[DS] Code Words, Panic In DC , Patriots In Control – Episode 1846

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[DS] Code Words, Panic In DC , Patriots In Control
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Trump and the patriots are working to revitalize the US, they are rushing against the clock. The [CB] is imploding and they are doing everything to keep it from going down before everything is place to transition into the new economy. The housing market is collapsing, it looks like it might be time for the Fed to cut rates. Trump almost has all the players in wants in the Fed to restructure it, the people that he placed in the Fed are all on the same page. After the Mueller report the MSM, [DS] and others are completely freaking out, they are panicking like we have never seen. Those who scream the loudest have the most to lose. The [DS] wants the unredacted report to see who is listed in the ongoing investigations. [RR] is on his way out.  Comey tweets a pic of the forest and then another of new trees growing. The NYT puts out an article about ND and explains that the attic was called the forest. Patriots are in control, next DECLASS.

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Current News – 04.19.2019

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  •  Housing Starts and Permits unexpectedly tumbled in March.
  • Housing Starts fell 0.3% MoM (against expectations of a 5.4% rebound) and to make matters worse, February’s 8.7% plunge was revised down to a shocking 12% collapse…

This is the weakest level of Housing Starts since May 2017…

And biggest Y/Y drop since 2011, suggesting builders remain wary even as lower mortgage rates and steady wage gains offer support to consumers.

And the collapse was broad-based:

  • Northeast: -28.3% Y/Y
  • Midwest: -28.0% Y/Y
  • South: -4.1% Y/Y
  • West: -19.5% Y/Y
  • Permits were just as ugly – dropping 1.7% MoM (against expectations of a 0.7% rise) and, like Starts, February’s data was downwardly revised (from -1.6% to -2.05% MoM)

Source: zerohedge.com

To Improve 2020 Odds, Trump Stacking The Bench At The Fed

  • Trump  is actively stacking the bench at the Fed in hopes to have more doves in his corner come 2020.
  • Trump’s most important achievement heading into next year’s campaign season. A strong stock market isn’t enough, especially for those with scant investments to benefit from the S&P 500. What matters to most to them is wage growth, and Powell’s Fed has focused on wages as a threat to inflation. Higher inflation obviously means higher interest rates.
  • Trump doesn’t want it. Neither does Cain.
  • Cain picked on the academic model by Fed leaders. “Their textbooks say strong economic growth, particularly strong wage growth, causes inflation, which Fed policy should temper. Both the Bush and Obama administrations perpetuated the professor standard, and both presided over income stagnation,” he says.
  • four of the seven board seats are already filled by Trump appointees: Powell, the chairman, plus Randal Quarles, Richard Clarida and Michelle Bowman. Trump has two more seats to fill and by all indications is now seeking true believers who will fight for his point of view.

Source: forbes.com



Kim Foxx Officials Flee Office After Decision To Drop Charges Against Jussie Smollett

  • Two officials have resigned from their positions in the office of Cook County, Illinois, State’s Attorney Kim Foxx in the wake of her decision to drop charges against disgraced “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett.
  • April Perry, Foxx’s chief ethics officer, and Conviction Integrity Director Mark Rotert have both tendered their resignations and will serve their last days on the job in May.
  • Perry, Cook County’s first ethics officer, initially encouraged Foxx to recuse herself from the Smollett case after learning that she had spoken about the case to members of the actor’s family(

Source: dailycaller.com

The WSJ tweeted out all the pages of the Mueller report to show the redactions

Trump Lashes Out At ‘Crazy Mueller Report’: ‘Fabricated And Totally Untrue’

  • President Donald Trump lashed out Friday at what he referred to as the “Crazy Mueller Report,” arguing that some of what was said about him in the report was untrue. Trump tweeted out the following


Source: dailycaller.com

Trump continued

Paul Sperry tweeted the following

and then we come to find that Mueller had nothing a year into the investigation, Paul Sperry tweeted out the following

Robert Mueller Interviewed President Trump Six Days After Criminal “Obstruction” Investigation Began…

