Fiat Currency Has Led To The Collapse Of Almost Every Economy, The Dollar Is Next – Episode 1535

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Fiat Currency Has Led To The Collapse Of Almost Every Economy, The Dollar Is Next
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Trump threatens to dump NAFTA again, the deal has gone no where and it is time to get rid of the globalist trade rules. NY Fed introduces a LIBOR replacement SOFR, basically exchanging one manipulated system for another.Iran is finalizing the paper work to enter the Eurasian Economic Union. Almost all fiat systems end up in failure. There has been a long history of the central bank fiat system and each one has failed with hyperinflation as the last signal.NYC pension fund President wants Zuckerberg out of Facebook. Trump is determined to redo the immigration laws and he might send the military to the border. Mexico gets Trump’s message and deports hundreds back to their countries.UK authorities have no proof on what type of poison or where it came from. Turkey, Iran And Russia discuss Syria. Russia will help Syria rebuild their energy market. Q has dropped some more intel, April is going to be a big month.

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Current News – 04.03.2018


  • threatening to kill NAFTA – Mexico’s “cash cow” – but also to cut off foreign aid to “Honduras and the countries that allow this to happen” before closing with: “Congress must act now!”


  • This morning at 8am, the New York Fed, in cooperation with the Treasury Department’s Office of Financial Research, launched a much-anticipated, if largely worthless (for now) benchmark interest rate to replace Libor, together with two other reference rates, which traders and market participants hope will prove more reliable than the infamously rigged and manipulated index after a long and complex switchover. So they replaced a rig system for another rigged system.
  • The so-called Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR), was set at 1.80 percent, roughly 17bp below the GC repo rate and 12bp above the fed effective.   What a surprise that the new Fed rate is lower than LIBOR?


Iran may enter Russia-led free-trade zone within months – Kremlin

  • Talks on creation of a free-trade zone between the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and Iran have been finalized, according to Russian presidential aide
  • “The plan is to sign [the agreement] within months,” he said.Earlier reports suggested that a free-trade deal with Iran could be signed by the end of May after three years of negotiations.

    • The EEU, which is based on the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, was established in 2015. It was later joined by Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. In 2016, Vietnam officially became the first non-regional country to join the bloc. The union is designed to ensure the free movement of goods, services, capital and workers between member countries.


  • Paper currency has led to the collapse of almost every economy that has tried to institute a fiat currency to trade for goods and services. It’s not looking very well for the once mighty dollar, either.
  • Throughout history, attempts at using fiat currency, even today, has failed. When the government prints fiat money that isn’t backed by any value, disaster inevitably ensues. S
  • At the start of the first century, the Roman denarius was a coin containing approximately 94 percent real silver. By the end of the century, the amount of silver was reduced to 85 percent. Devaluing the denarius meant Nero and succeeding emperors could pay off their bills more easily while becoming richer. A hundred years later, the denarius contained less than 50 percent silver, and in 244 A.D., Emperor Philip the Arab devalued the currency down to 0.05 percent silver content. By the time the Roman empire collapsed, the denarius was made of 0.02 percent silver, and it became useless as a currency.
  • Copper backed China’s initial paper currency. When copper became scarce, China began to make iron coins. The iron currency became overissued and soon became devalued. 
  • France has an interesting history with paper money. It may be the only country to face economic collapse not once, not twice, but three times by flooding the country with fiat currency.
  • Following WWI, Germany’s Weimar Republic faced historic debts. So, Germany put the printing presses to work – a total of 133 printing companies were kept busy. The mark became more than worthless. It was used to heat furnaces. Burning the paper currency to keep warm was more efficient than using it for trade.

A wheel barrel became a wallet.

Throughout the 20th century, many other countries flooded their economy with fiat currency – and collapsed as a result. The direct correlation between government interference with money and the devaluation of currency seems to escape many.

