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Fill In Your [ ], Insurance Removed, Press Conference Coming
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The fight for BREXIT continues, the EU is looking to keep the UK in limbo, this is their plan, this way nothing happens. The housing industry is imploding and with the Fed raising rates the housing market is having a difficult time staying afloat. Toyota is investing in the manufacturing plants in the US because of the trade deal Trump worked out. The takedown of the [CB] is now in progress, articles are not appearing question the [CB]. Corruption, hoaxes in the US is being brought to the public’s attention, this is part of the plan. The Senate voted against the National Emergency and Trump vetoed the vote.Peace talk in Afghanistan are going very well. More posts were dropped, the end is near.

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Current News – 03.14.2019

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  • UK Parliament voted against a no-deal Brexit in an indicative vote yesterday. Although this was expected, MPs backed an amendment that took no-deal off the table permanently – rather than temporary as the government intended.  . But risks still remain, as the 29 March deadline is approaching fast and no deal is still the default outcome unless something is agreed.
  • UK Parliament Rejects Amendment Calling For A Second Referendum


  •  new home sales plunged 6.9% MoM despite a jump in homebuilder sentiment.

  • This pushes year-over-year growth in new home sales back into decline


  • The sales drop occurred despite a drop in the median sales price, down 3.8% from a year earlier to $317,200.


  • Cohn slammed National Trade Council director Peter Navarro and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for leading the country into an unnecessary trade war.
  • “Tariffs don’t work. If anything, they hurt the economy because if you’re a typical American worker, you have a finite amount of income to spend,”   “If you have to spend more on the necessity products that you need to live, you have less to spend on the services that you want to buy.”

Why don’t we go to the source, it is not the tariffs but the CB and how their system operates, the fed debt note has lost its value dramatically once we came off the gold standard and the CB started printing like crazy and the government started to borrow like crazy.  The source of the problem is the CB but these people do not want you to know this.


 Toyota Announces $13 BILLION Investment In USA

  • Toyota’s unexpected announcement was touted by President Trump as proof of the economy’s strength.
  • Today Toyota announced it will be expanding its production in the United States, investing a total of $13 billion in the country over the next five years. The automotive company had previously pledged to invest $10 billion, and now plans even more investment.
  • States receiving new or expanded manufacturing plants include Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, and West Virginia.
  • President Donald J. Trump credited his carefully negotiated USMCA, designed to replace the failed NAFTA, which incentivizes manufacturers to invest in the United States instead of Mexico or other parts of the globe, tweeting that “The USMCA is already fixing the broken NAFTA deal.”


We are now seeing pieces that are preparing for takedown of the Fed. Out of the WSJ

The Fed Is a Threat to Growth

  • The real economy is ready to reignite, but Powell’s tight-money policy is acting like a wet blanket.


The College Admissions Scandal Is A Perfect Example Of How Deeply Corrupt America Has Become

  • Is there anything left in this country that has not been deeply tainted by corruption?
  • Of course the main thing that the media is focusing on is the fact that some celebrities are among those being charged in this case, and that includes Lori Loughlin from “Full House”

    It was important to “Full House” star Lori Loughlin that her kids have “the college experience” that she missed out on, she said back in 2016.

    Loughlin, along with “Desperate Housewives” actress Felicity Huffman, is among those charged in a scheme in which parents allegedly bribed college coaches and insiders at testing centers to help get their children into some of the most elite schools in the country, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

    Despite how cynical I have become lately, I never would have guessed that Lori Loughlin was capable of such corruption.

    After all, she seems like such a nice lady on television.  that is just it, these people play characters, they act, they are not showing their true selves, once people start to realize that TV and Movie actors and actresses can do these types of things the trust starts to fade away

    But apparently she was extremely determined to make sure that her daughters had “the college experience”, and so Loughlin and her husband shelled out half a million dollars in bribes

    Loughlin and Giannulli ‘agreed to pay bribes totaling $500,000 in exchange for having their two daughters designated as recruits to the USC crew team – despite the fact that they did not participate in crew – thereby facilitating their admission to USC,’ according to the documents.


