Control Is The Name Of Game, In The End, Who Will Have The Control – Episode 1579

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Control Is The Name Of Game, In The End, Who Will Have The Control
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The founder of Ethereum asked the question does the central banks (Rothschild) control reach into the blockchain world. To control the blockchain it would be very difficult to control a single crypto would be more feasible. Case Shiller prices rise to the most that we have seen since the financial crisis, this is way over the amount of money make. Italy’s economy was hit hard, the banks are insolvent, this is just the beginning, will the ECB, IMF step in to calm the situation down, this will spread to other areas and other banks. The North Korea summit is still on and a representative is now visiting the US. Turkey is looking to purchase Russian jets instead of US jets. Syria says that western countries have been working with terrorists groups planning chemical attacks. US, Jordan and Russia are in talks about de-nuclearization. Syria planning an offensive in the south of Syria, Israel is ready to respond. The deep state is moving to take control back, pushing their narratives via the corporate media and censoring channels that do not agree with their narrative.

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Current News – 05.28.2018

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One thought on “Control Is The Name Of Game, In The End, Who Will Have The Control – Episode 1579

  1. Hi Dave, long time listener. I genuinely appreciate your work.

    I feel responsibility to convey info on block chain and Bitcoin you should be aware of. Block chain is a great proof of concept for decentralized monetary technology but this technology should not be used for money for varioys reasons. There is a central node reporting to other nodes to clear transactions and SHA 256 is easily cracked with a laptop, it’s not a digital encryption, it is an analog encryption. Many other compromises exist, especially the means to manipulate the markets- large coin owners can easily influence exchange price by selling between cooperation.

    Due to the religiousity toward block chain, anyone we inform ignore these facts. This is cause for concern. Your argument that the ledger us open is also fallacy because, the latency on transaction clearing is open to compromise. Since there is no redress, there is no method for loss resolution. I favor decentralization, the the technology and method presented is not what you think.

    Another compromise: any keystroke is recorded in windows OS and conveyed. This is an example of transaction info conveyance triggering a latency compromise. Like I said, many compromises.

    There is another solution that solves all known compromises and favors true decentralization and transparency. I am more than willing to share if interested.

    Keep up the great work.

    Kind Regards,


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