[DS] Didn’t See This Coming, The Secret Weapon Revealed – Episode 1867

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[DS] Didn’t See This Coming, The Secret Weapon Revealed
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Trump explains why the trade deal is not that important at this time. The US is in a fantastic position. There is a plan within the economic plan to maneuver in stealth around the [CB] and take it down. Trump was right on cue with the call to the Fed to lower rates. Xi and Trump seems like that are working the same plan even though it seems they are not. Giuliani’s plan worked prefectly, Biden is now defending his actions in regards to Ukraine. Barr revealed his secret weapon, the [DS] didn’t see this coming. Baker is in the middle of a leak investigation. Durham is now investigating it all, the [DS] should be worried, this is not just looking at bad procedures in different departments, Durham is looking into criminality. The patriots are now on offense and the [DS] is running for cover.

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Current News – 05.14.2019

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Trump: ‘We are in a fantastic position’ in trade war with China

    • President Trump in an early morning series of tweets on Tuesday said the U.S. is in a “fantastic position” in a trade war with China.

  • “I love the position we’re in,” he continued, adding that he expected a “very fruitful” meeting with Xi at the upcoming G20 summit.

Source: thehill.com

Investment Exodus / Shifting Supply Chains – China Walks into Trump’s “Golden Ticket” Trap…

The MSM is making, DS are pushing the idea that because Trump did not negotiate a trade deal that this is a bad thing, out of the South China Morning Post

“The Administration’s Section 301 tariffs and China’s retaliatory tariffs will now further disrupt – or even break – many thousands of supply chains in both countries.”

[Nelson Dong, a senior partner at Dorsey & Whitney]

  • The quote by Nelson Dong is stated *as if* shifting/breaking supply chains is a flaw in the approach. It’s not. Exactly the opposite is true; this is a feature of the strategic reset.  A specific and purposeful feature designed by President Trump.
  • China has no choice if they want to retain their economic model. Remember, China’s economy is deep (manufacturing) but also narrow. They are dependent on raw materials, customers and market access. {Go Deep}
  • Additionally, President Trump announces today he has not made any decision on the next phase of 25% tariffs on the remaining $350 billion in Chinese products.  He doesn’t need to.  Merely the possibility of additional tariffs will pause any further investment; and some companies not currently impacted will make decisions to avoid the possibility of impact.
  • President Trump has walked Chairman Xi into a trap.  There is only downside for China in the current dynamic.  In an effort to avoid the downside, China will bleed cash to retain their economic position…. However, this can only last so long.
  • As things go forward, China cannot sustain a long-term economic conflict with the U.S.  As each day passes the ASEAN alliance will see their investment grow as companies pull-out of China and invest in S-Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, India etc.  The GDP of our allies (including Mexico) grows, and the controlled GDP of China, as an adversary, shrinks.

(LA Times) GoPro Inc. will move most of its U.S.-bound camera production out of China by summer, becoming one of the first brand-name electronics makers to take such action to minimize the impact of the U.S.-China trade war.

“Today’s geopolitical business environment requires agility,” GoPro Chief Financial Officer Brian McGee said in a statement Monday. “We’re proactively addressing tariff concerns.” The company is still deciding where to put the manufacturing operation. (more)

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

Pillsbury Notes Chinese Chief Negotiator Vice-Premier Liu He Stripped of Title…

  • Good China -vs- Bad China
  • Chinas  primary negotiator Vice-Premier Liu He was stripped of his title: “Special Envoy of Chairman Xi Jinping”., Vice-Premier Liu He, no longer “special envoy”

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com


Trump knows that the current  CB system we are in will not survive,Xi also knows this

Both countries have DS players within them, the chief negotiator has been removed.

1. Trump is using the CB bank weapons against them, he wants to push the system to the edge and use as much free money as possible to rebuild America’s infrastructure

2. China is pumping money into their system and may reduce rates, Trump is using this to force the Fed to do the same, it seems this might have been planned from the beginning.



We know Guilianni and Trump used the Ukraine trip to push the DS and to especially Biden to make a move to maybe coverup his dealings with Ukraine, remember its not the crime but the coverup is where people normally get caught.Biden is now responding to the Ukranian allegations

Joe Biden: ‘Not a Single Bit of Evidence’ Son Asked Me to Help Him in Ukraine

  •  Joe Biden denied Monday that his son Hunter Biden asked him for a favor in Ukraine while serving on the energy board of a Ukrainian energy company.
  • “We never once discussed it when he was there,” Biden told the Associated Press. “There’s not a single bit of evidence that’s been shown in any reporting that’s been done that he ever talked about it with me or asked any government official for a favor.”
  • When he was vice president, Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees for Ukraine if officials did not fire the country’s top prosecutor, who was pursuing a corruption investigation of an energy company while his son Hunter was serving on the board.
  • Hunter Biden was paid as much as $50,000 per month while serving on the board, as his father led the Obama administration’s policy with Ukraine.
  • Biden’s “not a single bit of evidence” defense echoes former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s repeated assertion that there was no evidence of improper paybacks after she approved the Uranium One deal — despite receiving $145 million in pledges and donations for the Clinton Foundation.
  • Trap worked perfectly

Source: breitbart.com

The DS is panicking because of what AG Barr just did

AG Bill Barr Appoints U.S. Attorney John Durham to Review Origin of Russia Investigation…

  • Once again the New York Times is getting out ahead of the story to reveal Attorney General Bill Barr has instructed U.S. Attorney John Durham to review the origins of the 2016 DOJ and FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign. [Durham Background Here]
  • The appointment looks like a way to keep the sensitive inquiry within Barr’s control as opposed to appointing a special counsel.  John H Durham, the U.S. attorney from Connecticut, has handled previous investigations into the intelligence community.

