De-Dollarization Begins, China Readies Yuan Base Crude Oil – Episode 1370

De-Dollarization Begins, China Readies Yuan Base Crude Oil
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Countries are now starting to make laws to control cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The everyday American cannot afford to live and cannot live the American dream.  China is now pushing the agenda to de-dollarize. China will be backing crude oil using the yuan that will also be backed by gold. The western financial system is now moving to the east. The central bankers have completed the setup and is now getting ready to switch over. Wasserman Shultz aid has pleaded not guilty as the investigators probe further. Mueller partners with the IRS and begins additional investigations. The cabal is now pushing the agenda with North Korea, is war coming?  We have seen this before,the cabal told us the Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and that turned out to be false, why should we believe now. The Syrian forces captured more of the Jordanian border. The IS is trapped in the middle of Syria.

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Current News – 09.04.2017


Kremlin says rules for crypto-currency circulation should be discussed 

  •  The Kremlin believes that the rules for circulation of crypto-currency should be worked out and this is an issued for discussion, Dmitry Peskov, spokesman of President Vladimir Putin, told reporters

  • Answering journalists’ question about the attitude of the Russian president’s administration to the plans of the Ministry of Communications to introduce a personal income tax for all transactions in crypto-currencies, he said:
  • These topics are subject to inter-departmental discussion, this is a new phenomenon in our life,” he said.
  • Bitcoin Tumbles as PBOC Declares Initial Coin Offerings Illegal


The Working Class Can’t Afford The American Dream 

  • For millions of middle- and working-class Americans, the “American Dream” is all but dead.  Far from being able to afford their own homes, the Fed’s latest survey on the wellbeing of US households revealed that nearly a quarter of Americans are unable to pay their monthly bills on time, and nearly half have less than $400 in the bank…
  • But in what’s perhaps the most comprehensive analysis of the financial security of American workers, a study published by explores the true cost of living for working-class Americans in dozens of US cities.
  • What they found is hardly surprising. In most areas of the country, the average working-class household would be running a spending deficit.
  • The darker the shade of green, the better off they would be. The size of the bubble also fits on a sliding scale—large and dark red means the city is totally unaffordable. Bigger dark green bubbles likewise indicate a city where the working class can get by.
  • And as you can see, the red is much more prominent than the green.

  • So where are the best places for working-class families to live? Here are the top five cities with the net surplus wokers are left with after living expenses.
  • 1. Fort Worth, TX ($10,447)
  • 2. Newark, NJ (($10,154)
  • 3. Glendale, AZ ($10,120)
  • 4. Gilbert, AZ ($9,760)
  • 5. Mesa, AZ ($7,780)
  • And here are the five worst cities, with their associated cost-of-living deficits.
  • 1. New York, NY (-$91,184)
  • 2. San Francisco, CA (-$83,272)
  • 3. Boston, MA (-$61,900)
  • 4. Washington, DC (-$50,535)



De-Dollarization Accelerates: China Readies Yuan-Priced Crude Oil Benchmark Backed By Gold

  • The world’s top oil importer, China, is preparing to launch a crude oil futures contract denominated in Chinese yuan and convertible into gold, potentially creating the most important Asian oil benchmark and allowing oil exporters to bypass U.S.-dollar denominated benchmarks by trading in yuan, Nikkei Asian Review reports.

  • The crude oil futures will be the first commodity contract in China open to foreign investment funds, trading houses, and oil firmsThe circumvention of U.S. dollar trade could allow oil exporters such as Russia and Iran, for example, to bypass U.S. sanctions by trading in yuan, according to Nikkei Asian Review.
  • To make the yuan-denominated contract more attractiveChina plans the yuan to be fully convertible in gold on the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges.
  • Last month, the Shanghai Futures Exchange and its subsidiary Shanghai International Energy Exchange, INE, successfully completed four tests in production environment for the crude oil futures, and the exchange continues with preparatory works for the listing of crude oil futures, aiming for the launch by the end of this year.
  • The yuan-denominated futures contract has been in the works for years, and after several delays, it looks like it may be launched this year.
  • Some potential foreign traders have been worried that the contract would be priced in yuan.



Wasserman Schultz Aide Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ As Prosecution Drops Hints About A Broader Probe Of Awan 

  • Former U.S. House IT aide Imran Awan pleaded not guilty Friday to federal charges that he and his wife lied on an application for a home equity loan, as prosecutors dropped hints about a broader probe of Awan and his family members related to their computer work in recent years for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) and a series of other Democratic lawmakers in the Congress.
  •   documents in the matter again suggested at a larger investigation, possibly relating to more than just matters of bank fraud.
  • In a letter about evidence in the case, U.S. Attorney Channing Phillips described the probe as one that involved, “voluminous discovery,” citing items that were found in a Congressional office building back in April, which seemingly may have belonged to Awan.

  • This “laptop bag” found in April could well be the piece of equipment that had drawn the interest of Rep. Wasserman Schultz earlier this year, when she verbally berated the Capitol Hill Police chief at a House budget hearing, demanding that an item be returned to her office.


“Trump Should Be Concerned”: Mueller Partners With “Elite” IRS Investigations Unit

  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of investigators are leaving no stone unturned in their crusade to find something they can use to try and turn a member of Trump’s inner circle, The Daily Beast is reporting, citing a source close to Mueller, that the special counsel’s office has teamed up with the IRS’s Criminal Investigations Unit. The “elite” IRS investigations squad will help ensure that investigators apply the maximum possible scrutiny to the finances of Trump’s inner circle in an investigation that’s nominally about election fraud.



North Korea Quake Seems Related to Nuclear Test, Says Yonhap

  • An earthquake in North Korea on Sunday appeared related to a nuclear test, South Korea’s Yonhap News reported, citing the presidential office.
  •  The report comes after an earthquake in the northeast region of North Korea.


