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In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people.

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Current News


Europeans Lose Trust in Governments

  • Years into an economic crisis that has rocked the eurozone, European citizens are losing trust in their governments. A recent survey found that trust in political parties is at an all-time low with up to 90 percent in some countries saying politicians are affected by corruption. The survey comes as a number of top political figures in Italy, Spain, and France face allegations of fraud and tax evasion.
  • Across Europe, citizens are losing trust in their governments.
  • A recent study carried out by the corruption watchdog Transparency International surveyed people in 107 countries. Only 23 percent said their governments are making effective efforts to beat corruption.
  • In Europe, the figures were much lower. In Spain, eight percent felt like corruption was being addressed; in Italy, 13 percent; in Greece and Portugal, just one percent.
  • Valentina Rigamonti of Transparency International said the crisis of confidence was deepest in the countries hardest hit by the economic crisis — arguably the ones most in need of citizens’ trust.
  • “The global corruption barometer has showed that corruption is very strong in Southern Europe, the countries that are hit by the financial crisis,” said Rigamonti.
  • Trust in political parties themselves has also gone down. In Greece, one of the eurozone’s major economic worries, 9 in 10 people surveyed said they think political parties are affected by corruption.
  • Rigamonti said that while the deteriorating trust was most noticeable in economic crisis zones, corruption was a problem in every European country, even Nordic nations, which typically have a good reputation for transparency.
  • “No one of the countries in Europe is clean. All of them are involved in corruption, at different levels with different problems,” said Rigamonti.
  • Transparency International’s research comes as politicians across Europe are being hit with accusations of corruption.
  • On Thursday, a prison sentence was upheld for Italy’s former prime minister and current senator, Silvio Berlusconi, for tax fraud.
  • A day earlier, Spain’s prime minister was forced to defend himself before parliament over corruption allegations, after he was accused of receiving under-the-table cash payments from construction magnates – an accusation he denies.
  • Last month, the prime minister of the Czech Republic resigned following a corruption scandal involving one of his aides, as did the entire government of Luxembourg – again because of corruption allegations.
  • William Bartlett is a Europe analyst at the London School of Economics.
  • He said the economic recession in Europe has not necessarily made corruption worse. Government corruption, he said, has been a problem across Europe for decades.
  • But he said that when money was tight, the problem became more apparent.
  • “I think in recession, in a way, strangely enough, although there are less opportunities for corruption because the pie is shrinking and there is less to go around, nevertheless at that time people are much more sensitive to it, so it’s much more likely to come to public attention,” said Bartlett.
  • He said the loss of citizens’ trust in their governments was a major problem for European countries as they tried to implement austerity measures.
  • Bulgaria has recently seen weeks of public protest over alleged government corruption. In Spain, the allegations over the prime minister’s links to corruption also brought people onto the streets in protest.
  • “Countries such as Greece, France, Italy, where unemployment is increasing, living standards are falling – whenever these issues crop up, people think, why should we be taking the costs of all of these policies when politicians are not taking part, too?,” said Bartlett.
  • According to the Transparency International survey, citizens of 51 nations see political parties as their countries’ most corrupt institution. And more than half of those surveyed said they feel government is run by special interests.

Record 21 Million ‘Young Adults’ Now Live With Their Parents

  • Just about a year ago we questioned the “demographic demand” thesis for why the US housing ‘recovery’ would become self-sustaining and lead to yet another fiscal and monetary ‘nirvana’. However, while the ‘household formation’ meme remains front-and-center among bloviating Fed apologists; the sad facts are that not only is household formation actually still falling but, as a recent Pew Research study finds, a record 21 million young adults are now living at home with their parents.
  • Since 2007, young adults have grown increasingly likely to live at home. This is a new trend with a stunning 45-year high 36% (21 million) of 18-31 year-olds back with mom-and-pop. By way of corollary, with one-third of all Italian adults living at home (and 61% of young-adults), it would seem arguing that a housing renaissance in the US is around the corner on the basis of demographics is risible at best.
  • Household formation is falling among the young adults (a new trend)…

Fed’s Bullard: drop in jobless a step closer to QE exit threshold


  • July’s drop in the unemployment rate takes the nation closer to a 7 percent threshold outlined by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke as the point around which the central bank would likely end bond purchases, a top Fed official said on Friday.
  • “It is definitely closer,” St. Louis Fed President James Bullard told reporters after government data showed the unemployment rate declining to 7.4 percent in July from 7.6 percent the month before.
  • “The chairman talked about a 7 percent ballpark figure for unemployment. He was thinking the middle of next year that we’d be around that number. The committee has not codified that or enshrined that in the statement. But as a kind of softer target, we’re definitely closer to that softer target,” Bullard said.
  • The Fed is currently buying $85 billion worth of bonds every month but Bernanke said in June it would likely begin scaling the program back later this year and end it around the middle of 2014, at which time unemployment would be around 7 percent.