John H. Durham, the United States attorney in Connecticut, has a history of serving as a special prosecutor investigating potential wrongdoing among national security officials, including the F.B.I.’s ties to a crime boss in Boston and accusations of C.I.A. abuses of detainees.

[…] Mr. Durham, who was nominated by Mr. Trump in 2017 and has been a Justice Department lawyer since 1982, has conducted special investigations under administrations of both parties. Attorney General Janet Reno asked Mr. Durham in 1999 to investigate the F.B.I.’s handling of a notorious informant: the organized crime leader James (Whitey) Bulger.

In 2008, Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey assigned Mr. Durham to investigate the C.I.A.’s destruction of videotapes in 2005 showing the torture of terrorism suspects. A year later, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. expanded Mr. Durham’s mandate to also examine whether the agency broke any laws in its abuses of detainees in its custody.  (read more)

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

Former top FBI lawyer James Baker subject of criminal media leak probe, transcript reveals

  • The former top lawyer at the FBI has been under federal investigation for leaking to the media, a letter from House Republicans revealed Tuesday.
  • Jordan and Meadows’ letter was sent to Durham, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut, and requested additional information about the probe later this month.
  • “As we continue our oversight and investigative work, we felt it prudent to write to you seeking an update. Without being apprised of the contours of your leak investigation and Baker’s role, we run the risk of inadvertently interfering with your prosecutorial plans,”

Source: foxnews.com

Boom! Trey Gowdy Offers Advice to Spygate Investigator Durham: Check Comey-Brennan Emails in December 2016

  • During his discussion with Sean Hannity Trey Gowdy offered Prosecutor John Durham some advice.
  • Trey Gowdy: Whoever is investigating this tell them to look for emails between Brennan and Comey in December 2016. Take a listen

Via Sean Hannity:

john Yoo on Bill Barr’s Announcement: Democrats should be Quite Worried… AG Barr Must Think Something Criminal Happened (VIDEO)

  • Former Deputy Assistant US Attorney General in the Office of Legal Counsel John Yoo told Laura Democrats should be very worried tonight. Take a listen

Via The Ingraham Angle:

  • James Clapper, in an interview with John Berman on CNN, was asked about the attorney general appointment of U.S. Attorney John Durham for the job to investigate how the “FBI Russia Investigation started”.
  • Do you think this kind of investigation is warranted?”

“You’re going to have to stand in line and take a number to do an investigation of the investigators” said Clapper.

“There is a substantial investigation, which as I understand it, is nearing completion, being conducted by the Justice Department Inspector General,” Clapper said.

“I’d wait for the outcome of that to determine if there needs to be more investigations.”

Source: zerohedge.com

Geopolitical/Police State

Pompeo tells Russia: we’re committed to improving ties

  • U.S. President Donald Trump is committed to improving relations with Russia, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday
  • Pompeo told Lavrov that the two countries may not agree on everything, but there was room for cooperation, particularly on counter-terrorism and nuclear non-proliferation.

Source: reuters.com


The DS is doing its best to start a war with Iran, it is exactly what we thought would happen a false flag to get us into war, first

Official: Iran Responsible for Gulf Oil Tanker Attacks

  • Iran or Iranian-backed proxies used explosives to blast large holes in four ships moored off the coast of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a U.S. official said Monday.
  • The official – who spoke on condition of anonymity – said each vessel sustained a  5- to 10-foot hole below or at the water line, and the  belief is that the holes were caused by explosive charges.
  • The team of U.S. military experts was sent to investigate the damages at the request of the UAE. American officials have not provided any details about what exactly happened or any proof as yet about the possible Iranian involvement in the explosions beyond making the accusation.

Source: breitbart.com

  •   the New York Times has published details from a confidential military plan presented to top national security officials that envisions sending as many as 120,000 troops to the Middle East should Iran attack American forces or start ramping up work on nuclear weapons 

Source: zerohedge.com

Lets go back in time for a sec, the news reported that troops were ready to invade NK, turned out to be fake, troops were ready to invade Syria after Trump launched missiles at syria, turned those missiles were targeting the DS and no troops were ready to march into syria, actually the opposite happened trump said we will be withdrawing troops

‘No order to become unready’: US troops poised to confront threats from North Korea

  • Trump has denied  New York Times report which alleged the White House was planning to send up to 120,000 troops to the Middle East should conflict erupt between Iran and the United States. The president called the report “fake news” but still added that should war actually break out he would send “a hell of a lot more,” 

Source: zerohedge.com

Khamenei, Amid Tensions With US, Says There Will Be No War – Reports

  • The announcement by the Iranian leader comes amid increasing tensions between the Islamic Republic and the US, which has recently increased its military presence in the Middle East in order to counter Tehran.
  • Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei stated that the country will continue resisting the US, but stressed that there would be no war between the two states, 

Source: sputniknews.com

Iran may quit JCPOA if nuclear case sent to Security Council: AEOI spokesman

  • A senior official of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) says the country has a host of different measures to take if its nuclear case is sent back to the UN Security Council, including quitting the nuclear deal it clinched with major world powers back in 2015.
  • Behrouz Kamalvandi, the spokesman of the AEOI, made the remarks in an exclusive interview with Press TV, when asked about Iran’s possible reaction to US’s potential decision to take the Islamic Republic’s nuclear case back to the Security Council.

Source: presstv.ir