobs numbers which are off the charts, the Fake News & totally dishonest Media concerning me and my presidency has never been worse. Many have become crazed lunatics who have given up on the TRUTH! The Fake News will knowingly lie and demean in order make the tremendous success of the Trump Administration, and me, look as bad as possible. They use non-existent sources & write stories that are total fiction. Our Country is doing so well, yet this is a sad day in America! The Fake News Media in our Country is the real Opposition Party. It is truly the Enemy of the People! We must bring honesty back to journalism and reporting!”
Compare & Contrast.
Ring a Bell?
Think Drop Yesterday.
>New narrative created
>Refusal to provide coverage of successes
Why is this important?
Sometimes making a connection leads to uncovering ……



Read the pics related together. So mirrory.
A (you) for Q.
The reason why we are here, however, this is incomplete and missing the 3rd Tweet.
the Fake News will knowingly lie and demean in order make the tremendous success of the Trump Administration, and me, look as bad as possible. They use non-existent sources & write stories that are total fiction. Our Country is doing so well, yet this is a sad day in America! The Fake News Media in our Country is the real Opposition Party. It is truly the Enemy of the People! We must bring honesty back to journalism and reporting!”


Mornin’ Q.
First time in more than 25 years?
Morning, Patriot.


Q !UW.yye1fxo No.83 
Ruth Bader Ginsburg.