Russia, China See No Point to More North Korea Sanctions

  • North Korea’s weekend nuclear test is fueling a new round of US threats to attack them militarily. It is also expected to have the US leading a new round of trade sanctions at the UN, something which is expected to face heavy resistance from both China and Russia.
  • Chinese officials see a lot of the recent US sanctions against North Korea as actually targeting Chinese companies, part of what they call America’s “China responsibility theory.” China added that the US military drills are worsening tensions.
  • Russia was even more frank, saying that they’ve seen no good coming from the several previous rounds of sanctions, and don’t see anything being accomplished by more such efforts. They said a different strategy should be tried.


Russian, South Korean presidents condemn Pyongyang’s actions

  • Russian and South Korean Presidents, Vladimir Putin and Moon Jae-in, have resolutely condemned Pyongyang’s actions that “blatantly violate the United Nations Security Council resolutions, undermine the global non-proliferation regime and pose a serious threat to peace and security in the region,” the Kremlin press service said on Monday after their telephone conversation.
  • “The Russian side once again stressed that this extremely complicated situation can be settled only through the resumption of talks and wide use of political and diplomatic means,” the Kremlin said.


North Korea Making Preparations For Another ICBM Launch, South Says

BREAKING Trump Considering Stopping ALL Trade with Countries Doing Business with North Korea

  • Following what appears to have been a test of a hydrogen bomb by North Korea, President Donald Trump on Sunday called North Korea a “grave threat” and said the United States is looking at halting trade with any country doing business with the country.In addition to the warning via a tweet on trade:

    The United States is considering, in addition to other options, stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea.



Xi, Putin agree to appropriately deal with DPRK’s nuclear test

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin agreed on Sunday to appropriately deal with the latest nuclear test conducted by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
  • The two leaders agreed to stick to the goal of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and keep close communication and coordination to deal with the new situation.
  • Xi and Putin also called for joint efforts to promote world peace and development during the meeting.
  • Putin is in the southeastern coastal city of Xiamen to attend the ninth BRICS Summit scheduled for September 3-5.


S. Korea to install another 4 THAAD launchers, mulls deploying aircraft carrier & strategic bombers

  • South Korea and the US are discussing deployment of an aircraft carrier and strategic bombers, South Korean Yonhap news agency reported, citing the country’s defense ministry.
  • A nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, strategic bombers and “other powerful assets”can be deployed to the Korean Peninsula as a response to North Korea’s latest nuclear test 


North Korea Is “Begging For War”: Haley Tells UN “The Time For Half-Measures Is Over”

  • U.S. United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haletells an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council, that “enough is enough” and that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is “begging for war” with his “abusive use of missiles.”
 “The time for half measures in the security council is over. The time has come to exhaust all of our diplomatic means before it is too late.

We must now adopt the strongest possible measures.  


Trump Springs the Neocon Trap Again: North Korea’s ‘Test’ is No Act of War

  • Here we go again. There seems to be no end to the escalation of tensions between North Korea and the United States and its allies.
  • Yesterday, Pyongyang’s state broadcaster came out declaring what it claims was another ‘successful test’, this time with a hydrogen bomb, which they say could be mounted on to their still as yet nonexistent intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).
  • Still, there has been no independent verification of the claim, but why let that get in the way of a promising international security crisis?

Kim Jung Un: Looking at shiny objects, pointing, generally looking busy. 

  • .
    North Korea’s alleged ‘test’ is said to have happened just hours after Pyongyang state-run media released images of leader Kim Jong Un ‘inspecting’ (looking, pointing) something which looks like it could be a hydrogen bomb, but no one is really sure.
  • We’re also told that this was “ready to be placed on top of an ICBM,” however no one has actually seen a real operational ICBM yet. That’s kind of an important detail in this grand plot, but one which is routinely overlooked by legions of western mainstream ‘experts’ on CNN and NBC. So far, the DPRK only have a series of botched tests of their short-range Hwasong-12 rockets (glorified Scud missiles) to show the world. Still, the western media insist that this constitutes a potential threat to the US.
  • So confident was this mainstream media outlet, that they’ve seemed to have hedged their bets on the authenticity of the DPRK state claims, leaving the offending ‘H Bomb’ in quotes…


  • Meanwhile, South Korea wasted no time retaliating by showing off its new toys purchased out of its US dollar reserve account, launching multiple missiles for the cameras. Seoul insists that it’s ready to activate four Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile batteries. It also carried out a major joint drill (likely pre-planned anyway) with F-15K fighter jets and surface-to-surface ballistic missiles. This posturing by South Korea has excited the western media to no end.

South Korea has carried out a simulated attack on North Korea’s nuclear test site in a huge show of force in response to Pyongyang’s detonation of what it claims is a hydrogen bomb.

Seoul has also approved the complete deployment of a US anti-missile system in another sign that it intends to address North Korean provocations with reminders of its own military firepower, while keeping the door open to dialogue.”

  • How Serious is the Threat?
  • For the US, this latest move by North Korea has been PR gold. It’s helped to revive and reenergize the dying conversation of a nuclear standoff between ‘The Good Guys’ and ‘The Bad Guys.’
  • And to deal with those bad guys, you need tough guys.
  • Enter US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who swiftly moved in with “tough new sanctions” against the DPRK, warning that “this isn’t the time for just talk.” A novel approach.    


Syrian Army seizes new areas along the Jordanian border

  • The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), alongside the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), seized new points along the Jordanian border, Saturday, inching their way closer to the strategic Tanf Base in southeast Homs. 


US Says ISIS Evacuation Convoy Remains Stranded in the Syrian Desert