‘US sanctions wrong move at wrong time’

The sanctions are for one reason only to make Iran give into the pressure of the US government/central bankers to setup a western central bank and have Iran use the US dollar as the reserve currency. This is the only objective, they want this in Syria and Iran and are willing to go to war to do it.

  • Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman says the recent US sanctions against Tehran’s nuclear energy program are a prime example of a “wrong move at the wrong time.”
  • “The new US sanctions, which have been imposed without paying attention to political developments and the opinion of experts, are a prime example of a wrong move at the wrong time,” Abbas Araqchi said on Friday.
  • “The policy of [imposing] sanctions is a failed policy and under the present circumstances, it will only make resolving existing problems particularly in the nuclear issue, more difficult and complicated,” he added.
  • The US House on Wednesday approved a bill to slap tougher sanctions on Iran’s oil exports and other economic sectors.
  • The bill, which must be approved by the Senate and signed by President Barack Obama to become law, seeks to cut Iran’s oil exports by one million barrels per day over a year.
  • It also blacklists any business in Iran’s automotive, mining and construction sectors and commits the United States to the goal of ending all Iranian oil sales worldwide by 2015.
  • Araqchi described the move by American senators as a clear indication of the prevalence of the unilateralism theory as a symbol of neoconservatism in the US.
  • He went on to add that world public opinion and the international community have repeatedly condemned the US decision to impose unilateral sanctions on the Iranian nation.
  • The US has imposed several rounds of illegal sanctions on Iran, which Washington claims to be aimed at pressuring Tehran to abandon its nuclear energy program.
  • The United States, Israel, and some of their allies have repeatedly accused Iran of potentially pursuing non-civilian objectives in its nuclear energy program.
  • Tehran has categorically rejected the accusation, arguing that as a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and a committed member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), it is entitled to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.
  • In addition, numerous inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities by the IAEA have never found any evidence showing that the Iranian nuclear energy program has been diverted toward non-civilian purposes.


Obamacare poll shock: 77 per cent want the individual mandate repealed or delayed, as the House passes a bill to block IRS enforcement

If the government staffers are complaining about it and they needed a bailout because they can’t afford it the rest of American can’t afford it either. The Affordable Care Act penalized if you want it and penalizes if you don’t.