  •  , it’s worth remembering Robert Mueller interviewed President Donald Trump six days after the FBI launched a criminal “obstruction of justice” investigation, and ten months after the FBI launched the counterintelligence investigation….
  • ..The May 16, 2017, Mueller meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office.
  • The Mueller Report shows there never was a Trump Russia-Collusion-Conspiracy case to begin with; and with the report showing how most of Mueller’s investigative time was spent gathering evidence for an ‘obstruction case’; and with new revelations from Andrew McCabe, John Dowd and Mueller officials overlayed on the previous Strzok/Page texts; we can now clearly reconcile the May 16th, 2017, meeting between President Trump, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller.  Here’s how…
  • FBI Director James Comey was fired on Tuesday May 9th, 2017. According to his own admissions (NBC and CBS), Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe immediately began a criminal ‘obstruction’ investigation the next day, Wednesday May 10th; and he immediately enlisted Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.
  • These McCabe statements line up with with text message conversations between FBI lawyer Lisa Page and FBI agent Peter Strzok – (same dates 5/9 and 5/10):

(text message link)

  • It now appears that important redaction is “POTUS” or “TRUMP”. 
  • Everything Mueller and Rosenstein were doing in late 2017 and throughout 2018 was intended to drag-out the Russia conspiracy narrative as long as possible, even though there was no actual Trump-Russia investigation taking place.
  • It was always the “obstruction” investigation that could lead to the desired result by Mueller’s team of taking down President Trump through evidence that would help Pelosi and Nadler achieve impeachment .  The “obstruction case” was the entirety of the case they were trying to make from May 2017 through to March 2019.

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

BUSTED: Big League Politics Speaks To Man Who Tried To Sell Hillary Oppo To Roger Stone, Even Though Mueller Said He Could Not Find Him!

  • Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report claimed that Mueller’s office could not locate Alexei Rasin, the Ukrainian who tried to sell supposed Hillary Clinton opposition research to Roger Stone alongside a Russian using the fake name “Henry Greenberg.”
  • Big League Politics located Alexei Rasin and spoke to him by phone. Rasin did not know that he was in the Mueller report. When told that he appeared in the report, Rasin said, “Wow, quite interesting.” He declined to be interviewed or to state whether or not Mueller ever contacted him.
  • Rasin met with Stone in May 2016 alongside Rasin’s associate “Henry Greenberg,” whose name is Gennadiy Vasilievich Vostretsov and who also goes by “Henry Oknyansky.” Greenberg/Vostretsov/Oknyansky was identified by Stone’s lawyer as a longtime FBI informant.
  • Mueller claimed he could not find Rasin during his investigation, even though Rasin has a current condo address in Naples, Florida, a mailbox address in North Miami, and recently appeared pro se in court to file bankruptcy on loans including a loan from the U.S. Department of Education. Rasin’s court date occurred in November 2017 while the Mueller investigation was active.
  • Mueller clearly did not make much of an effort to contact this mysterious figure who tried to sell Clinton research to Stone.

Source: bigleaguepolitics.com

this investigation had nothing to do with Russian collusion,

1. It was a blockade for the corrupt in government

2. It was used to exonerate Clinton, and point the finger at Russia and Wikileaks

3. They were using it to prove obstruction because they knew there was no collusion

The MSM and the DS are in a panic like we never seen before, there entire narrative just went up in smoke and now we are seeing the MSM and the same players trying to spin the Mueller report and others are just screaming loudly, Why are all these people so upset, isn’t it a good thing that an American President didn’t collude with Russia, they never cared about that, they were protecting themselves. Thats why they are screaming panicking

Ocasio-Cortez Demands New Russia Investigation

  • Democrat socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to the release of the Mueller report by calling for an entirely new Trump-Russia investigation.
  • She tweeted the following

Source: newspunch.com

Sara Carter: Deep State DOJ and FBI Operatives are Panicked, Ratting Out Each Other (VIDEO)

  • Sara Carter and FOX News legal adviser Gregg Jarrett joined Sean Hannity on Thursday night following the release of the Mueller Report.
  • Sara Carter told Hannity that her sources are telling her the deep state officials in the DOJ and FBI are turning on each other.
  • When do Birds Sing, in the Spring


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.288
[LL] talking = TRUTH reveal TARMAC [BC]?
[LL] talking = TRUTH reveal COMEY HRC EMAIL CASE?
[LL] talking = TRUTH reveal HUSSEIN instructions re: HRC EMAIL CASE?