  • Has the US learned anything about fiat money? The Colonies happily jumped on the fiat currency bandwagon and began flooding the land with their own paper money. When these currencies quickly became overissued, they became – surprise! – devalued. Like the marc to come a few centuries later, colonial currency made for excellent bathroom tissue. The Revolutionary War was financed with a paper currency called the continental. It, too, crashed on a grand scale. This, finally, brought about some healthy American distrust for fiat currency. The US dollar was now backed by actual gold and saw the most splendid and richest economic growth in history. People came from all parts of the globe to be a part of such a success story.
  •  Central bankers took over the monetary system by creating the Federal Reserve   in 1913 ,   In 1933, President Roosevelt made ownership of gold illegal. The ties between the US dollar and the country’s gold reserves were severed gradually until President Nixon eliminated the gold standard entirely in 1971. The once mighty US dollar instantly turned into fiat currency. This was followed by a decade of disastrous inflation.
  • The US has followed the historical pattern of paper money. The government is currently printing dollars with abandon to pay off its record debt (sound like a familiar refrain?). Following a long historical precedence, the US dollar is losing value at an alarming rate as we head into a period of high inflation.
  • As history has demonstrated, inflation is a guaranteed devaluer of currency. Following WWII, Greece saw an increase in inflation of 18 percent per day. The country’s deficit tripled within a year. And then things got really bad. An invasion by the Axis powers saw income plummet by 70 percent. Like so many other countries in the past, Greece started printing worthless currency and experienced one of the worse hyperinflations in history.
  • There is no escaping history. Paper money and out-of-control national debts have always devalued the currency and caused massive inflation



  • the European Commission  is considering new regulations to stop social media companies from spreading “fake news”, something that Facebook has become a pariah for since the election, much to its leadership’s chagrin.
  •  New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer a demanding changes be made to facebook
  •  New York City’s pension fund – which has about $1 billion invested in Facebook stock – doesn’t have the clout to unilaterally push for change, Stringer said he’s pushing for a shakeup on the company’s board of directors. Specifically, Stringer wants Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to relinquish his role as chairman, and hand the position over to an “independent” advisor. We’re not trying to harm Facebook, we’re trying to make it a stronger company.”


Trump says he will put U.S. military on southern border

  • President Trump said Tuesday that he plans to deploy U.S. troops along the southern border to prevent illegal crossings “until we can have a wall.”
  • . The U.S. Border Patrol — not the military — is tasked with protecting the border.
  • Sending troops the border would be an unusual, but not unprecedented, step.President  George W. Bush   deployed National Guard troops at the border to help stop illegal immigration.

Mexico Gets Trump’s Message: Deports Portion of “Illegal Caravan” Heading for U.S.

  • There is currently a caravan of around 1,000 Central Americans marching toward the United States border to demand asylum. Their number was closer to 1,500, but Mexico deported around 400 of them for entering the country illegally.
Source: z

AG Jeff Sessions Reforms Immigration Courts to End ‘Catch and Release’

  • Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions is directing immigration judges to process more cases in less time, as part of a larger reform to end “catch and release” and shrink the growing backlog of 600,000-plus cases in the immigration courts.
  • The new rules are part of an effort by Sessions to reform the immigration courts, which are part of his agency. 


  • In the most revealing glimpse yet into the rationale underpinning Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “pivot” toward investigating financial improprieties, obstruction and other potential crimes committed by Trump and his associates – instead of “Russian collusion” – a “secret” memo penned by Mueller’s team was released by the DOJ last night.
  • In the memo, Mueller’s investigators defend their decision to indict Trump campaign executive Paul Manafort on charges of financial crimes related to foreign lobbying. The heavily redacted memo cites heavily from Rosenstein’s statement about the appointment of the special counsel. The special counsel quietly released it late Monday night and Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal and others published details from the memo Tuesday morning.
  •  now  the memo was dated August, 2017 – weeks after the FBI raided Paul Manafort’s home in what was the first sign that he might soon be indicted, per Bloomberg, prompting speculation that the memo is merely an exercise in CYA. 
  • In summary, three questions have emerged: 1) Why released the memo now? 2) Why was the memo penned and signed after Manafort’s home was raided; and 3)Will this memo’s release make it harder for Trump to fire Rosenstein and/or Mueller, if he so chooses of course?