  • A healthcare media company sponsored a scientific poll of more than 2,000 registered voters, and found a stunning 77 per cent want to see Obamacare’s individual health insurance mandate delayed or scrapped entirely. That includes 49 per cent who want the mandate killed.
  • Just 11 per cent agreed with the Obama administration’s contention that fully implementing the president’s signature health care law will lower their ‘ total health care costs, such as appointment co-payments, monthly premiums, deductibles and drug co-payments.’
  • The Morning Consult commissioned the online poll from Survey Sampling International, Inc. Its margin of error is 2 percentage points.
  • The shocking level of public discontent comes along with news that members of Congress and their staffs have struck a deal with the White House to subsidize their enrollment in health care exchanges with taxpayer dollars.
  • And the House of Representatives passed a bill Friday that would deny the IRS any funding to operate or enforce the health care law.
  • Government employees are required to enroll in the exchanges, which the White House needs to swell by millions of Americans in order to make Obamacare’s math work. But Capitol Hill staffers have complained bitterly that their costs would soar if Uncle Sam stopped paying at least 75 per cent of their insurance costs.
  • But a promised regulation will force taxpayers to continue picking up the tab. The Office of Personnel Management confirmed Thursday that it had found a way to authorize the federal government to defray most of the cost of congressional staffers’ premiums for exchange-run plans.
  • In the Morning Consult poll, 94 per cent of those who said Obamacare will make health care worse cited their expectations of higher costs as one reason. Overall, 47 per cent of those polled said they expected their health care expenses to grow.
  • The individual mandate will go into effect October 1, requiring all Americans to either show proof that they have a qualifying health insurance policy or enroll in the public exchanges, which will be available in all U.S. states.
  • But just 17 of those states will administer their own exchanges this year. Among the other 34, including the District of Columbia, 27 will be operated by the federal government, and Washington will co-administer 7 more with state governments.
  • President Obama has struggled to keep his signature Affordable Care Act law afloat, amid increasing public uncertainty and Republicans’ calls for its complete repeal
  • President Obama has struggled to keep his signature Affordable Care Act law afloat, amid increasing public uncertainty and Republicans’ calls for its complete repeal
  • Henry Chao, a senior federal official who works on the computer technology that will manage the exchanges, told Forbes in March that he was ‘pretty nervous’ about meeting the October 1 deadline and hoped the exchanges don’t become ‘a Third World experience.’
  • Politico first reported Thursday night that congressional staffers and their bosses will not have to fund their participation in Obamacare out of their own pockets.
  • The Virginia news outlet reported Wednesday that President Obama told Democratic members of the U.S. Senate ‘that he was personally involved in finding a solution.’
  • The White house has quietly acknowledged the Republicans will use the agreement as a cudgel to beat up Democrats during the August legislative recess, and in the run-up to the 2014 midterm elections.
  • The Morning Consult poll likely asked the question about delaying or spiking the individual mandate because the Obama administration announced in July that a similar mandate on employers would be pushed back to October 1, 2015.
  • Companies that employ at least 50 full-time workers will be required to show the IRS that they provide health insurance for their workers, or that they have enrolled them in exchanges.
  • Republicans in Congress have argued that the individual mandate should be delayed as well. Four Democrats joined their caucus Friday in approving the Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act, sponsored by Georgia GOP Rep. Tom Price.
  • The bill faces unlikely prospects in the Senate, and a certain veto if it should pass. It would deny the IRS any funds to enforce the individual and employer mandates, and to manage the system of tax credits meant to subsidize the state-based health care exchanges.

Michael Bloomberg Targets Senators Opposed To Gun Control 

  • America, hold on to your hats because New York Mayor Bloomberg is “gunning” for your guns. Yes, the pun was intended. According to the New York Daily News, “the disgusted mayor says he’ll use his clout and wealth to target senators who’ve blocked gun control.” The NY Daily News reports: A day after Senate Democrats announced plans to abandon efforts to pass substantive gun control laws this year, a disgusted Mayor Bloomberg accused Congress of being too lazy to carry on the fight – and warned of repercussions at the ballot box.
  • “We’re going to keep going after Senators that won’t [support gun control],” he said in his weekly appearance on the John Gambling radio show. “If Congress won’t [act],” he added, “we’ve got to have the public get up and say ‘We’re not going to take it. We’re going to vote for somebody else.’” Mayor Bloomberg is under the delusional notion that guns commit crimes. I hate to be the one to break it to him, but neither the gun in my purse nor any gun in my household has gotten up, ran off, committed a crime and returned to rest innocently in its place.
  • Criminals commit crimes. Criminals do not follow any law that is enacted. Criminals use other inanimate objects as well to commit crimes, with some using their bare hands and strength. The New York Mayor is upset that guns from other states are making their way into New York due to other states respect of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. He states these guns are used to commit crimes against New Yorkers and cites the lax “private sale loopholes” in other states that allow guns to make their way into the state; FYI Mayor Bloomberg, that loophole is a myth. Mayor Bloomberg, the following is for you.
  • A friend of mine lives and works in New York. She’s an honest, hard-working individual who wants nothing more than to live her life to the fullest. Since being in your city, she has been mugged twice, once at gunpoint, and attacked by a cab driver who reneged on their fare settlement. When the cab driver refused to honor their agreement, he got out of the vehicle, opened the back door, pulled my friend out, threw her on the ground and robbed her of all her cash and the cellphone she used to capture a picture of the medallion number of the cab. She sustained a bruise to her hip and incurred added expenses of replacing her cellphone and time lost from work. It’s hard for the police to find the individual responsible for this when the evidence was taken in the commission of the crime.
  • What is your intent to protect every individual in New York from crimes committed against them? As I see it, if she had possessed a gun, there would be one less unsavory cab driver cruising around New York looking for more victims, as I can guarantee you this was not the first time this thug had done this. To top it all off, he chose someone that he knew was not armed in order to perpetrate his thievery. This is all thanks to you Mayor Bloomberg and I hold you and your platform responsible, along with the perpetrator, for the commission of the crime against my friend. And I hate to break this news to you Mayor, but individuals who commit suicides with firearms are going to commit suicide anyway. They would find another method if a firearm was not available.
  • These suicidal individuals might choose to crash their car into a tree, but also hit a pedestrian in the process killing them as well. What would your platform be then: car control? Maybe the individual might choose to hang himself. Would “rope control” be next? The firearm is not the issue. An inanimate object is not the issue. There are many issues contributing to crime in America. So many, it’s hard to get a grasp on them, much less thoroughly define them and implement actions to alleviate them.
  • But, would that help? The answer is no, Mayor Bloomberg, as there are individuals who will commit crimes for entertainment purposes only or because they know how to get away with it. To blame an inanimate object for the commission of a crime is to be completely ignorant of the fact that a person behind the object controls its purpose and intent. Any object is dangerous when the person behind it has criminal or unsavory intent. Threaten all you want to remove Senators and engage in smear campaigns against those who do not support your idea of gun control.
  • There are those of us who support the Second Amendment for personal defense as well as defense against a tyrannical government. We will continue to make our voices heard through phone calls, letters, emails and the voting booth.
  • But since you are h*** bent and determined to eradicate guns from New York, you should consider providing every New York citizen with body guards to protect them from crime paid for by you and your organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Even the title of your organization is a misnomer. Guns are not illegal; only laws infringing on the rights of the people to bear arms are.
  • While I hope and pray that I never have to use my firearm in self-defense, I know that I have the capability and skill to protect myself in the event of a violation against my person. Unfortunately, my friend does not have that same comfort.
  • For that matter, Mayor Bloomberg, neither do your friends in New York. Editor’s Note: I’ll bet we won’t see Chris Matthews call Michael Bloomberg a terrorist, like he did Ted Cruz, for calling on people to vote for someone else because of gun control.