Former Obama Official Attempted To Save Jussie Smollett By Getting FBI Involved

  • An aide to former First Lady Michelle Obama attempted to pull strings for Jussie Smollett and have the case taken over by the FBI, only to have the prosecutor she reached out to recuse herself.
  • When the facts were still breaking and Smollett was considered the victim of a hate crime, a former Obama administration official attempted to have the case redirected from the Chicago Police Department to the FBI, according to new text messages 
  •  Tina Tchen, who worked as Obama’s chief of staff during her time in the White House, reached out to Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx by text message in early February. She requested that the Chicago police hand over the case to the FBI for them to pursue federal hate crime charges. When she received a positive response from Foxx, Tchen then relayed the information to one of Smollett’s relatives who said the move would be a “victory” for the family.


The push to wake the public up continues, Trump is continually dropping carpet bombs, waking the people up to what is really going on

Paul Sperry puts it all together

He continues

President Trump Flips Control of First Federal Appeals Court

  • President Donald Trump flipped the first federal appeals court to a Republican majority on Tuesday, when the Senate confirmed Judge Paul Matey to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.
  • America is geographically divided into 13 federal appeals courts. For example, the Third Circuit includes Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • The Senate confirmed Matey by a vote of 54-46. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) was the sole Democrat to join all Republicans in supporting Matey’s nomination.


Free Speech and Press Freedom Groups File Docs in Support of WikiLeaks’ Motion to Dismiss DNC Lawsuit

  • Three high profile free speech and press freedom organizations have filed an amicus in support of WikiLeaks’ motion to dismiss the Democratic National Committee’s lawsuit against them.
  • The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, the Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press and the American Civil Liberties Union joined together to file documents with the court that support WikiLeaks’ right to publish.
  • The DNC has argued that they believe the emails published by WikiLeaks during the 2016 election season came from Russian hackers — and therefore that somehow negates the First Amendment protection offered to publishers. However, the press freedom groups counter that “an act of publication that would otherwise be protected by the First Amendment does not lose that protection simply because a source acquired the published information unlawfully, or because the publishing party communicated with the source about the receipt or publication of that information.”
  • Lawyers for the Trump campaign, which is also named in the lawsuit, have made the same argument
  • Citing the same case as Trump’s lawyers, Bartnicki v. Vopper, the press freedom groups explained that the Supreme Court has determined that publishers enjoy “broad protection for the publication of truthful information of public concern, and it has extended that protection to the publication of information that was acquired unlawfully in the first instance, so long as the publishing party was ‘not involved in the initial illegality.’”
  • The DNC has not alleged that WikiLeaks was involved in the theft. This means that the publications were in fact legal and protected under our First Amendment.


The Senate voted today to block the National Emergency on the border, the President summed this up in a one word tweet

The Senate cannot overturn his veto because they do not have a 2/3 majority to overturn it.

So who are the republicans that voted to block the national emergency

Lamar Alexander, Tenn.


Roy Blunt, Mo.


Susan Collins, Maine


Mike Lee, Utah


Jerry Moran, Kan.


Lisa Murkowski, Alaska


Rand Paul, Ky.


Rob Portman, Ohio


Mitt Romney, Utah


Marco Rubio, Fla.


Pat Toomey, Pa.


Roger Wicker, Miss


Trump’s Foreign Policy of Engagement Pays Off with Taliban Peace Talk Breakthrough

  • The neocon consensus of non-stop intervention is crumbing because of Trump’s incredible progress
  • The fifth round of negotiations in Qatar taking place between the US and Taliban negotiators recently concluded, and it was the most fruitful round yet. They have reached an “agreement in draft” regarding certain key issues.

U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad announced the good news in a series of Twitter posts:

  • Even Trump’s own national security adviser John Bolton looks like a buffoon for his previous predictions regarding US engagement of the Taliban.
  • “The lesson for us is that we need to be there much longer than we were in the case of Iraq. We see chaos there, and I think if the administration continues to push for withdrawal from Afghanistan, we will see chaos there,” Bolton said
  •   The policies of engagement – whether happening with the Taliban in Afghanistan or Kim Jong-un in North Korea – are yielding encouraging results, and the days of the US empire serving as the world’s policeman may be coming to an end as a result.


