Countries Are Now Moving To Nationalize Their Private Western Central Bank – Episode 1325

Countries Are Now Moving To Nationalize Their Private Western Central Bank
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ADP employment shows that there were no manufacturing jobs added and gains were minimal. Automotive markets plunge with sales hitting rock bottom. David Stockman reports that the automobile industry has not grown since 2007, we are back where we started. Vice index shows the US growth is slowing, wages are declining and the economy is rapidly falling apart. South Africa looking to nationalize their central bank, other countries will begin making this move once the economy collapses.  Trump compares Russian hacking to Iraq’s WMD’s. IMF and the US leaves Ukraine completely broke. Tillerson says US full supports the Minsk agreements. US pushes sanctions and regime change in NK. Russia was to talk about the draft UNSC resolution and look for a diplomatic approach with China. Tulsi Gabbard says its understandable what NK is doing because look what the US has done in the Middle East. The Deep State pushes a humanitarian crisis in NK. China will train Syrian forces in their country. The US is putting together a new group of soldiers in Syria. US wants to talk to Russia about a no-fly zone, Russia doesn’t understand what the US is looking for.

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Current News – 07.06.2017


ADP Employment Disappoints – No Manufacturing Jobs Gained In June

  • After jumping heroically in May, ADP reported a disappointing 158k employment gain in June (188k exp.) and revised May’s exuberance notably lower (253k to 230k).


O’Reilly Automotive Plummets On Disappointing Sales; Mild Winter, Low Hispanic Spending Blamed


  • O’Reilly Automotive stock crashed as much as 21% on 7 times its average daily volume, its biggest drop since June 2012 dragging the share price to the lowest since October 2014, after the auto-parts retailer said same-store sales misses forecast for the second quarter.

  •  Advance Auto Parts plunged 16%, AutoZone tumbled 10%, while suppliers Standard Motor Products, Dorman Products and Motorcar Parts of America also dropped sharpdly.


Geopolitical/Police State

Trump Compares Claims That Russia Interfered In Election To Claims That Iraq Had WMDs

  • President Donald Trump would not say definitively Thursday that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election and said people’s confidence about the claim is similar to when the Bush administration said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
  • “I think it was Russia, and I think it could’ve been other people,” Trump said at a press conference in Poland. “Nobody really knows for sure.”
  • The Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation all concluded in a January report that Russia sought to undermine Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
  • “I remember when I was sitting back listening about Iraq. Weapons of mass destruction. How everybody was 100 percent sure that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction,” Trump said. “Guess what? That led to one big mess. They were wrong, and it led to a mess.”



IMF leaves Ukraine broke & unable to repay debts

  • The IMF has postponed the release of the next tranche for Ukraine, Should Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump be able to find a common language at the upcoming G20, the new IMF loans to Ukraine will no longer be able to be obtained.”The previous tranche was also delayed by more than six months. The delay is caused by the fact that Ukraine does not comply with the conditions of the memorandum, which were established, namely the implementation of land and pension reform.
  • Comment: With Ukraine’s economy collapsing, There’s ‘no money’ for emergency sectors workers, ‘no money’ for safe housing, but there’s millions for war and oligarchs.

US Fully Supports Minsk Agreement, Yet Does Not Exclude Other Options

  • US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the United States backs the implementation of the Minsk agreement until better options acceptable to both Russia and Ukraine present themselves,
  • “We [US] remain committed to that process [the Minsk agreement] and the Normandy format,”  . “What Secretary Tillerson was saying is until the better option comes about to which both US and Russia agree to, than Minsk [agreement] is it and we are fully supportive of Minsk.”


Trump Limits Number of Troops Pentagon May Send to Afghanistan

  • The Trump administration has set a limit to the number of troops the US Department of Defense is allowed to send to Afghanistan, media reported on Thursday.
  •  Trump would only allow sending up to 3,900 troops to Afghanistan.
  • The Defense Department is in the process of outlining a new strategy on Afghanistan.


South Korea’s Moon Says Ready to Meet North’s Kim Under ‘Right Conditions’

  • South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Thursday he is ready to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un under the “right conditions,” .
  • “When the right conditions are fostered and when there is a chance to reverse the current tension and situation of confrontation on the Korean Peninsula, I am ready to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at any time and any place,” Moon said.