Police State

FBI employs hackers, has software that can remotely activate cell phone, laptop microphones and more

  • A new report reveals that the FBI directly employs multiple hackers who create custom surveillance software for the bureau, some of which is capable of remotely activating the microphones on cell phones and laptops, among other features.
  • The FBI is known for using technology shrouded in secrecy, some of which is based on legal grounds which have been questioned by critics with some maintaining that the FBI deceived judges in deploying it.
  • Malicious software, or malware, aimed at enabling government surveillance has also been heavily marketed directly to the US government.
  • It’s also important to note that the US government is now the world’s largest buyer of malware.
  • Yet the government doesn’t just buy software from the private sector, anonymous former US officials told the Wall Street Journal that the FBI also “employs a number of hackers who write custom surveillance software.”
  • Some of this software is capable of remotely activating microphones in the many smartphones running Google’s Android operating system and recording conversations, according to one former US official.
  • The FBI can also remotely activate laptop microphones without the user’s knowledge, according to the same official. Unsurprisingly, Google would not comment.
  • The FBI “hires people who have hacking skill, and they purchase tools that are capable of doing these things,” a former official in the bureau’s cyber division said.
  • The former official stated that the tools are only used when other surveillance methods cannot be used.
  • Interestingly, the FBI does not use these tools when investigating hackers because they fear that the suspect could discover and publicize their technique.
  • Instead, a former US official told the Wall Street Journal that they use this type of technology “in cases involving organized crime, child pornography or counterterrorism.”
  • The WSJ notes that these hacking tools have been developed by the bureau for over a decade, but the techniques are very rarely disclosed in public legal cases.
  • One such instance occurred earlier this year when a judge denied a federal warrant application which sought to authorize the use of software to secretly extract files and take photos of a suspect using their computer’s camera.
  • The judge denied the warrant application and stated that he needed to see more information about how the data would actually be collected from the computer and how information on innocent people would be removed, among other concerns.
  • The FBI has been using “web bugs” since at least 2005, capable of gathering a computer’s IP address, a list of the programs currently in operation and other data, the WSJ reports, citing documents released in 2011.
  • Such technology was used in 2007 to track a person who was eventually convicted of emailing bomb threats in Washington state.
  • Former US officials maintain that hacking carried out by law enforcement agencies is targeted at very specific cases and is used sparingly.
  • Civil liberties advocates, on the other hand, maintain that clear legal guidelines need to be created in order to be certain that this kind of hacking technology is not misused.
  • “People should understand that local cops are going to be hacking into surveillance targets,” said Christopher Soghoian of the American Civil Liberties Union. “We should have a debate about that.”
  • The Remote Operations Unit at the FBI leads the bureau’s hacking efforts, former officials told the WSJ.
  • Agents often remotely install surveillance software by getting a target to click a link or view a document.
  • Sometimes the government even secretly gains physical access to the suspect’s machine where they install malware using a thumb drive, according to a former official.
  • While the bureau has a screening team that uses controls to ensure that only “relevant data” are gathered, according to an official, the legal authorities used to justify the searches are not all that clear.
  • One Justice Department official said that they determine what legal authority to seek “on a case-by-case basis.” The official pointed to the 2007 Washington state bomb-threat case where the government obtained a warrant even though they never physically touched the computer and their software only gathered “metadata.”
  • However, the FBI faced a great deal of criticism from civil liberties advocates in 2001 when the bureau refused to reveal how they installed a program that recorded the keystrokes of Nicodemo Scarfo Jr.
  • The bureau was able to capture the password Scarfo used to encrypt a document, eventually contributing to his conviction for activities related to organized crime.
  • According to Mark Eckenwiler, formerly the Justice Department’s primary authority on federal criminal surveillance law, a search warrant is required when files or other materials are taken from a suspect’s computer.
  • “Continuing surveillance would necessitate an even stricter standard, the kind used to grant wiretaps,” the WSJ reports, citing Eckenwiler.
  • A court order under a lower standard can suffice if the program is remotely delivered to the suspect’s computer, as is the case when it is sent through an internet link, according to Eckenwiler.
  • The use of this type of technology by the FBI is raising many interesting new questions in terms of the legal authorities and guidelines that the government must abide by in order to conduct surveillance on Americans. It seems that this could be a major legal battleground in the near future.