Deputy AG Rosenstein wrote secret memo last August outlining scope of Mueller investigation.

Geopolitical/Police State

  • In a major embarrassment to the UK establishment, the chief scientist from the UK’s Porton Down military laboratory facility, Gary Aitkenhead, told Sky News that they had been unable to prove that the novichok nerve agent used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal came from Russia.
  •   Aitkenhead said. “We have not identified the precise source, but we have provided the scientific info to government who have then used a number of other sources to piece together the conclusions you have come to.”
  • Aitkenhead added: “It is our job to provide the scientific evidence of what this particular nerve agent is, we identified that it is from this particular family and that it is a military grade, but it is not our job to say where it was manufactured.” .

  • Of course, this humiliation to the official narrative that Putin was clearly behind the assassination attempt all along also begs the question: whose job is it to say where the Novichok came from?  


Skripal in Stable Critical Condition, Daughter is Stable – UK Health Service


Turkish, Russian, Iranian Presidents Meet In Ankara To Discuss Syria, Other Topics

  •   Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Ankara. The leaders will discuss the situation in Syria amid the final phase of the liberation of Eastern Ghouta.
  • Turkey, Russia and Iran have managed to establish a de-escalation zone in Damascus and humanitarian pauses that have decreased hostilities and allowed thousands of civilians to escape combat zones.


Russia rebuilding Syria’s energy sector

  • Russian oil and gas companies have started work on restoring and developing Syria’s energy infrastructure, according to Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak.


More than 40,000 persons return homes in towns of eastern Ghouta

  • Thousands of civilians returned homes in the villages and towns of eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside after the Syrian Arab Army restored security and stability
  • A military source said Tuesday that the number of those who returned homes in eastern Ghouta reached more than 40,000 persons so far.


  • Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) admitted  that Saudi nationals have funded terrorist groups, and quite stunningly

  • Bin Salman’s comments come days after a U.S. judge rejected Saudi Arabia’s request to dismiss lawsuits accusing it of involvement in the 9/11 attacks.



April [A].
IG report.
Sessions public attack.
RR problems.
Seals broken.
Why was Huber made public?
Why now? Everything has meaning.
Election Integrity.
Immigration Bill.
Military start.
BIG month.


New documents reveal 44 Democrats waived background checks on Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT hacker

  • Imran Awan and his family members were given carte blanche to hack away at government network.
  • According to newly released Congressional documents, 44 House Democrats who hired IT staffer Imran Awan and his family members, chose to waive them from background checks, paving the way for a hacking cover up that to this day is ignored by most major mainstream media outlets.
  • Maybe this has to do with the fact that Awan might have been the person who sold (and leaked) the DNC emails that were cleverly blamed on imaginary Russian hackers.




Drops will go fast.
WH clean SIG. Marker.
Everything is planned.
We Fight.
Lexington. Concord.

Follow Bolton.

posted last night JOHN BOLTON is cleaning out of WH all Deep State loyal to HRC + Obama (ultimate targets of treason investigations) to STOP LEAKS. Q assures us WH will be safe for IMPORTANT to plan revealed in KILLING THE DEEP STATE – counterattack begins

Clean. Stage.
Learn how to archive offline. (another event where they will sweep through social removing channels)
Last time Q said to archive offline was on Feb 5, the parkland shooting happend on Feb 14, the sweep through social media happened days after this.
Just so happens there was a shooting at YouTube: Who will this be blamed on.
The streets will not be safe for them.

911 clinton obama implication

A week before her death, Eckert met with U.S. President Barack Obama, to discuss detainees at Guantanamo and other matters.[16] In a press conference after her death, Obama described her as a “tireless advocate for the families, those whose lives were forever changed on that September day.”[16]

On June 18, 2009, Margot Eckert, executor of her sister’s estate, filed a lawsuit in New Haven, Connecticut, against Colgan Air, Pinnacle Air and Continental Airlines, claiming they were responsible for the cras

Beverly Eckert, Sept. 11 Widow, Died in Fiery Buffalo Flight 3407 Crash

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