 Yemen Vote 

  •  The Senate vote, which passed on Wednesday, declared the war illegal on the grounds that Congress never authorized the US to go to war in Yemen.


Syrian gov’t pardons over 40,000 ex-rebels: report

  • The Syrian government has pardoned over 40,000 ex-rebels since the start of the reconciliation process .
  • Khaddour said that over 6,000 women that lived under the rebels were also granted amnesty by the Syrian government.
  • Nearly 600 people outside Syria have asked to be pardoned by the government,


Reps. Jordan and Meadows: Democrats don’t care about the integrity of the census

Do you know how many people in the United States are American citizens? No one does. And the Democrats don’t want you to find out.

For nearly 150 years, the United States asked people whether they were citizens when filling out various census forms. Thomas Jefferson first proposed the idea in 1800. A citizenship question was added to the official census in 1820. The question was consistently asked until 1960. In December of 2017, the Trump administration added the question back to the survey.

Democrats were furious when news broke that the citizenship question would be added to the 2020 census. They argued that “Adding [the] question to the 2020 census could scare away millions of immigrants from filling out their mandatory surveys.”

If [D’s] FIGHT to protect, safeguard, and promote all illegal immigrants as ‘rightful’ U.S. citizens who should be afforded all benefits and rights accordingly, WHY THEN WOULD THEY FIGHT TO BLOCK THEM FROM BEING ‘COUNTED’ AS PART OF THE U.S. CENSUS?
What would the data show? That there are alot more illegals in this country than we know about
Welcome to the [D] party con.

If you noticed the D use the term immigrants when they are talking about illegal immigrants, now they have changed the word to newcomers.  They do not want the census because it would expose the number of illegals in this country 

PELOSI: It’s “Really Important” to Lower the Voting Age to 16 to “Capture Kids When They’re in High School”

1. Wall going up losing illegal vote
2. Census taking and we will find out that there are more illegals in this country than we though
3. Voter Id, fraud disappears

We need more votes, lower the age to 16 we have been brainwashing these children in school, they will vote for us


Lawyers have until March 19th to make the argument of why the documents in Epsteins case should remain sealed.    March 19 is also the day when Q countdown hits 0

This is the flight records of everyone that visited the island
read list
This is not just about sex trafficking [1].
Will the rich & powerful influence the court to prevent the unsealing?
[1] – Sex Resort (non_temple_resort_only) > trafficked & drugged underage girls
[2] – Occult / Worship of Evil (temple) [CLAS 1-99]
Haiti >
Pray for the victims.
LifeLog problems?
Garbage File?
Garbage (computer science) In computer science, garbage includes objects, data, or other regions of the memory of a computer system (or other system resources), which will not be used in any future computation by the system, or by a program running on it.
Kids say they can’t log into Instagram or post on facebook
The ‘cleaning crew’ is active.
Size = time+ to complete.
Q confirmed that there is a cleaning process going on, all incriminating data being dumped

A grand jury in New York has subpoenaed records from at least two prominent makers of smartphones and other devices, according to two people who were familiar with the requests and who insisted on anonymity to discuss confidential legal matters. Both companies had entered into partnerships with Facebook, gaining broad access to the personal information of hundreds of millions of its users.

The companies were among more than 150, including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Sony, that had cut sharing deals with the world’s dominant social media platform. The agreements, previously reported in The New York Times, let the companies see users’ friends, contact information and other data, sometimes without consent. Facebook has phased out most of the partnerships over the past two years.