False Flags

Some 100 prisoners recaptured out of 1,100 in Libyan jail break

  • About 100 inmates out of more than 1,100 who escaped during a prison riot in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi have been recaptured, a security official said on Sunday.
  • Armed violence and lawlessness, caused in part by militia groups who often do as they please, has hobbled governance in wide areas of the oil-producing North African state following the 2011 war that toppled Muammar Gaddafi.
  • Some 1,117 inmates on Saturday broke out of the Kuafiya prison on the outskirts of the city, the cradle of the 2011 uprising that has now become a hot spot for violence.
  • Officials said there had been an attack on the facility from outside as well as a riot inside.
  • Mohammed Sharif, head of security in Benghazi, said some prisoners had turned themselves in and others had been captured.
  • “The prison is back in operation as of this morning,” he told Reuters. “Seventy prisoners were brought in initially. Another 30 were caught in the town of al-Marj and seven in Ajdabiyah. They will be brought back to Kuafiya,” he said, referring to towns in eastern Libya.
  • Officials said the escapees included criminals from other African states.
  • Prime Minister Ali Zeidan confirmed the incident but gave no numbers. He said residents had carried out the attack because they did not want the jail near their homes.
  • Benghazi has seen a wave of violence since last year with numerous attacks on security forces as well as foreign targets, including the assault on the U.S. mission last September in which the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans were killed.
  • Saturday’s jail break came as hundreds of protesters attacked the Benghazi and Tripoli offices of Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood and the headquarters of a liberal coalition in the capital after demonstrations sparked by assassinations in Benghazi turned violent late on Friday.
  • Hundreds of people took to the streets to denounce the killing of a prominent political activist and critic of the Brotherhood, Abdelsalam al-Mosmary, who was shot dead after leaving a mosque following Friday prayers.
  • Mosmary was an outspoken opponent of the Brotherhood, whose Islamist political wing is the second biggest party in the national congress, and regularly appeared on television criticizing the presence of armed militias on Libya’s streets. Two military officials were also killed in Benghazi on Friday.
  • Zeidan said he would reshuffle his cabinet and reorganize the government to cope with the “urgent” situation in the country following killings.

