Financial Pundits Are Calling It, They Are Saying Expect The Crash – Episode 1494

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Financial Pundits Are Calling It, They Are Saying Expect The Crash
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The central banks are now making there move against the cryptocurrencies, they know they can’t control it so they are demonizing it.The economy continues to deteriorate, and the market it fluctuating up and down. The two factions are fighting it out via the market. Financial pundits are saying that we are headed to a complete collapse of the system. The deep state has been duped, the plan set forth between China and Russia is working, this was the double freeze plan. North Korea stopped testing and the US stopping have drills. The French see no evidence that Syria used chemical weapons, the deep state is still pushing their agenda. The attack on the coalition forces was completely fabricated, the deep state used this plan back in 2016 when they attacked the Syrian Army, they are now using the same tactic but the story is falling apart very quickly. There is a high probability that the deep state might try something during the Olympics.

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Current News – 02.09.2018


  • In the latest swipe at bitcoin’s credibility from a prominent member of the global financial and economic establishment, World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim said Wednesday at a dinner in Washington that “the vast majority of cryptocurrencies” are essentially “Ponzi schemes”, 


  • Despite headline month-over-month data beating expectations, year-over-year growth in Wholesale Sales and Wholesale Inventories slowed notably.
  • Wholesale Inventories rose 0.4% MoM in December, better than the expected 0.2% growth and preliminary print but below November’s 0.6% growth.

However, on a YoY basis, things were notably weaker.

This is the 3rd monthly decline in annual inventory growth and the biggest slowdown in annual wholesale sales since June.



  •   today we see credit markets start to snap as equity market volatility contagion is spreading.
  • In fact, credit market volatility is spiking and is above the Aug 2015 highs
  • This is the biggest spike in High Yield bond spreads since Aug 2015’s crash and raises relative funding costs to their highest since Dec 2016…


  • It’s not just equities that are seeing fund outflows surge.
  • Junk bond ETFs have seen only 2 days of inflow in 2018, and outflows are accelerating as prices plunge.  IG bond ETFs have also seen outflows for 6 of the last 7 days…


  • Back in 2011, Standard & Poors’ shocked the world, and the Obama administration, when it dared to downgrade the US from its vaunted AAA rating, something that had never happened before (and led to the resignation of S&P’s CEO and a dramatic crackdown on the rating agency led by Tim Geithner).
  • a US downgrade due to Trumponomics is inevitable. And incidentally, with today’s 2-year debt ceiling extension, it means that once total US debt resets at end of day – unburdened by the debt ceiling – it will be at or just shy of $21 trillion.
  • We expect if not a full downgrade, then certainly a revision in the outlook from Stable to Negative in the coming  months.
  • Here’s Moodys:


Peter Schiff: The U.S. Is Headed For A Sovereign Debt And Currency Crisis…. Gundlach: The Unwind Will Be Turbulent… Jim Rogers: Next Bear Market Will Be Worst in His Life


North Korea ‘dual freeze’ plan working, Russia’s UN envoy says

  • The ‘dual freeze’ is actually working, although this is not recognized by those countries that rejected it right from the start when we proposed it,” Nebenzya said. “There are no tests now, and joint US-South Korean exercises are not conducted either. We call on all parties to use the window of opportunity that appeared, at least until April, when the Americans threaten to resume the exercises, which can lead to another round of exacerbations, and enter into a real dialogue on the issue. We urge both the Americans and North Koreans [to do so],” he said.


French defense minister says no reliable evidence of chlorine use by Syrian govt

  • France has no reliable evidence that the chemical agent chlorine was used by the Syrian government forces, and thus cannot yet speak of a ‘red line’ having been crossed, the French Defense Minister said.“We have some indications of possible chlorine use [in Syria], but we have no absolute confirmation,”


The US ‘self-defense’ attack on Syrian government forces looks like it was pre-arranged

The “attack on coalition forces” the U.S. claimed as justification for its bombing seems not to have taken place at all. How else does one explain that sole casualty of the claimed battalion size attack with strong artillery support is “one wounded SDF” fighter? A later U.S. military statement to a journalist seems to be vague about the reality of an attack:

  • After 20 to 30 artillery and tank rounds landed within 500 meters of the SDF headquarters location, Syrian Democratic Forces supported by the Coalition targeted the aggressors with a combination of air and artillery strikes.

    Is the U.S. military emphasizing the “SDF headquarters location” because the headquarter was no longer there as the SDF had already withdrawn from it? And why is a tank round landing some 500 meters away seen as a direct attack? Tank rounds may deviate from the targeted point by a meter or two. There is no chance that rounds landing some 500 meters away were intended to hit the headquarter location. Whatever the Syrian forces have been hitting at, if they hit at all, was not the SDF headquarter location.

    The story the U.S. military is trying to sell here stinks.

    The incident seems comparable to the unprovoked U.S. attack on Syrian troops in September 2016. That air attack killed 100 Syrian troops who were then encircled and holding out against Islamic State forces. At that time it nearly enabled the Takfiris to eliminate that last Syrian government position in the east.

    The ludicrous “chlorine gas attack” propaganda against Syria is back in full force.


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