Russia blocks UN statement calling for North Korea sanctions

  • Russia on Thursday blocked a UN Security Council statement calling for “significant measures” in response to North Korea’s launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile.
  • The United States had circulated the statement for adoption by the 15-member council after announcing plans for a new sanctions resolution, but Russia raised objections,
  • The draft statement recalled that the council had agreed to take “further significant measures” in the event of another nuclear test or missile launch and that the top UN body would “begin to work immediately on such measures.”
  • Russia said that it had not been verified that the launch involved an intercontinental missile, said a council diplomat.
  • The United States and the United Nations have said the Hwasong-14 launched on Tuesday was of intercontinental range,please include the data that shows this was an intercontinetal missile.
  • al-qaeda took down the world trade centers,  IRaq WMD, Syrian chemical weapons,  17 intelligence agencies said Russia hacked the election and DNC, turned out to be fake news.
  • Addressing an emergency council meeting on Wednesday, Russian Deputy Ambassador Vladimir Safronkov said Moscow opposed the move, arguing that “sanctions will not resolve the issue.”
  • “Any attempts to justify a military solution are inadmissible and will lead to unpredictable consequences for the region,” warned Safronkov.


Western Media Reports of Russia Blocking UN Statement on N. Korea False

  • Recent reports by western media that Russia blocked the UN Security Council statement on North Korea are a distortion of reality, a representative of the Russian Mission to the United Nations said in a statement on Thursday.
  • Russia suggested to the United States as author of the draft statement, to make some changes.”
  • The Russian representative added, “We want to emphasize it was a regular process of negotiating a draft statement.”The Russian Ministry of Defense had issued a statement on the launch of a ballistic missile from a site in North Korea on July 4 was detected and monitored by a Russian missile launch detection system.
  • The data of the projectile’s trajectory matches the performance characteristics of a medium-range ballistic missile.
  • During an emergency UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said the United States has no doubt North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile.


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Statement on North Korea’s ICBM Test

  • Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) released the following statement after North Korea’s recent successful Intercontinental Ballistic Missile test:
  • , U.S. leaders need to understand that Kim Jong Un maintains a tight grip on North Korea’s nuclear weapons as a deterrent against regime change. The Trump Administration would be far more credible in finding a diplomatic solution with North Korea if we weren’t currently waging a regime change war in Syria, and contemplating a regime change war in Iran.
  • “The North Korean regime witnessed the regime change wars the U.S. led in Libya and Iraq and what we’re now doing in Syria, and fear they will become like Gadhafi who, after giving up his nuclear weapons program, was deposed by the United States.
  • “As long as the U.S. is waging regime change wars, we are far less likely to reach a diplomatic solution in North Korea because they have no reason to believe our promises. In fact, we are far more likely to see nuclear proliferation by countries like North Korea who see nuclear weapons as their only deterrent against regime change.
  • “Serious diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula will require an end to our regime change war in Syria and a public statement that the U.S. will not engage in regime change wars and nation-building overseas, including in Iran and North Korea. We should focus our limited resources on rebuilding our own country and seriously commit ourselves to de-escalating this dangerous stand-off with North Korea and negotiate a peaceful diplomatic solution.”


US Claims of North Korean ‘Labor Camps’ in Russia Baseless 

  • The State Department’s report published last week alleges that North Korea “operated labor camps on Russian soil and subjected thousands of North Korean workers to forced labor.”
  • “The allegations of so-called forced labor of North Korean citizens in so-called North Korean labor camps on Russian soil in the US report on the situation with human trafficking are groundless,” Zakharova told a weekly briefing.

    She asserted “there is no doubt that such fabrications… are pursuing the sole purpose of using the human rights tool to exert unilateral pressure on North Korea, creating artificial obstacles to restricting cooperation.”

  • Source:

Trump Plans “Pretty Severe Things” In Retaliation Against North Korea

  • “I have some pretty severe things we’re thinking about,” Trump said at a news conference in Warsaw. “Doesn’t mean we’re going to do them. I don’t draw red lines.”
  • Definition of severe
  1. 1a :  strict in judgment, discipline, or governmentb :  of a strict or stern bearing or manner :  austere

  2. 2:  rigorous in restraint, punishment, or requirement :  stringent

  • “I think we will just take a look at what happens over the coming weeks and months with respect to North Korea,” Mr. Trump added. “It’s a shame they’re behaving this way and they’re behaving in a very dangerous manner, and something will have to be done about it.”