 Interpol global alert for al Qaeda prison escapees 

  • The international police agency raised the alert Saturday following “the escape of hundreds of terrorists and other criminals” in the past month, including jailbreaks from Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison and the Taji prison near Baghdad. The alert to Interpol’s 190 member states comes a day after an unusual US global alert to American citizens that al Qaeda and its affiliates are planning terrorist attacks in the Middle East and North Africa in August, possibly from the Arabian Peninsula, specifically Yemen, and the order to 21 US missions to stay closed tomorrow.


UK, Germany and France close embassies in Yemen over possible terror threat

[stextbox id=”x22report”]This threat is getting more and more attention building up the NSA. If nothing happens they NSA could spin this in two ways, the first is that because they removed the threat the spying worked, second if something happens like a false flag they could say if they had more information they could have stopped it from happening. The first scenario might not win over the people because they could have made anything up and said the stopped it. So the second scenario is more realistic for the false flag. [/stextbox]

  • The British, German and French embassies in Yemen will be closed for two days over ‘increased security concerns’, the European countries have announced. Both blame an ‘increased threat’ from al-Qaeda.
  • The British embassy in Yemen will close temporarily after escalating violence and terrorist threats, the Foreign Office said Friday. While the Embassy will operate with an “essential staff,” all other British citizens were advised to leave Yemen.
  • Germany also warned its citizens from traveling to the country and that the situation there “is uncertain in the future”.
  • “The decision was made for security reasons because of a threat that was considered elevated,” a spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry said.
  • The British announced the precautionary measures after the United States issued a worldwide travel alert, citing the intelligence indicating al-Qaeda terrorists may be planning attack somewhere in the Middle East or Africa.
  • “There is a high threat from terrorism throughout Yemen,” the Foreign Office said in a statement. “[We] advise against all travel to Yemen and strongly urge British nationals to leave now.” 
  • “If you don’t leave the country now while commercial carriers are still flying it is extremely unlikely that the British government will be able to evacuate you or provide consular assistance,” the statement added.“There is a high threat from terrorism throughout Yemen. Terrorists continue to threaten further attacks. Be particularly vigilant during Ramadan, when tensions could be heightened.”
  • The threat did not identify a specific target but applied more broadly to Western interests in the region, US security sources told Reuters. Al-Qaeda’s affiliate group in the Arabian Peninsula, known as AQAP, is reported to be behind the reported plans.
  • “The threat appears to be much worse than it has in a long time,” an unnamed Yemeni official told CNN. Sources indicated that an attack was in the final planning stages as the final days of Ramadan, the Muslim holiday, are approaching.
  • “Current information suggest that’s Al Qaeda and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks in both the region and beyond, and that they may focus efforts to conduct attacks in the period between now and the end of August,” the US State Department’s travel alert warned.
  • The British Foreign Office, which announced the Sana’a embassy would be closed from August 4 to 5, is in close contact with US officials. Meanwhile, US embassies will be closed in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Mauritania, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Qaeda Messages Prompt U.S. Terror Warning

  •  intercepting electronic communications is one the National Security Agency’s main jobs, as the documents leaked by Edward J. Snowden, a former N.S.A. contractor, have only underscored. At the request of intelligence officials, The New York Times withheld some details about the intercepted communications.
  • Some analysts and Congressional officials suggested Friday that emphasizing a terrorist threat now was a good way to divert attention from the uproar over the N.S.A.’s data-collection programs, and that if it showed the intercepts had uncovered a possible plot, even better.
  • The bulletin by the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs did not advise against travel to any particular country, but it warned Americans to be particularly mindful of their surroundings, especially in tourist areas, and recommended that they register their travel plans with the State Department.
  • “Terrorists may elect to use a variety of means and weapons and target both official and private interests,” the bulletin said. “U.S. citizens are reminded of the potential for terrorists to attack public transportation systems and other tourist infrastructure. Terrorists have targeted and attacked subway and rail systems, as well as aviation and maritime services.”
  • Representative Ed Royce, a California Republican and the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said Friday that the warning was linked to a Qaeda threat focused on the Middle East and Central Asia.
  • To date, the only Qaeda affiliate that has shown a desire and ability to attack American facilities overseas is Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a group based in Yemen.
  • The Qaeda affiliate announced in July that its second-in-command, Saeed al-Shihri, a former Guantánamo Bay prisoner, had died as a result of injuries sustained in an American missile strike in Yemen last year. But Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, the group’s seminal bomb maker, remains at large, and, according to American officials, has trained a cadre of skilled protégés ready to take his place should he be killed.
  • American drones over the past week have carried out three separate strikes in Yemen, according to Long War Journal, a Web site that tracks drone strikes. There have been 15 American drone strikes in Yemen this year, according to the site.
  • The State Department has issued similar alerts and warnings in the past, American officials said Friday. The last time the department issued a global travel alert was after the death of Osama bin Laden in May 2011.
  • On Feb. 19 this year, the State Department issued a “caution” notice — less severe than a “warning” or “alert” — to Americans that “current information suggests that Al Qaeda, its affiliated organizations and other terrorist organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks against U.S. interests in multiple regions.”
  • Pentagon officials said Friday that there had been no movements of troops or other forces in response to the embassy closings.
  • After the attack in Benghazi, the military’s Africa Command bolstered its quick-reaction forces in Djibouti and created new Marine Corps reaction forces in Morón, Spain, and at the naval air station in Sigonella in Italy that can respond to a crisis within a few hours.