Sara Carter: There will be indictments. It will be an avalanche and according to the sources I was speaking with just today people are already turning on each other. So we are going to see people, senior officials within the FBI, people within the DOJ, that are going to try to throw their colleagues under the bus just to save themselves. And I think they need to be very concerned about what they did.

Take a listen

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Rosie O’Donnell And Celebs React To Mueller Report Findings: ‘Trump Is F—ed’

  • Rosie O’Donnell and many of President Donald Trump’s other Hollywood critics reacted Thursday, following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.
  •  O’Donnell tweeted to her millions of followers after news of the report came out.

Source: dailycaller.com

I wonder why all these people are so nervous, epstein island etc…

  • Back in March, Adam Schiff said that he had more than ample evidence showing collusion with Russia.
  •  when Attorney General published Mueller report, Schiff said: “Whether these acts are criminal or not, whether the obstruction of justice was criminal or not or whether these contacts were sufficiently illicit … they are unquestionably dishonest, unethical, immoral and unpatriotic”

Source: saracarter.com


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 58bc71 No.2601101
Ex 1.1
/ \
(Alt + US Media) (US Politicians)
/ \
Those who scream the loudest….
Find the connections.
Marching to the same beat?
Logical thinking.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.186


[Letter from Committee on Financial Services]
Maxine Waters, California, Ranking Member
How do you obstruct oversight?
How do you obtain ‘inside knowledge’ to closed door ‘financial’ investigations?
Maxine Waters, California, Ranking Member
Those who are the loudest….
Have the most to FEAR [hide]?
Money talks.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a22a92 No.4243831
Those with the most to lose are the loudest.
Those who ‘knowingly’ broke the law in a coordinated effort [treason] are the most vocal.
Crimes against Humanity.

Clapper: If Active Collusion Wasn’t Proven, I Think We Have ‘A Case of Passive Collusion

  • Clapper said, “I think, if there wasn’t active collusion proven, then I think what we have here is a case of passive collusion, where, in some cases, unwittingly — to include candidate Trump himself, who retweeted messages that had been planted by the Russians in social media, and so, that’s a small, but important example of how members of the campaign were used and manipulated by the Russians.”

Source: breitbart.com

Maggie Haberman who never got off the train when Q gave her the choice tweeted out the following

Think mirror,just like the DS, CB everything these people are saying is what they have done, they lied to the public, made up sources, had other people lie for them, they know whats coming, but liars only cover up their lies with more lies, they cannot tell the truth because if they do the entire house comes down.

  1. colluded with Russia, Clinton, Mueller, Comey, Obama U1
  2. obstructed justice, comey, changing the wording and protecting HRC,
  3. Clinton deleted emails, bleaching the server
  4. DNC hack blamed on Russia, no FBI investigation to confirm
  5. Spying by using illegal FISA warrants

Guiliani explains what the prosecutors job is, its not to pardon, its not to say the person is innocent, guilianni explains

Rudy Giuliani: Sentence in Mueller report about obstruction ‘turns around 2,000 years of law’

  • Guiliani took issue with the words “if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state.”
  • “When the hell did a prosecutor ever try to figure out if you didn’t do it?” “Prosecutors have to figure out did you do it.”
  • “That turns around 2,000 years of Roman, English and American law, the presumption of innocence,” Giuliani added. “He doesn’t have to prove his innocence. He doesn’t have to prove ‘I didn’t do it’. When can you prove a negative?”