Whistle while you work……

Whistle While you work is a snow white reference, Snow White is what Q uses to reference the CIA. Q references this in post 577
Have you seen the movie ‘Snowden’?  So lets take a look at the movie Snowden, in the movie there is mention of snowwhite, plus facebook
“Facebook is my B*TCH.” – re: NSA ACCESS


Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec No.120050
Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 7f44ec No.119877
The flood is coming.
Emails, videos, audio, pics, etc.
FBI accidentally deletes texts?
No Such Agency accidentally releases IT ALL>
Shall we play a game?
Expand your thinking.
Planned [3].
Moves and countermoves.
Strategy warfare.
This week will be revealing.
SNOW WHITE [1, 2, and 5] offline.
7th Floor is no more.
Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean BIG things aren’t happening.
2018 will be GLORIOUS.
Lets go to post 143, back  in Nov 2017, an anon posts that the CIA has 7 Supercomputers named after the 7 dwarfs from snowwhite, Q confirms
  • The Chicago Tribune printed an article in 2000 called SPY VS. SPY
  • in this still very dangerous and uncertain world of ours, does it make you feel more comfortable to know that the seven huge, super-secret, global intelligence computer databases deep inside Central Intelligence Agency headquarters here are named Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, Bashful and Sneezy?


Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 99LpGawB No.149124567
Anonymous ID: AdHN8HBF No.149123755
There are a bunch out there, here is one>The CIA has 7 supercomputers, and they are all named after the 7 dwarfs from Snow White (Doc, Dopey, Bashful, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy and Happy)
Go deeper.
Signatures are IMPORTANT.

  Facebook’s explanation for yesterday’s huge outage of the social media site, along with sister services Instagram and Messenger. The company (which did not accuse Russia of hacking the world’s biggest social network contrary to Lindsay Lohan’s accusations) blamed the outage on a “server configuration change” and said its systems are “recovering”. 

Translation, after dumping incriminating data which was in the terrabytes, which took a huge amount of processing power, drive power, the dumps are over and the servers processing is now returning to normal.

Gmail, Google Drive hit with global outage

  • The hours-long outage gave people plenty of time to send out tweets to complain.
  • Gmail and Google Drive are back up after an hours-long outage affecting people around the world.
  • “The problem with Gmail should be resolved,” reads a message  posted at 11:13 p.m. PT Tuesday on Google’s GSuite Status Dashboard. “We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and continued support. Please rest assured that system reliability is a top priority at Google, and we are making continuous improvements to make our systems better.”
  • Google had a similar status message for Google Drive, posted at the same time.


Today, will be available for Americans to review the transcript of Peter Strzok during his interview with the Judiciary Committee.
Happy Hunting!
What did we find
  • In one exchange, Congressman Ratcliffe (TX) asked Strzok if Mueller or his investigative team made an inquiry into his anti-Trump text to his paramour Lisa Page.
  • Lisa Page was worried Donald Trump would become president. Strzok comforted his girlfriend and responded to her text, “No. No, he’s not. We’ll stop it.”
  • Ratcliffe asked Peter Strzok if Mueller or his team made an inquiry into this text exchange as to whether it impacted his actions or decisions when he was part of the Russia investigation a

Just got an update from Special Counsel Spokesman Peter Carr, Andrew Weissman is leaving the Special Counsel…Read Here: Mueller May Be Wrapping Up, As “Pitbull” Weissmann To Step Down
Special Counsel spokesman Peter Carr told that “Andrew Weissmann will be concluding his detail to the Special Counsel’s Office in the near future.” Carr did not elaborate on whether or not Mueller’s Special Counsel will be wrapping up.
Weissmann mainly oversaw the case against Paul Manafort, who has now been sentenced to seven and half years in prison for tax and bank fraud.

Weissmann, however, has not been without criticism. This reporter has written numerous stories on Weissmann’s tactics.

For example, in 1997 Weissmann was officially reprimanded by a judge in the Eastern District of New York for withholding evidence. Weissmann was also reported to the Department of Justice Inspector General and Senate Judiciary Committee in 2016 for alleged “corrupt legal practices,” according to documents and the attorney involved in a whistleblower case.

Civil rights and Criminal Defense Attorney David Schoen told this reporter in earlier interviews that Weissmann needs to be investigated for alleged past misconduct in court cases.

The End Is Near.

Baker requests handoff
Thank you for your service.
The importance of Anons (Patriots) and your commitment thus far is incalculable.
God bless.


1. [RR] debrief is complete,
2. [RR] Leaving Mid March
3. Mueller Report released to Barr


“Insurance” indictments re: Ivanka, Jared, Jr. all removed.
But, you already knew that from the drop.