Al Qaeda leader releases new message claiming US plotted to oust Morsi in Egpyt

[stextbox id=”x22report”]Lets get this straight, al Qaeda (who is run and paid for by the US government) sent a message and the US intelligence officers intercepted (NSA) the communications between the al Qaeda operatives planning an attack. How convenient. So the NSA who is being judged by America about spying on Americans and the rest of the world, Snowden who reported about the NSA violating the 4th Amendment and who is now in Russia are now saying they intercepted communication and issued a dire warning to everyone. If nothing happens how does this help the NSA, it doesn’t, but if a false flag event occurs they knew it was coming and if they were allowed to collect even more information they could have stopped it before it happened.  [/stextbox]

  • The message began showing up on jihadist websites on the same day the U.S. government issued a global terrorism alert
  • Al-Zawahiri urges Muslims to unite and fight the West
  • The terrorism alert was issued because U.S. intelligence officers intercepted communications between al Qaeda operatives organizing an attack on U.S. targets in the Middle East
  • On the same day that the U.S. Department of State issued a global terrorism warning, a message suspected to be from al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was posted on multiple jihadist web forums on Friday.
  • In the 14-minute audio message, the 62-year-old al-Zawahiri criticizes the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood-backed former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy, blaming the military coup that resulted in his removal on Americans and ‘Zionists.’
  • The crusaders, the seculars, the Americanized army, (former Egyptian President Hosni) Mubarak’s thugs and some members of Islamic parties with the support of Gulf money and American plotting, all agreed to topple Mohamed Morsy’s government,’ he said in the recording.
  • It’s believed that this is the second recording al-Zawahiri has released in the last week.
  • CNN, which has listened to the message, has been unable to verify its authenticity. However, the network notes that ‘the language used in the last posting resembles that in other messages attributed to al-Zawahiri in which he criticizes the treatment from various parties of Morsy, the former Muslim Brotherhood leader who last year became Egypt’s first democratically elected president.’
  • The terrorist leader goes on to say that those behind Morsi’s ouster want a ‘secular, pro-American president to rule Egypt so they can continue with their plotting — along with the Americans and Zionists — to divide Egypt, just like what happened in Sudan.’
  • Al-Zawahiri is part of a distinguished Egyptian family who worked as a surgeon with the Egyptian Islamic Jihad when it tried to overthrow President Anwar Sadat. Following Sadat’s 1981 assasination, al-Zawahiri was convicted of weapons charges,
  • In 1980, al-Zawahiri met Osama bin Laden and roughly 10 years later merged the Egyptian Islamic Jihad with bin Laden’s al Qaeda.
  • In the other message released this week – believed to have been recorded on June 5 – al-Zawahiri slammed the U.S. for its treatment of detainees at the Guantanamo Bay military prison who had gone on hunger strike. Additionally, he urged Muslims to unite and fight.
  • Earlier Friday, the State Department issued what the Associated Press referred to as an ‘extraordinary global travel warning’ following an apparent terrorist threat.
  • The New York Times reports that the alert was issued after U.S. intelligence agencies intercepted communication between al Qaeda members discussing plans to launch attacks on U.S. targets in the Middle East.
  • ‘This was a lot more than the usual chatter,’ one senior American official who had been briefed on the information told the paper.