Source: foxnews.com

Nadler Will Subpoena for Full Unredacted Mueller Report Today

Why does NAdler want the unredacted report, what is he and others looking for, they want to see whos names are listed, are they the ones being investigated

Rep Doug collins tweeted out the following

Geopolitical/Police State

Immigrants Outnumber Americans Who Resettle in California

  • California is losing its American roots. A new study analyzing the most recent U.S. census indicates that a majority of new settlers into the state come from outside of the country instead of from another state.
  • The state is among the most popular destinations for immigrants, particularly the Southern California region, where foreign-born adults nearly equal the number of American residents, Governing Magazine found.
  • This is a stark contrast to many of its neighboring states, which continue to attract new residents from other parts of the country. For instance, the state of Washington lures a significant number of Californians, the Sacramento Bee reported.
  • Solely looking at American residents within the state, Californians represent 64 percent of the population, but when factoring in the foreign-born individuals, the numbers slip to 40 percent. These statistics indicate that more Americans are moving out of the state annually than are moving in. This does not include undocumented immigrants, whose population is thought to be just under 3 million in California, according to the Public Policy Institute of California.

Source: truepundit.com/


Trump gave South Korean president message for Kim Jong Un

  • President Trump reportedly gave South Korean President Moon Jae-in a message for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un when the two leaders met at the White House last week.

Source: washingtonexaminer.com

White House says Trump spoke to Libyan commander Haftar on Monday

  • The White House said Friday that U.S. President Donald Trump spoke by phone on Monday to Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar and discussed “ongoing counterterrorism efforts and the need to achieve peace and stability in Libya.”
  • The statement said Trump “recognized Field Marshal Haftar’s significant role in fighting terrorism and securing Libya’s oil resources, and the two discussed a shared vision for Libya’s transition to a stable, democratic political system.”

Source: dailystar.com.lb




Anons believe they narrowed down where this pic was taken,   Seal Beach which is near the port of Long Beach


Rod’s departure next?
Q did tell us that RR would be removed when he was not needed anymore.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 4662eb No.5094276
Optics are important.
Stealth bombers silent?
Re_read Mueller re: ‘designed to’ drops.
Probe conclusion coming?
Coincidence ‘conclusion’ occurring as new AG installed?
What is the purpose of WHITAKER?
Re_read drops re: ‘Scaramucci’ model.
Who did Scaramucci remove?
Optics important?
What occurs post installed ‘BLOCKADE’ removal?
[RR] ‘complete’ removal?
OIG release of findings?
How are they preparing to combat [narrative = vital]?
House intel launch of more ‘FAKE’ investigations in attempt to retain ‘FALSE NARRATIVE’ and claim ‘POLITICAL ATTACK(S)’ if investigated/prosecuted themselves?
Attempts to retain ‘BLOCKADE’?
Attempts to prevent public release of the TRUTH?
ZERO leaks re: HUBER?
Do not mistake ‘public’ silence for inaction.
“This is not another 4-year election.”

John Dowd: Rod Rosenstein Has To Answer For Appointing Robert Mueller As Special Council

[Pg 11] Previously CLAS ‘scope’ > [RR] to [MUELLER]
The scope memo [highlighted w/in Mueller report] confirms the ‘dossier’ was the ‘tool’ used by [RR] to justify SC and was the primary ‘vehicle’ to which [RR] tasked MUELLER.
If the dossier was known to be unverified and fake, how then was an investigation started to begin with?
At what point did MUELLER determine there was no collusion?
[18-months ago?]
Was the investigation kept ongoing as a ‘talking point’ to rig the midterm elections?
Was the investigation kept ongoing to retain the ‘BLOCKADE’ to essentially restrict POTUS from unmasking and informing the public as to the TRUTH about what really happened?

Now it seems Comey might be talking in code again, lets take a look at his tweet, remember the tweet with the forrest

Very interestingly the NYT wrote an article about Notre Dame and they said the attic was known as the forrest

Then comey tweeted another pic of the forrest showing new growth and said the following


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 491f56 No.875827 
Drops will go fast.
WH clean SIG.
Everything is planned.
We Fight.