Economic Collapse

I have put together a timeline leading up to the eventual Economic Collapse. I started the timeline from 2001 to give a picture how everything has been accelerating since 911. I am still adding more events everyday. It takes a while because of the dates and research that is required to make sure I have the facts correct. Everything is backed up by facts and source links. If I made a mistake or I am missing something let me know and I will add it, remove it or change it. For more information on the timeline click on the pictures. This is a dynamic timeline which is always changing.


15 thoughts on “Economic Collapse

  1. After the war event (which will be short, the us military is very efficient), everyone realizes that,”oh, $@&#, we blew up half the world’s oil”. The end of the world economy.

    1. That’s why we must be assertively peaceful and make the soldiers rethink their whole situation and make the right choice. We won’t win a war against them, but we can win the hearts of the people attempting to suppress us.

  2. It is so good to hear the truth underlying the lies that the US has tried to keep covered, and instated laws to cover the abuse on humanity. The comments are very true regarding the banks. The banks will advise the US government when to commence the next war, as a result of the economic collapse, or that would happen if war was commenced prior to the economic collapse, a perfect situation to finance such events, enriching the banks at a greater level. Human life means nothing in relation to economic wealth. What happened to all the gold that was held in the 911 building? I presume that the gold was loaded into trucks, that were mobilized minutes before the 911 activities.
    The articles are excellent. Thank you for the truth.

  3. Dave, I want to thank you for sharing information like this. If we only had more people like you that expose these heartless control freaks, I believe things would be much different. Hopefully you are making a huge difference by doing what you do. My efforts are futile as people think I’m nuts. Anyway, keep doing what you do and may the new year bring be a safe one for us all.

  4. Well its No an absolute fact Government(Banks)are behind this Bitcoin Crap trying to get people away from physical Gold and Silver…The Hype on Bloomberg is incredible they even had 12 days of Bitcoin and this morning they stated J.P Morgan, Bank of America,Wells Fargo and I cant remember the others said that they were interested in Bitcoin…These Criminals will Go to any length to deprive people of real wealth Gold and Silver coins…The Fed does Not want You in Gold and Silver coins they want You in the Matrix they want You to accept the Mark of The Beast and Keep You away from Freedom Gods Money Gold and Silver coins the Money that hasn’t failed for over 4000 years…The Money that will Kill the Fed and all Criminal Governments around the World that are in Fiat/Paper/Electrons…Beware when this Bitcoin fails they will wipe out all Bank accounts I believe this Bitcoin Crap is their last trick they have up their sleeve…

  5. Seriously, I want to know what GOOD knowing all of this IS??? If the world is no doubt being destroyed by the banking cartel (which I know it is), WHY wouldn’t everyone want to be blissfully HAPPY FOR their LAST DAYS ON EARTH??? We hear about all of this planned warfare on the human race, and people know about it, but what we DON’T HEAR is IS THERE ANYONE trying to STOP this, or are we ALL going to just sit back and watch a “timeline of events”? IS THERE ANYONE out there fighting for HUMANITY, or do we just have to sit back and watch the earth destroyed? Personally, WE don’t have the resources to DO anything…..hence the saying “he who has the gold makes the rule”! I’m to the point that I NO LONGER want to prepare…..when it all breaks loose, I will only NEED ONE BULLET! Thank you so much for keeping us informed so we will know when to use it!!!

    1. Vicki, Getting the message out is the first step to taking action. If people do not know what is going on they cannot ban together to stop it. We might not do this in time, but if we can wake enough up there will be an opportunity to take the country back.

      1. When enough people WAKE-UP, ban together, & TRULY act as ONE. (DO NOT FIGHT AMONGST ONE ANOTHER) We simply must exercise CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. For starters we should not pay TAXES of any kind. (Income, sales, school & housing, etc, etc) BY playing their game & removing their money supply w/our very own SANCTIONS, we just might be able to affect TRUE CHANGE
        Take away their money, and w/it, goes their influence & power.
        Its starts w/1 person, then, 1 neighborhood, village, town, city, county, etc….
        The key to success, in my opinion, is timing, solidarity, knowledge & awareness!

        Its a thought anyways, & attempting a solution, sure beats cowaring in fear. I’d rather check out w/a sense of empowerment/courage, than complacency/apathy, if it ever came to that.

        Thanks Dave for doing this type of work.

  6. Dave you did real good job on tracking those events. It really give us a clear picutre about what happened before and will happen. Thanks so much.

  7. As I see it, the criminal element is in control and nothing short of a revolution will change that. Like the saying goes, if you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns.

  8. Great article. It is sad that this is really happening, and most Americans don’t have a clue, or are in their own comfort zone thinking that it is not possible. I hope we as Americans can band together, and stop letting the people who caused this from tearing us apart. Many of us, including me are not ready to go down without a fight.
    God bless us all and good luck……..

  9. +Dave , love the show on rense, listen daily, most days i catch it 2 or 3 times just because it drives it home better / fills in missing peices …

    It’s true, hardly any hiring, — it’s mostly for young people , who work for next to nothing, long hours, because they are desperate to pay off student loans and get experience ‘to fill their resume’ so they can actually get a job (endless cycle of work-school-work-school) — in fact, at the local ‘job fair’ nearly half of the booths are just schools looking for students to train for jobs !!

  10. The answer to the addition question is 17 because they want everything to be against gamblers anonymous (AG) alphabet letters / I have spent my life disagreeing with our govt and have now been put under a mind control device so foul and torturous i wouldnt use it on prisoners of war. They use it on celebrities you can actually speak to them through the television and they can hear you. This is 100% true and so invasive they watch every move we make rig every financial market sporting event etc theyre goal is to wipe us out financially over and over. They stem from racism and extend all the way to pedophilia for some reason. Avoid Disney and any channel associated with major networks its subliminal mind control and they will not stop they are a hidden evil that must be stopped. Please believe me I wouldnt waste my time writing this.

  11. This is my favorite news and look forward to listening to the X22 report daily. I woke up listening to this broadcast. Thank you. Thank you

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