Trump warns N. Korea to face repercussions after “very, very bad behavior” of missile launch

  • Russia and China leaders have agreed on a joint initiative on Tuesday suggesting that North Korea should suspend its ballistic missile program, while the US and South Korea should put off military exercises in a bid to cool the tensions.the initiative, is based on Chinese proposed ideas of a ‘double freezing’ [of missile and nuclear activities by the DPRK and large-scale joint exercises by the United States and the Republic of Korea] and ‘parallel advancement’ for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, as well as establishing a peace mechanism on the peninsula,”


Libya strongman says Benghazi ‘liberated’ from jihadists

  • Libyan military strongman Khalifa Haftar on Wednesday announced the “total liberation” of second city Benghazi, which was overrun by jihadists three years ago.
  • Haftar does not recognize the authority of the UN-backed Government of National Accord in Tripoli and instead backs a rival parliament based in the country’s far east.


New US-backed rebel group being formed to further American interests in Syria

  • A new Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebel group is being formed-up in eastern Syria
  • The new militant group – called Fursan Al-Sharqiyah – will be directly trained and supplied by the United States and placed under the operational command of one Colonel Mahmoud Al-Sofi.
  • The group’s strength in manpower and equipment is unknown and no professional estimates yet exist.
  • It is worth noting that virtually all FSA fighters from the province of Deir Ezzor were, prior to mid-2014, allied with the Jabhat al-Nusra Al-Qaeda-linked jihadist militant group. It was only after significant portions of al-Nusra in eastern Syria merged into ISIS that FSA fighters were expelled from the region.


US commandos oversee training graduation of SDF proxies – Pictures

  •  On Wednesday, some 250 recruits of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) graduated from military training.

Huge US weapons delivery rushed to SDF in Raqqa

  • Video footage has been released showing a large convoy of trailer trucks carrying US-built Humvees. The convoy in question was transiting through Qamishli Governonate and destined for Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) units at the front-line in the area of strategic city of Raqqa.


EU Parliament Suspends Turkey Accession Talks

  • In the latest diplomatic escalation between the EU and Turkey, on Thursday the European Parliament voted to suspend Turkey’s EU accession talks, which as a reminder have been dragging on for decades,


Syrian Govt: Turkey Blocked Deal at Astana Talks

  • The issue appears to be with the Syrian safe zones, which ironically were a long-time pet project of the Turkish government, with the Turkish delegation apparently refusingto agree to a deal on implementation of the safe zones, insisting they need more time.
  • It is unclear what Turkey’s specific objection was, if any, to a plan which would’ve seen Russia, Turkey, and Iran each deploy military police to the borders of the safe zones to prevent any incursions. The deal will be brought up again at a meeting in early August.
  • The four safe zones established don’t appear to intersect with Turkey’s military possessions inside northern Syria at any rate,


China Says Its Military Will Train Syrian Troops on Chinese Soil

  • China’s military will provide training for Syrian armed forces, a spokesman for Beijing’s defence ministry said on Thursday, adding it would take place on Chinese soil.
  • Beijing is a longstanding backer of the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad
  • “The Chinese military will provide the Syrian side with medical and nursing professional training,”
  • The Chinese military has already provided Syrian authorities with medical equipment and medicines “to help reduce the humanitarian suffering of the Syrian people,” Qian said.


Putin Seeks Parliamentary Approval to Deploy Warplanes in Syria

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted on Thursday a protocol to an agreement with Syria on the deployment of the Russian Armed Forces aviation group for the lower chamber of parliament’s ratification.
  • Under the agreement, Russian military personnel gain immunity identical to that provided by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Russian troops are also not subject to border checks when entering Syria.
  •  The protocol regulates Russia’s aviation group deployment in Syria, its movable and immovable assets in the country and matters connected to the counterterrorist operation itself, a


Tillerson: The US is open to working with Russia, establish no-fly zones in Syria

  • The United States is prepared to explore the possibility of establishing with Russia joint mechanisms for ensuring stability, including no-fly zones, on the ground ceasefire observers, and coordinated delivery of humanitarian assistance,”Tillerson said.At the same time, the Secretary of State urged forces of the Syrian government and the US-led Coalition against the Daesh terror group (banned in Russia) to accept agreed de-escalation boundaries to avoid conflict, the State Department said in a statement.
  • Comment: Is this an example of ‘when all else fails, cooperate’?