US ‘fears of tipping off al-Qaeda’

  • Former State Department analyst Joel Rubin says the US State Department does not want to single out any specific country or region for fear of tipping off the al-Qaeda cell, after it issued a worldwide travel alert
  • The US issued a global travel alert Friday, citing an al-Qaeda threat that also caused the State Department to close 21 embassies and consulates this weekend in the Muslim world.
  • The State Department warned American citizens of the potential for terrorism particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, with a possible attack occurring or coming from the Arabian Peninsula.
  • “Current information suggests that al-Qaeda and affiliated organisations continue to plan terrorist attacks both in the region and beyond, and that they may focus efforts to conduct attacks in the period between now and the end of August,” the statement said.
  • It urged American travelers to take extra precautions when traveling overseas and suggested they sign up for State Department alerts and register with US consulates in the countries they are visiting.
  • The alert was posted a day after the US announced it would close diplomatic facilities on Sunday because of an unspecified threat.
  • Former State Department analyst Joel Rubin says the State Department does not want to single out any specific country or region for fear of tipping off the al-Qaeda cell.


US government ‘scares’ its own citizens to justify spying

This type of technique works very well for the US government/central bankers

1. Create a situation
2. Scare the people, make them afraid
3. Come up with a solution, most of the time they have the solution ready or they need to show why the solution needs to be in place.

  • The US government uses scare tactics on the American people in order to sell them its massive spying programs, says Wayne Madsen, American investigative journalist and former National Security Agency (NSA) employee.
  • On Friday, the US State Department issued a global travel alert for US citizens, warning that al-Qaeda might be planning “to conduct attacks” by the end of August.
  • Moreover, the department has announced the single-day closure of 21 embassies across Asia and Africa on Sunday, August 4, 2013, citing a “continued potential of terrorist attacks” as the reason.
  • “What has the Obama administration done is it’s taken out the al-Qaeda card once again and it’s saying that there’s this unspecified threat,” Madsen said in a phone interview with Press TV on Saturday.
  • “Closing embassies and issuing a worldwide travel alert is absolutely to scare the traveling public, the American people, to convince them all we need is NSA and its massive surveillance program to protect us against terrorists,” Madsen added.
  • Such efforts by the US government come despite the fact that “this NSA system did nothing to prevent the Boston Marathon bombing, the so-called underwear bomber on the plane flying from Amsterdam to Detroit, and a number of other so-called terrorist incidents that were really the FBI setting people up in entrapment operations,” he noted.
  • Documents leaked by American whistleblower Edward Snowden has blown the lid on a number of secret programs run by the US government for collecting data on Americans’ phone calls and Internet communications of people around the world.
  • US officials have repeatedly defended the NSA’s massive surveillance, claiming it protects Americans against “terrorist attacks.”

Just In: U.S. nuclear plant declares ‘Alert’ — “Events could degrade or have degraded level of safety” — “Public should stay tuned to radio and TV”

Alabama Power: The Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant declared an alert unit 1, August 3, 2013, 5:20 a.m. An alert is the second least serious of four nuclear plant emergency classifications assigned by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. At this point there is no danger to the public. Appropriate federal, state and local officials have been notified. Additional details will be announced as they become available. Members of the public should stay tuned to their radio and television for the latest information. […]

Fox 10: The Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant declared an alert unit 1, August 3, 2013, 5:20 a.m.. An alert is the second least serious of four nuclear plant emergency classifications assigned by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. […] Members of the public should stay tuned to their radio and television for the latest information. […]

RickeyStokesNews: The Dothan/Houston County Emergency Management Agency, the Alabama Emergency Management Agency were advised that an incident classified as an “ALERT” has been declared at the Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Power Plant. […] This means that certain events could degrade or have degraded the level of safety at the power facility. […] Houston County officials and Alabama Emergency Management Agency will keep the public informed of any changes or developments in the situation at Plant Farley. Protective actions will be recommended if they become necessary.

CBS 42: The Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant in Dothan has been placed on alert […] The public is encouraged to stay informed about the plant’s alert status. […]

Alabama Power (EMPHASIS ADDED): Alert continues at Plant Farley […] Farley Nuclear Plant declared an alert on unit 1 at 5:20 a.m. CT due to the release of carbon dioxide within the plant. The carbon dioxide release has been isolated. […] At this point there is no danger to the public. […] There is no release of radiation in progress associated with this event. […]